How a 20 year old with 2 months experience landed a 6-figure client


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Become an Internet marketing consultant today and live life on your terms.

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How a 20 year old with 2 months experience landed a 6-figure client

  1. 1. How A 20-Year OldWith 2 Months ExperienceLanded A 6-Figure Client Kyle Tully Interviews Consulting Tycoon Student Jock Purtle
  2. 2. Jock is a 20-year-old guy from Sydney, Australia.
  3. 3. He’s only been in the consulting business fortwo months and he’s already landed his first six-figure client.
  4. 4. Jock is going to reveal the step-by-step marketing system he used to get that client.
  5. 5. He’s going to share with you some of the free tools he used that helped close the client.
  6. 6. He’s going to show you how he was able to charge $100 for a service that most experiencedconsultants are still giving away for free.
  7. 7. He’s going to explain to you some of the mindset shifts he had to make thathelped him overcome the fact that he had no experience, no testimonials and no track record.
  8. 8. Most important of all, he’s going to tell you how he’s not doing any of the work.
  9. 9. That’s right, he’s getting paid $9,000 a month from this client and he’s not doing any of the work.
  10. 10. He’s outsourcing everything andjust acting as a project manager
  11. 11. “I grew up in southwest Sydney and went to boarding school in Sydney. In terms of Internet, I got my firstcomputer at 16 but really had nothing to do with the Internet until I left school.”
  12. 12. What about entrepreneurial stuff?Was your family entrepreneurial? Did you grow up in a background that supported it or was that a bit of a learning experience as well?
  13. 13. “Definitely. I actually started working when I was eight in my parents’business. My parents own an auction business.”
  14. 14. “So I definitely had an entrepreneurial flair from a very young age, moved into buying and selling stuff at the auctions.”
  15. 15. What were you doing before you gotstarted in the consulting and Internetmarketing, between school and now?
  16. 16. “I left school and got myself a big job with KPMG. They’re a globalaccounting firm—one of the top four in the world.”
  17. 17. “I was doing a lot of auditing,which was a lot of analytical and boring stuff.”
  18. 18. “I then decided to go and do my personal training certificate. That wasjust a whim-of-the-moment thing, and then I started my own personal training business.”
  19. 19. I was looking at the army and all these different options, but somehow I ended up on the Internet.
  20. 20. What was it that first drew you to the consulting side of things?
  21. 21. I know you’re starting to look atAdWords and doing that kind of online stuff. What’s drawn you towards consulting?
  22. 22. “I was already helping out thechiropractor that I had a joint venturewith when I was training, and a friend at that time who owned a children’sparty business and I was doing my old man’s stuff.”
  23. 23. How long has it been all up now,since you’ve officially been doing the consulting?
  24. 24. “Two months.”
  25. 25. Awesome, and how long did it take to get your first client—official, paying client, that is?
  26. 26. “I’m doing my old man’s stuff, but out of the family, three or four weeks.”
  27. 27. “I’ve got a business coach I do stuff for and recently I’ve just got a really big client, which is exactlytwo months later, so it was a pretty quick succession.”
  28. 28. If you don’t mindsharing, tell us a bit more about that client—what kind of workyou’re doing and the fees you’ve been able to get?
  29. 29. “I’m doing initially designfor a few new sites, and then SEO for them.”
  30. 30. “Once the sites are done, I’ll take over their AdWords campaign.”
  31. 31. “The project is to increase their online exposure and get them more clients.”
  32. 32. “I’ve got two sites to doat $4,500 each and then recurring for both of those sites: SEO permonth $4,500 and then I’ll chargea fee for AdWords when that gets incorporated in”
  33. 33. “I just built a six-figure business in a day with the potential of themwanting two more sites done in the next six months.”
  34. 34. With all of that work, are you goingto do it yourself? Are you going to outsource it?
  35. 35. “I’m doing absolutely none of the work.”
  36. 36. “I’m going to use an SEOservice from someone else I know who does a really good job.”
  37. 37. “I’m there doing the managing ofthe project and I’ll be having otherpeople doing the work for me, so Ineed something to fill my time up with.”
  38. 38. “I’m in for the high-end, high- charging clientele that is spending a lot of money on advertising because A, there are not manypeople that are targeting them andif they are, they have no idea what they’re doing; or B, once you get them, if you treat them well, they should be with you for life.”
  39. 39. There are so many businesses spending tens of thousands ofdollars on things like yellow pages and they’re not tracking it.
  40. 40. There, it’s a really simple businesscase that you can present to them:“Look, what you’re doing now isn’treally working. It’s costing you a lot of money. Give me a little bit of that money and I’ll get you something that is working.”
  41. 41. “I actually rang up the yellowpages a couple weeks back. It’s $82,000 for a full-page color advertisement in the Sydney yellow pages for 2010.”
  42. 42. “…so imagine if they paid you$82,000 to do SEO AdWords and aproper, optimized site. How muchreturn on investment would they be getting?”
  43. 43. “It’s just a matter of understandingthat these guys are getting pitched $10,000 to $30,000 websites and then $10,000 to $30,000 a month maintenance fees.”
  44. 44. You briefly mentioned a few bits of the process, but what was the marketing campaign you used to get this client? Did you use direct mail, cold-calling, did you know this guy and go knocking on his door? What was the actual, step- by-step process?
  45. 45. “I literally opened the yellow pages. I looked at who was spending the advertising dollars, and those were the people Iwanted to targeted because I had a clear outline of the client/clients that I want.”
  46. 46. “I’d give them a call and ask them if I could send them a personalized video critique of their site, outlining how they’re missing out on a massive opportunity to makemore money and get more clients.”
  47. 47. “I run through their SEO structure and title description. I’ll have a look at their page source, useSEOQuake, which is a free tool you can download that pulls apart sites.”
  48. 48. “At the end, I just tell them, “If you want to do something about it, I can help.””
  49. 49. “If someone is ready make a decision and you present themwith an offer, that’s all that really needs to be done.”
  50. 50. “I’m here to find out what youwant and how I can help you.”
  51. 51. “…you’ve really got to find outwhat the emotional thing is that they wanted to do.”
  52. 52. “…really understanding his needsand how I can help him—becauseat the end of the day, you’re thereto serve and get what he wants. If you can provide that, it’s an easy sale, really.”
  53. 53. You start with people who arespending money. You go to them with a marketing campaign that actually educates them. You’ve given them a video which is proving that you’re an expert.
  54. 54. “I took two days to get back to him after he’d emailed me. It’s also atiming thing, like they’ll e-mail you when they’re ready.”
  55. 55. You’ve got to play hard to get sometimes, and sometimes that can be really difficult for people ifthey’re going after their first client.
  56. 56. You really do have to just step back, play it cool and let themcome to you. Ninety-nine percentof the time, they will come back to you.
  57. 57. “Everyone is self-conscious and hastheir moments of self-doubt. If yougive them time, they’ll increase the draw.”
  58. 58. Did anyone ever ask about yourexperience? Did age come up? Was that a barrier?
  59. 59. “No. No. No. No. And no. He evenwent through the proposal, I had afew testimonials on there and he flicked straight past them.”
  60. 60. “In terms of age, a good mentor of mine said to me, “There are 12- year-old kids making a killingonline. You’re getting over the hill at 20. You’re getting old.””
  61. 61. “Although peoplekeep on saying “mindset, mindset,mindset,” and it sounds like they’reblowing hot air, from an “I’ve done it” perspective, it’s so true that if you believe you can, you will achieve.”
  62. 62. “Yes, I’ve done stuff on my own sites but that’s really lowcompetition. I’ve just run before I could walk and made it happenreally. It just goes to show that it’s completely possible.”
  63. 63. It’s SEO 101, PPC 101, Website Building 101—it’s really simple stuff that anyone who’s been involved in Internet marketing for more than two orthree months, they know most of this stuff and they’re probably doing it for themselves.
  64. 64. You don’t need to have tons of track record andexperience; all you need is some basic knowledge and theunderstanding that other people can really benefit from that knowledge.
  65. 65. “I totally don’t expect anything forsix or seven months and I’m going to turn around and just smash it for him.”
  66. 66. “Literally you’re in a market where there’s low competition, no one has any idea what they’re doing, and if you’ve got announce of knowledge, you’re just going to smash it for your clients.”
  67. 67. What was the hardest thing in this whole process? There must havebeen something that was difficult, something you struggled with or something that took longer than expected?
  68. 68. “I’d say mindset, this whole thingof getting over the idea that I’m 20, yes, I’m dealing with guys who have multi-million-dollar turnovers.”
  69. 69. “Also self-belief and to keep on going, knowing that it’s just time until what you want will becreated. The technical stuff is really easy.”
  70. 70. “The hardest thing is really yourmindset, your self-belief and yourability to do what you want to do.”
  71. 71. Nearly all the people who areconstantly struggling are the ones who are focused on these brand-new ninja tactics and the technical stuff.
  72. 72. You don’t need to really know anything; you just need to knowthat a solution exists and that youcan give it to a client. Then you’reoutsourcing all the technical stuff.
  73. 73. “Find someone that’s done what you want to do and learn fromthem because that’s just going to skyrocket your results really quickly.”
  74. 74. “Set up a system so that every timeyou go out and find a prospect, youhave something to fall back on and just let them run through the system.”
  75. 75. “I got the foundation in place so that when I did go and try to find clients, I knew I had a process in place that I could run themthrough that I didn’t have to worryabout having any problems or just knowing step by step.”
  76. 76. “Find your article marketers and your SEO and your AdWordsperson and your web developer.”
  77. 77. Don’t rush out there to try and get clients the first day you’re doingthis because you probably will landa client and then won’t know whatto do with them and get yourself in hot water.
  78. 78.