Digital influencer presentation 2013 14


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Digital influencer presentation 2013 14

  1. 1. Digital Engagement for Our Wildest Dreams Big Questions: Who are the alumni, parents and friends “influencers” in the digital space? Who are the most influential 500? Where can we meet them on the web?
  2. 2. Recruit Influencers to be U.Va. Brand Advocates Digital Influencers are: -Established professionals -Journalists, Marketers, Advertisers and Entrepreneurs -Thought Leaders in their Industry and/or social network -Producing and sharing web content (photos, videos, editorials) Digital Influencers want: -Visibility and Web Traffic to Valued Endeavors - To Be a Public Person -New Business Opportunities -Establish a Personal Brand Big Question: Who are our top 500 digital influencers? Top 1,000?
  3. 3. Big Questions: How can Erin Levin help positively impact participation in Engagement & Annual Giving programs/initiatives?
  4. 4. Digital Influencers Can Help Drive Web Traffic Erin Levin is key influencer and can therefore: - Create and share new content and get people to see it - Generate buzz and excitement - Exert a voice that resonates and causes people to act Big Questions: How is Erin connected within the U.Va. community in Atlanta, both digitally and offline, including the UVaClub events and activities?
  5. 5. Digital Influencers Have a Robust Network Strategy: Develop relationships with “Digital Influencers” and their followers, then direct web traffic to and from the UVA Global Network website (all alumni sites) using pictures, videos and editorials that are shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to increase visibility of engagement and giving initiatives. Big Question: What will Digital Influencers be sharing?
  6. 6. How Do You Measure Digital Influence? Ability to influence based on: 1) Reach: popularity, proximity, goodwill 2) Resonance: frequency, period, amplitude 3) Relevance: authority, trust, affinity Digital Influencers must decide whether a social action adds or subtracts from their “social bank account.” Influence can be within a “Community at Large – Social” or “Community of Focus – Interest.” When maximized together, Reach, Resonance and Relevance combine to create “social capital.” Social capital (currency) is the catalyst for influence. Big Question: How do we foster relationships such that digital influencers are compelled to share our content and spend their social capital
  7. 7. Digital Influencers will Share Links, Pictures, Videos, & Editorials to Content Important to U.Va.
  8. 8. Digital Influencers Are Using the Web to Accomplish Business & Professional Goals Digital Influencers are the Center of Attention and Attracted to Web Interactions where there is a “Value Exchange” She’ll want us to share… Erin Levin (CLAS ‘07) will want time spent on digital engagement efforts with U.Va. to help accomplish her own digital goals – personal and professional. or Big Questions: Where does the value exchange take place?
  9. 9. Big Question: What are the resources needed to build and maintain world class digital engagement program focused on digital influencers?
  10. 10. Measuring Digital Engagement Through Interactions All digital interactions added to Advance Web as a “registration” 1. Content Contributed by Digital Influencers 2. Comments & Ratings 3. Registrations for Digital Events Big Question: What does the future look like?
  11. 11. Short Term: Resources Needed for Digital Influencer Strategy Position: Asst. Director of Digital Participation -Manage content acquisition strategy from Digital Influencers -Cultivate new relationships with top 200 Digital Influencers -Create new resources to train users of UVA Global Network website -Build instructional tutorials like screencasts -Host Webinars -Plan and execute digital contests -Host weekly web-based live programming + $15K /year to maintain world class web technology Winning photo from recent Instagram contest -Equipment -Programming and Development -Update to Design and Layout Big Question: How will digital engagement success be measured?
  12. 12. Beyond Digital Influencers: Focus on Technology for Growth: 1-3 Year Plan of Attack 1. Develop comprehensive digital event offering beginning March 2013 with HoosNext Series: PhD talks (6), Senior Recitals (5) 2. Create and expand offering to 50 events per year viewable on the “UVA Global Network” channel, plus promotional content 3. Expansion of Professional Industry Network program as bi-product of digital event strategy 4. Allow digital influencers to host their own programs on the UVA Global Network channel 5. Hire an “Associate Director of Live Digital Events”
  13. 13. Final Thoughts We know the market exists for digital events: -Alumni Career Services “Friday Forum” -7,000 Registrations for 9 events between Aug-Dec -Sample of 700 individual registrants shows that 46% have attended a UVaClub event -Potential to show massive increase in participation numbers Digital content from 80+ contributors from around the world representing multiple race/ethnicity/backgrounds. Digital Influencer strategy with formal expansion of digital events represents 1st in the world opportunity for U.Va. within higher ed. Big Question: Do we want to be the best in the world?
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