Bungarribee The land that “Bungarribee    House” was built on in                                                          ...
Club Officers - 2012 to 2013 Execu-                 tive:                                                                 ...
Page 3 Our Bob returns home safely, with not a knife mark in sight                          Coming eventsA story was spott...
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2012 aug 28 issue 60


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2012 aug 28 issue 60

  1. 1. Bungarribee The land that “Bungarribee House” was built on in Moldavia 29/8 1825, was the first land grant given in Blacktown. CHARTERED - 16th NOVEMBER 1961 28/08/12 INCORPORATED - 25th JUNE 1991 Volume 2 Issue 60 Bungarribee means, “the resting place of the king”. Bungaroo. We met our District Governor August isThe house was built entirely Keith Roffey & Margaret of imported bricks andstone and with local timber. No nails were used in its President Daniel Kellieconstruction; all joints were welcomed members and held precisely by wooden guests DG Keith Roffey pegs, showing the truetradesmanship of the times. & Margaret Roffey Membership month! Grace and Loyal toast Members please Special points of were led by Daniel and remember: gave Spiro Constantinou interest: “Apologies” are required by 2011—2012 led the Toast to Rotary mid-day MONDAY International. Club President: here.  Briefly highlight your point of interest Text or (if unable to text)  Daniel Kellieinterest here. Briefly highlight your point of Phone RITA HANNA Daniel reported that he  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. held a BBQ at the Arms on 0411262989 District Governor: here.  Briefly highlight your point of interest Sunday for Rotaract. Keith Roffey Com4unity group met for THE FOUR-WAY TEST resume techniques at Westpoint with mentors. Of the things we think, R.I. President: They will meeting West- say or do. Sakuji Tanaka point employers in a cou- 1. Is it the Truth? ple of weeks. 2. Is it Fair to all concerned? Club issue: Inside this Meetings: Mel Gray read a poem for our African tour. (see pg 3) Tuesday: 6.00 for 6.30pm 3. Will it build Goodwill and Better Workers Club Blacktown Daniel reported PhD update: BASH CAR project to Friendships? Inside Story 2 fundraise looking at April kick off. 4. Will it be Beneficial to all Contact details: concerned? Web address Rita reported on Satur- Inside Story 2 day next she will be go- http://rotarynews.info/ ROTARY GRACE Club4269 ing up to see Greg McIn- tyre members are invited O Lord and giver of all good Inside South 2 Sydney, New Story Wales, to visit leaving at 10 am. We thank thee for our daily food Australia. District 9690. Sending around a sheet of messages of support May Rotary Friends and Rotary Inside Story 3 to Greg, contact Rita if waysPostal Address: P.O. BOX 12, you wish to go up. Help us to serve Thee BLACKTOWN. NSW 2148. Inside Story 4 Zena reported Mega Mart all our days. date 18 November at Black Membership Chair: town markets 8am to 1 Inside Story Zena Shedden 5 pm. Need help to take items to the market on the Email: day. Inside Story 6rcbcmembership2148@gmail.com Zena also advised mem- Or 0413182676 bers to Invite someone to Or join GSE team & contact email Club Secretary at Zena or Daniel with their details.rcbcsecretary2148@gmail.com August is membership month: Here are some suggested email Bulletin editor at: classifications for August do you know a Distributor or Importer of Kitchen goods? Ask them along. rcbcbulletin@gmail.com
  2. 2. Club Officers - 2012 to 2013 Execu- tive: What’s on at the meeting…. President: Daniel Kellie President Elect: Pennie Holley Break Throughs Disability Employ- Club Service: Rita Hanna This week ment Service – Club Secretary: Raymond Danam Don Mackenzie Treasurer: Mel Gray Sept 4 Lets Celebrate! Tanzania Tour Directors: July 2012 Members Birthdays Community Service: Rob Smith in August! African Student In- Foundation Chair: Zena Shedden tegrations in BENSLEY, Robert Aug-05 schools. Western International Service: Spiro Constantinou CLARK, Clarrie Aug-09 Sept 11 Sydney Refugee New Generations: Renata Natoli POWELL, Ted Aug-13 Student Support HOLLEY, Pennie Aug-26 Vocational Service: Gail Johnson Officer STANWELL, Ray Aug-27 WINTER, Len Aug-28Continued from page 1……………….. ORR, Tony Aug-31 Health and wellbeing Sept 18 workshop.Rob smith reported a request from BlacktownCouncil to do a BBQ on 1 Sept. for the Grand Members who joinedopening of re-development of Francis Park. Starts Duty Roster for in Augustat 10am and finish at 1.00pm. Help is needed. 28/08/12Also Team 32 in RELAY 4 LIFE needs walkers see STALKER, Manie 7/08/2001Bob smith. STANWELL, Ray 18/08/1998 Meet & greet Scotty McInallyAtsuki reported he played basketball and showed JOHNSON, Gail 24/08/2004Doula and Spiro how to use chopsticks. Dinner Fees Ray StanwellDavid Bamford reported he attended funds Partner’s Birthdays!presentations for the club grants on Wednesday. DICKENS, Lorina 14-Aug Grace & LoyalOver $516,833 has been given out for 55 projects Mel Grayto 48 organisations. (for more details see David) Toast BAMFORD, Lyn 31-AugRita reports Otto has been unwell he is home now. Anniversaries! International Bob Bensley ToastPresident Daniel then handed the meeting over to STALKER, Manie & NicoleDG Keith Roffey who reported he is on the mem- 8-Aug Program Host Rita Hannabership development team and they are asking SETHURAM, Lalli & Jyoclubs for ideas/ advice.Keith said that Rotary needs to modernize to Re- 12-Aug Note Taker Zena Sheddenposition ourselves for the future. We should alwayskeep the rotary ethics because they work. Margaret Roffey introduced her petFuture vision - foundation funds. Rotary have sim- project for this year. A teddy bear Duty Roster for 04/09/12plified the process to apply for funds. who needs a foster home until theKeith has a Strategic plan - He would like to leave conference to raise money for aa legacy - Westmead Rotary wing which needs an “Popular Bear” competition, the bear Meet & greet Scotty McInallyupgrade. Funds are needed to do this 27/09/2012 is to be dressed up and taken to thea public launch evening. conference. At the conference theyDistrict signage - need to upgrade signs. We have will be up for silent auction. The Dinner Fees Zena Sheddento be more commercial and raise money for our funds will go to polio eradicationpublicity. Keith wants Rotary to be a Service or- program.ganization of choice. Looks at membership devel- Grace & Loyalopment: 1.3 by end of July 2013. Bob Smith ToastDaniel thanked InternationalDG Keith for Ted Powell Toasthispresentation. Program Host Not Required Note Taker Nelma Galas
  3. 3. Page 3 Our Bob returns home safely, with not a knife mark in sight Coming eventsA story was spotted in a newspaper column, about a man who SEPTEMBER— Francis Park Development Grand Opening BBQwas killed from love. 1 September @ 10 am —Your help is needed See Rob Smith.It appears the Nigerian, who to us is a bigamist had given 5 of SEPTEMBER—Spring horse Show 16 Sept—All help is needed.his wives the shove. 7 am start, all help is needed—See Rob.It came to the notice of our travellers to Africa with our “Bob” SEPTEMBER- Com4unity BBQ on 14 Sept at Sports Club onbeing the only male, Reservoir Rd. Help is required. More details to comehence the description and the use of a pen in writing aboutthis amazing tale. OCTOBER—Relay for Life—27 & 28 Oct. This years TShirts are $20 see Bob Smith for your team and times.See this business man had taken some loving from the young- OCTOBER—Pet Expo - 21 Oct more details to come.er of his brood of six,a natural assumption he would have concluded taking this NOVEMBER—MEGA MART 18 November @ Blacktown marketschoice from the rest of the mix. Flushcombe Rd Blacktown. Help required see Zena.But on that night of passion the other 5 had each armed NOVEMBER—Seniors Christmas lunch party —28 & 29 Nov —themselves with knives, all help appreciated, especially 29th. See Rob.if he was a cat instead of a man on that night, it would haveended the rest of his lives. DECEMBER—Christmas gift wrapping 3 to 24 Dec— more de- tails to come.So back to our Bob, who on a day trip to the bush, was visit-ing a Masai village, DECEMBER - Workers Club Children’s Christmas Party- 2 Dec. More details to come.a friendly gesture they set out to proffer, not to annoy or rum-mage and pillage.The tribesmen were amazed that a man from the west couldhave taken so many a wife; 2013see they assumed the ladies were all his wives, now that’struly a lot of strife. MARCH—2 & 3 March 2013: Blacktown Show—again more detailsBack home now is our team and our “Bob” is relieved, to have to come.brought us back his brood, MARCH—District Conference 9690 15 - 17 March,and safely not a knife in sight which proves one thing, that 2013— The Cube, Campbelltown Convention &our Bob is shrewd. Entertainment Centre 20 - 22 Camden Road Campbelltown, NSW AUSTAs much as it was good for his ego at the time, to have theMasai think of him as Chief, BE A STAR!to be home with us and back to some norm, is a LITOTES ofutter relief. (LITOTES “understatement”) The Bungarribee is a team effort.Melvin Gray This weeks team is: Photos: Tony Orr, meeting notes: Pennie Holley, thank you to all, Editor: Pennie Holley. Advance Australia Fair Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free, We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea. Our land abounds in nature’s gifts, of beauty rich and rare, In history’s page let every stage, Advance Australia Fair. In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair.