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New Horizons V2 I31

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9450! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 2, Issue 31! 1st - 7th February 2010 Letter from the Club Somerville Theatre Burundi Peace Choir Haiti US$200 Million Rotary Foundation President How to go to the Update on the Burundi Find out how you can Challenge Thought of the Week Find out what is movies and support the Peace Choir’s CD. support relief efforts in Get a progress report This week’s thought is happening in the club. club at the same time. Page 2 Haiti. on the US$200 million about Health, Hunger Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 challenge. and Hummanity (3H) Page 3 Grants. Page 4 Letter From the Club President Dear Fellow Rotarians, It was a great pleasure to welcome Donna Bicknell into the club last Thursday. Donna has been a member of the Rotary Club of Kalamunda for about eight months, thus comes to us with a little Rotary experience behind her. She is a science technologist at a private school in Ellenbrook. Donna has hit to floor working, already liaising with Dir. Rob to put in place a ‘Licence’ for students to use the magnifying microscopes. We are delighted to have you as a member of the RC of Freshwater Bay Donna. Last Thursday those of us present enjoyed learning a Donna Bicknell and Ken Collins little of the history of the Barossa Valley as Rob had a profound effect on his his and Ronda’s son Nicholas right now, as Ken is talking to Rohrlach, a fifth generation business and finances. Rob went to UWA with Simone. Christ Church Grammar and Australian German, whose returned to Victoria to work, will meet staff on 16th Feb. parents spoke German until joined Rotary, which he has Now back from India where At Thursday’s meeting 24th they went to school, told us found has added to his life he spent four weeks on a April was discussed, of his Life and Times. We and a little while back, Pilgrimage of Hope, Richard however it will be a long learnt about his early life, returned to live and work in Symonds has generously weekend and was not going to Adelaide to a co-ed Perth. Rob joined the club in agreed to do a concert as a considered a suitable date school where he met his July 2009, immediately taking fundraisier for us. Helen and the following Friday, wonderful wife Ronda and on the heavy load of Projects Edmonds who accompanied Christ Church already have a then University to study Director. Not that it was Rik at our Christmas function concert planned with St. engineering, His early years mentioned last week, but a has kindly agreed to Hilda’s. As soon as a date is of work with BHP, working little trivia we learnt just after accompany him again for the available, we’ll look to and living in the USA and Rob joined the Club is that concert. Unfortunately, we members to spread the word, how the demise of the twin are not able to set a date for it encouraging friends, towers and attack on the US Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S ‘trialling’ the three or four items.   A few microscopes members have sent the for a brief information back to Simone.  while prior to Members who still have not the official done so are asked to respond Launch.   We to Simone as soon as are also possible. s e e k i n g   another Rotary club or two to Forms from take on the project so that PRID Ken it gradually s p r e a d s .  At each meeting Ken is D o n n a handing out forms to informed the members and asking for P r o j e c t s names of potential Rotarians Committee of both for the RC of FB or a Science anywhere, plus is seeking Teacher who input on ideas for possible w a s projects. recognised as the top Science Rob Rohrlach Teacher in Burundi Peace Aust. and he is colleagues and family to at a country Choir purchase tickets. Somerville school, with the closest Rotary club being Moora.  The Rohrlach’s and the As we move into February, Theatre Dir. Rob will be in Moora in the coming weeks and as he Collins’ attended the Oz we are taken into the month Concert in the grounds of in which Rotary celebrates its always does, will go along to Government House last The James’, Symons’ and birthday. On 23rd February, the RC of Moora and see if Monday, 25th January.  Collins’ are going to 1905, Paul Percy Harris they may be interested in Second last item was the Somerville Theatre on Friday arranged a meeting with four working with the teacher/ Burundi Peace Choir, who next, 5th February.   The of his colleagues. He school concerned and sang and swayed to music movie is a French film conceived this idea whilst introducing this project to the sung in their native entitled ‘Leaving’.   Other walking down Dearborne school.   Pres. Di has also language.  They have come a members are encouraged to Ave, in Chicago and from arranged to take the project long way and did a fine job.  attend and make up a group.  this seed of an idea which to the President’s Meeting on CDs should be available for Encourage your friends to bore fruit 105 years ago, 16th February. sale in the coming week or come along, bring a picnic sprang the very first Service under the stars and enjoy the two.  Simone is awaiting the Club which has gone on to become the organisation movie.  Please contact Di for tickets which are $15.00 each.  New Member CD jacket to put up on the website, but is already Rotary International. With its motto of ‘SERVICE The sale of every ticket goes to the RCFB Charity account to be Inducted receiving expressions interest for the CD.  A great of ABOVE SELF’ Rotary is a project where the club has major force around the globe so please support this event. Thursday been able to coordinate funds in the fight against poverty, Another date will be set in to give these Refugees a ‘leg hunger, numeracy and March, however, members As Membership Director Ken up’ rather than a ‘hand out’. illiteracy. In the Rotary can take tickets and do their will be away on Council   calendar, 23rd February is own thing or form their own matters on Thursday celebrated as World group on any night suitable evening, PE Simone will The New Understanding and Peace to them.  Once again, sincere induct Wilma McBain into Day. As Rotarians we each appreciation to Jan Stewart the Club.   Wilma is Rotary Club of have the privilege of doing for making the tickets coordinator of Department of all that we can to help create available. Plastic and Reconstructive Crawley a better world and have   Surgery Cleft Lip and Palate been thrown out a challenge Unit Cranio-Maxillo-Facial The new RC of Crawley have by our RI Pres. John Kenny, Magnifying Unit Princess Margaret set their Charter celebration with his theme for this year Hospital for Children. for Thursday, 15th April at the ‘The Future of Rotary is in Microscopes UWA Club where they will Your Hands’.. Dir. Rob is liaising with the Questionnaires meet each Thursday morning for breakfast.  Any members Yours in Rotary Service, STAofWA and Watercorp interested in attending please with regard to the Manuals, a Following the January Board mark it in your diary.  Di Collins copy of which should be Meeting, PE Simone has sent Numbers and money will be Charter President available to view any time all members a mini sought closer to the date. now.   The State Teacher’s questionnaire seeking   Assoc. of WA are talking of feedback from members on 2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S Rotary Foundation. Please Welcome back do not add any other words Foundation's from India to the cheque. We will Goals account for   Haiti Rotary International News contributions separately 28 January 2010  Br. James, Debbie Cash and and transfer them on.  Rik Symons all arrived home Through the Annual Programs from the Pilgrimage of Hope Regards Fund, which is the primary during the week.   Welcome Frank Pezzimenti source of funding for Rotary home folks, bless you for your TARFT will accept direct Regional Head Foundation programs, wonderful work and the RC of donations for the Haiti relief Rotary International Rotarians help make the FB looks forward to seeing effort. The RI regional office South Pacific & Philippines world a better place.  James and Debbie on just received approval from Thursday and Rik in the not too distant future. the AustralianTax office to be able to give tax deductible Progress for For the 2008-09 Rotary year, approximately 313,000   receipts for donations.    the US$200 Rotarians participated in the Collins’ Important to note Every Rotarian, Every Year   Million initiative, which funds the Annual Programs Fund. Traveling to the * The donations will be tax About 242,000 of those deductible for Australian Challenge for contributors are Rotary Philippines taxpayers. Donors will receive Foundation Sustaining a receipt.   Polio Members contributing $100 or PRID Ken and Di will be more a year.  travelling to the Philippines in * The donations will not accrue Eradication a couple of weeks where they PHF credits or count towards Rotary International News As of 1 July, the start of the will be Representing the RI becoming a Major 29 January 2010 Rotary year, to 31 December, President at a Rotary District Donor. Donations to the Haiti about $40.4 million has been Conference in Bacolod, fund-raising will not be As of 31 December, raised toward the Negros.   As is the usual recorded as a part of the club Rotarians have raised Foundation's $96 million goal.   practice, Ken and Di will visit or district Annual Program approximately $107 million If every one of the 1.2 million many projects, some in Fund contribution and, of for the $200 Million Rotarians contributed just $2 a progress and others requiring course will not be part of our Challenge. These week, in one year the funding.  The work carried out $200m Polio Challenge. This is contributions will help Foundation could raise almost by Rotarians in countries such something above and beyond Rotary raise $200 million to $125 million.  as Asia, Africa and South club and district commitments match $355 million in America, in particular is to OUR Foundation. challenge grants received That's money that goes back to inspirational and truly   from the Bill & Melinda Rotarians in the form of exemplifies Rotary’s motto of Please send your remittance Gates Foundation. The scholarships and grants for ‘Service Above Self’.  by :- resulting $555 million will projects that bring hope and Rotarians in these areas give   directly support make a difference in the lives tirelessly of their Talent, Time 1. Post - Cheques should be immunization campaigns in of countless people. Rotarians and Treasure. made out to “The Australian developing countries, have used grant money to   Rotary Foundation Trust “ where polio continues to bring sight to those blinded by infect and paralyze cataracts, bought wheelchairs Visit to the Club Please mail to - children, robbing them of for those who could not use PO Box 1415 their futures and their legs, gave clean water to by AG Phillip Parramatta 2124 NSW compounding the hardships those made sick by   faced by their families. contaminated water, and Skelton Please   indicate in your opened up new worlds by accompanying letter/ As long as polio threatens helping people learn to read.  The club was visited by AG document that you wish even one child anywhere in Be a part of changing the Phillip Skelton meeting prior this contribution to go to Haiti. the world, children world and help The Rotary to last where Phillip sat in on   everywhere remain at risk. Foundation exceed its goals. the Projects Committee 2. Credit card details to The stakes are that high. Contribute now . meeting.  He was keen to hear email:    some of the things being (The   contribution form is Read more about Rotary undertaken by this committee. attached in “word” and PDF. International's polio   Please indicate that your eradication efforts. contribution is for Haiti)  Haiti Change the 3.   By Fax – 02 9689 3169. On   behalf of PDG Maurice (Again the contribution forms World with US are attached)  Hill, Chairman of The Australian Rotary Foundation $2 a Week and Please   indicate in your Trust (TARFT), I am pleased to correspondence that you want Help Exceed the announce that   The Rotary this money to go directly to Foundation(TRF) through the Haiti relief efforts of The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S from The Rotary Foundation By contributing to The The Rotary that benefits local farmers. Rotary Foundation you are Foundation Farmers use the grant to buy everything from animal feed taking part in these grants. The Rotary Foundation is our to packaging materials. Foundation; it is critical that Week 31: This week’s Rotary we take ownership of it and Foundation Thought is about There is one stipulation, the do what we can to change Health, Hunger and farmers have to donate a and save lives. Humanity Grants (3H). portion of their products to children’s hospital, schools In Romania orphaned and ill and orphanages. 3H grants children are consuming fund large long-term donated eggs, milk, meat and international, grassroots poultry because of a grant projects. Program for February Introduction Date Details Date Name 4th February John Masili - Health issues affecting 4th February Ken Collins the communities of Papua New Guninea 11th February Ken Collins - Polio Eradication Vote of Thanks 18th February Committee Meetings Date Name 4th February Donna Bicknell Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Rotary Year 2009-10 Date Name Di Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, 4th February Warren Milner Ken Collins — Vice President / Western Australia, 6909 Membership Director 11th February Blaise Johnson Meetings Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm 18th February Rob Rohrlach Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Simone Carot Collins — President Elect / Queenslea Drive Club Administration Director Claremont Email Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Phone 08 9385 0471 Fax Bulletin Contributions Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary 08 9385 0472 Website Contributions for the weekly bulletin are Rob Rohrlach — Projects Director sought from members of the club. Why not use the bulletin to update the club Facebook Claire Forsdyke — International Director on the projects your committee is working on or promote the clubs next fundraising gid=47737002646 event. Toni James — PR & Marketing Committee Director Chartered 19 December 2008 Please forward articles and photos to 4! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  5. 5. News Update 28 January, 2010 A project in Australia of the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills Field hospitals set up by ShelterBox Four year-old Carlos had his leg amputated last Wednesday. He is now recovering in a ShelterBox tent and is pictured using one of the children’s packs sent in the Boxes. Photographs: Mark Pearson ShelterBox tents are providing emergency shelter in and around Port au Prince and hundreds more ShelterBoxes arrived on Friday, our time. ShelterBoxes have been distributed at Bernard Mews Hospital in Freres, a suburb of Port au Prince and at a second hospital in the capital. The use of our tents by hospitals is already helping save lives. SRT and photographer Mark Pearson said: ‘We’ve been working really hard the past few days setting up tents in two separate hospitals that are having an immediate impact and saving lives. As soon as the tents are up at the hospitals there are patients moving into them.’ The ShelterBox Response Teams already working with the UN, ACTED, Rotarians and the Haitian authorities will soon be joined by another three SRTs who are travelling with an aid convoy into Haiti from the Dominican Republic. T 1300 881 913 M 0419 135 635 E W
  6. 6. Most vulnerable now have Shelter Families with newborn babies and pregnant women have been given emergency shelter by the ShelterBox Response Team members in Haiti. ShelterBox is prioritising women and children providing tents, blankets, water containers, kitchenware and children’s packs – the basics to help set up the family unit. In the hospitals, orphanages and local communities, ShelterBox is making a difference. A helicopter was loaded with ShelterBoxes and delivered to a local orphanage accompanied by SRT Mark Pearson. Speaking from Bernard Mews Hospital in Freres, a suburb of Port au Prince, ShelterBox Response Team member Wayne Robinson (US) said: ‘Right outside the hospital there have been hundreds of people who have been laying in the sidewalks, on the streets and in blankets right on the ground in unbelievable conditions. They are bleeding, they have missing limbs and there are even women giving birth. ‘We felt this was a good use of the initial boxes that we had here on the ground and we’ll be bringing more here and using them as a transitional point to get people out of the elements while they are waiting for treatment at the hospital. Buildings have crashed down all around us here and people are just waiting and waiting to get in here for medical services.’ Google images of the first ShelterBox camps in Haiti T 1300 881 913 M 0419 135 635 E W
  7. 7. More ShelterBox aid on its way…… ShelterBox Australia sincerely thanks all our fellow Rotarians and generous donors for their continued support. For further information, interviews and hi-res photographs for publication, please call: Jenni Heenan, General Manager, ShelterBox Australia on 1300 881 913 or 0419 135 635 T 1300 881 913 M 0419 135 635 E W
  8. 8.                                                      
  9. 9.                                                                                             •  •  •    •  •  •  •                                                      •   •  •                                                  
  10. 10. OVERVIEW INDIGENOUS AVIATION TRAINING SCHEME (I.A.T.S.) PURPOSE: EXPLORATORY WORK TO SEEK COMMONWEALTH AND STATE GOVERNMENT, BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT FOR INDIGENOUS EDUCATION INITIATIVE in W.A. PRESENTER Anne DeSouza (Access Program - Swan View Senior High School) Over 20 years’ involvement and professional development in educational philosophy and practice (Kimberley and Perth) Recognition of the challenges faced in the cultural/spiritual, health, educational, economic, political and social context of Indigenous life Shared responsibility to enable purposeful and equitable education as a tool for ‘at risk’ Indigenous youth Initiator of a concept that requires exploration and support for strategic planning and implementation in W.A. Recognition of a need to collaborate/co-ordinate the many resources and opportunities in post secondary education, training and employment directly with the secondary school context. CONTEXT Contextualised within the works of national Indigenous leaders (ATSI Commissioner Mr Tom Calma, Mr Noel Pearson, Magistrate Dr Sue Gordan, Dr Chris Sarra, Federal/state Indigenous affairs directives, Government ministers) • Builds on a strong ‘aerospace’ connection in traditional Aboriginal culture/s and spiritualities, thereby making curriculum connections to more recent aviation history and contemporary technological trends in aerospace. • Critically low levels of literacy and numeracy demonstrated by Aboriginal students in secondary school • Disparity exists for access to schools such as proposed in this concept • Negligible enrolments, retention and re-engagement in high/post secondary education • Immersion of youth in extensive community dysfunction, lack of parent ability to support education – personal expression of desire for opportunity and change • Lifestyle of highly ‘at risk’ patterns of behaviour leading to lower life expectancy and quality of life • Unique requirements of education to be holistic for ‘at risk’ youth (applies to Indigenous youth) and the pedagogy of Indigenous Education • Barriers faced by youth from remote and metropolitan areas in accessing further education, training and careers.
  11. 11. • Current trends in training, further education and industry to develop inclusivity in a wider range of employment prospects • Commonwealth/state government trends/agreements towards partnership in all sectors to address Aboriginal life matters eg COAG, Summit300. • Low levels of active participation and success demonstrated by majority of Indigenous youth in main stream schools and further education • On-going contacts made within Commonwealth/W.A. government, industry and community including Mr Tom Calma, Mr David Forrest, Mr Neil Fong, Ms Carol Martin, Ms Michelle Roberts, Mr Mark McGowan, Mr Noel Pearson, Mr Ben Wyatt, Mr Steve Tomoana, Mr Graeme Rowley, Mr Robert Somerville, Mr Douglas Mitchell, Mr Simon Forrest, Mr Damien Quirk, Ms Linda Maule, Dr Sue Gordan, Mr Kevin Rudd, Mr Kevin Brahim/Ms Robin Keen, Ms Margaret Quirk, Mr Mike Gallagher, Mr Graham Rowley. • On going work to assemble the Indigenous Aviation Training Scheme (I.A.T.S.) business case for high schools, T.A.F.E., universities, community organizations and industry. DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT • Shared vision for Indigenous self-determination and leadership • Indigenous interest, ownership and motivation to affect sustainability • Provision of a holistic and integrated program shaped by the unique needs for Indigenous youth in education, health, community and recreation, accommodation and transport, justice and employment. • Aviation as a ‘bridging the gap’ tool for holistic Years 8-12 education and training • Motivational marketing to senior primary students (Year 7) and strategic introduction of integrated curriculum to Years 8 – 12 using aviation as an meaningful engagement tool. • Integration mechanism to raise the bar in English, Maths, Science, Technology and Enterprise, The Arts, Health. Corresponding ‘Best Practice’ professional development for teachers specializing in Indigenous education. • Direct and collaborative partnerships between school/s and community/industry to facilitate a wide range of power holding career pathways for further education and or employment eg. Tourism and hospitality, mining, engineering, medicine, law, The Arts, technology etc • Engagement and partnerships with Indigenous and other community businesses • Based in research into industry relevance and needs in Perth and remote areas • Currently in exploratory stage with view to design and implementation (2010-2011) • An extension of the sporting programs (academy model) • Supportive of the principles of Dare to Lead/What Works (intention to formally become affiliated with the initiatives) • Supportive of similar initiatives like ‘Aiming High’ of D.E.T. in W.A. • WA. cross sectorial, national and international student travel • Future export of model to other schools and states in Australia • Educational contacts with D.E.T, Dr Chris Sarra, Aviation High, Curtin University, ECU, RMIT, Swan TAFE (Midland), Mr Daniel Ronzan, AIME, Engineers Aid Australia, Royal Aero Club, New Norcia Astronomy Centre, SciTech, Gravity Discovery Centre, FESA. • Industry relevance (Boeing Australia, Qantas, Australian Arm Forces, FMGL,
  12. 12. Rio Tinto, Jandakot Airport Groups. MODELS FOR AVIATION PROGRAMS Australian Context • Aviation High, Brisbane Queensland government investment to support growing aviation industry Make links between primary and secondary schooling, further education (TAFE/Universities) training providers and industry. Principal: Mr Phil Cooper International Context • Dream Launch, U.S.A. Federal Aviation Authority initiative to promote aviation to Afro-American and other disadvantaged youth, Youth ambassador Mr Jamail Larkins • Craven College, Leeds, England Initially established as motivational tool into education for ‘at risk’ youth. Ms Anne Brumfitt consultant with RMIT ‘Top Gun’ teacher education initiative, inaugural advocate and working party member. • Professional Development/Post-secondary education at RMIT Professor Lachlan Thompson CONTACT DETAILS Ms Anne Desouza (Program initiator) 3 Barge Court Armadale 6112 W.A. 0434 512 193