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Ryan Capple Samples Ryan Capple Samples Document Transcript

  • Ryan Capple Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools • Website 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple Commission on Graduates of Foreign nursing Schools • Corporate Materials Appl icant Hand Applicant Handbook b ook dition 2006 E 2006 Edition n itio 6 Ed 200 dbook nt Han 2006 Applica Editi on CGFN S Cred entia k ls Eva boo luati The C d for s GFNS o n Ser Han CGFNS Certification Program ta and te lice redenti C vice ant li n It is censed sure of als Evalu ram a in emp lso utili practica ternati ation S Ap plic sessme nt Prog The CGFNS Certification Program (CP) in the lthcare of h ea loye rs fo ze d b l nu r ona ll r the y U.S. ses in c y-educ (CES) ervic e tials As purp acade ertain ated r is a p is designed only rofe U pfor os mic U.S. e re den first-level, general nurses (registered The Ns) .S. or ar ssion: e of ass insti CGFNS gistered requisit Certification e isa Cre nurses–RCr educatedlo orn als state who essing th tions a s and te nurses Program Certificate tu eden alle bokin n y een™: V outside of the United States. rega or rternatio als rdin ti wish e in n p rrit g to The CGFNS Certification Program Certificat is g the ap Evaluati s be emp to con ternatio rospecti ntly.have a higher rate holdersdconsiste ories /ICHP Visascr d: the CGFNS Qualifying Exam and a HeaIn ege,trati pliof ician lthc consisting c n o nS a Evaluatio ch o c a te ti a Credentialsre icn l re n, nt's edu ervic loye ti n d in successaon uca e v of nue their el ed theoNCLEX-RN® examinationeq A pre r u CGFNS ate valuable to internationally-educated ther or edProfe denisals logatits e result O c is o the duc ti n duc am, is Cou • m an registeredgnurses for the no S than internationally-educated nursesernatio isite for s int U.S. te y-e s ts t Progr following reasons: re ic o l tech thncme oists ssio . o n an s in atio pist ssistan n is re se Repo datians & Scie eraprga d profe written hca n Sta r iz a l essmen on Healt born quir• me t. A nally ta nal s Ass era ential Commission rnationalCertification Program req al ssio -edu te licensu ork • The CGFNS ly ed b r pptionuire e Co nizatio whoado notor rep atio l th rapy a hold the Certificate. • reg n l d isa Cre ational CGF Certificate is upa licanof the Fntsurse-b ns re li t cated Y n™: V rn na Inte FNS. internatiospee gists, ch y threquired Eva nurses • occ e receiv ts w ista ull NS quir censur istere re of ew erapis chnolo cated registeredluati haby evmajority n g ssill nee Educati ourse e the e ts, nally-edu y-c is Inte aScree the Intern ion of CG atio l th e s s da elo sicia in or of a • lice d : or N nsed nurses The V tered by ical th ical te in order sisttake the NCLEX-RNn S cup ona ists tant to ants e• phyped m hcar licensure examination.ganpists desig n Cour port. is U.S. states o d to Re ), a div , phys healt o e pr vice rep caore th ra ization. ian as thea ce f is ed admin ions (ICHP ical nurses logists, m • oc cupati therap y assis es r physic .S.ioneProgram ofes consistentl pract nate se-b • CGFNS Certificat ar ts, and the Certificate holderssphysirts ly in ce rvi ss ct io whic y- Profe ed and pra sts and aud therapishave a higher U es • ionalso for inunrse,0 25 s rtain ical n Se er • oc sical erap l nurs ork in regist e pathologi occupation al visa to w ration Serv ernment on the NCLEX-RN examinatiucinl n terna 00 Cred al ic rate of success cd onathan tion ti r g h Re port U.S. s urses not hold • pCertificate. thenurses ll entials gists ion s, uired l ny th a the ra internationally-educated nurses who do • ph ysical practic es tate It is a ag ig ov langu technician reqoccucaatio and Imm Federal G tates icat red past 12ay y-eduiolo p ove. al medic e seekingsanp.racitiz i ti enship • The .S. rk S list ed ab U CGFNS Certification Program te Certificate helps• regis nally- uage ear cated ists ud lso u and t rif S) d.S C CV ns U h ee n™ is a rofessions s • p ensed d nur al ysis, Yo internatio lang a s. olog instit tilize errito s Ve who arce (by the e ts,ied. VisaScr for the p tion an t, educated registered nurses in their quest d i ed ice artif ts uca • lic gistere ew for an occupatioch speenal ge path U.S. u emplo tions an by U.S. a ries. tial in N visa on practice assessmen CGFNS was an ed in the U.S. e. requv ses, l be scen i tan rogram named in • section 343 langua er ir d to work in t n S urIS) toassi asats n p prisethe Illegal cy en Immigratowledg d c sure s io den atio (USC pist certific d n ro ific stereapperavedherap y is com of e profici nursing kn ion Reform and Immigrant speech grams languResponsibility Act of ates to ag • re n • ationa l visa to asses yers for t prospect ademic Cre lice t am of Ver egi al th al t creen™ Pro oElnc isnd l e gl a h 1996 an rtific as ars.organization qualified to sing he pu ive ials r ic i en isaS io c i rses, attlyn, al nuals administer aeen™ and ex king ce screening ven ye validen ationered nt o who VisaScr th st seprogram for healthcare professionals g occup of he th r SC ent ated hys Ttho V a red educ sts, p ccup litcensure pend of registcrede nt t60,000 are seeking e la occupational visa. For ae . c e caseedu t e or t than educatedals see in an seekin althc e interna pose of - pi o ated internationally- are p t rofes ional edu e on FN ally era and k St andSin theant’s dedhmparem nre professi nurses whoign not taken the NCLEX- ind , . des have CG ation cal th pists Yor N plic hasrifisu Dehealthca passingion 212(r) sure is e tio RN exam, e Th ntern hysi hera New GF ap S e , C CGFN ce vnalation rnpplly bo ica 0 a Sect the ci icen Qualifying Exam fulfills one of the CGFNS ,00 requirementsl L section d a siona catio i of ses, p onal ure in t n ram of ain . Onatio uc sure a ho are 5 at nal Cou of-RN); 343. rn 2 from n hol ve ls n r nu upati icens rog ity alste ate Edpclicants w ately eYorkio es (NCLEX e of the fi s, n N S P ntic nti t pli e im d th CGFNS has rostered se w d Nurs on linoi occ king l ko a A CV uthe crede orNS te:nt’s ; have oxasor NetereProgram nse from eoand ,tested over 300,000 Certification rp rgia Il he a Y pl c y* app rs f egis lice applicants since 1977. Over 120,000 G see ugh t s the ation ew apcoiuntr of ionkfor R restricted e rida, from a of those applicants ro fie str have met Flo stated requirem n and e N e Exatminatword and un r) states— allgraduated ctioents at the time of their applicatio ials Th veri /regi to th of th denrr care vali n 212( and have received theirru GFNS 212( e inst r) n and nsure arded s par t cre culthen t, d hav Sectio York; an language of theCertificatents Program Certificate. C ion lice forw ated a the hea ignated New hich the for irem fied cated des higan, and w apply IS requ are evalu eri Mic in ld gram nglish shou meets USC rtificate. a s v -edu 5. g pro E be S h lly 00 nursin s were in which also aScreen™ ce ntly FN ona 1-2 ok t, the fiv e rece , CG rnati m 200 textbo emen eu of a Vis cluding a, New Ze aland e int te fro ed Stat in li da (in aic Certifi igration, rbados , Cana land, Jam , Ire alia, Ba m Quebec) United Ki ngdom St a m for im coun age Scho ties: Au str ates, ols fro and th e nated gu ited St r) desig glish-Lan go, the Un n 212( d En ba *Sectio designate ad and To S id CGFN rica, Trin Af South 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple Commission on Graduates of Foreign nursing Schools • Annual Report 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple PlayOn • Website and Emails 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple Migun of Newtown • Website 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Website and Email 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Free-to-Live Center Materials Exclusively from L A Weight Loss... ask your counselor about our exciting new program today! Be free to live the way you want. 489FS ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company delicious choices energy & vitality nutrition positive thinking eating out 600FP-C ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company healthy habits healthy cooking 600FP-C ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company active lifestyle 600FP-B ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • LA Lite Cookbook (266 pgs.) Jump Start Breakfast is an essential part of your day. Experts believe that eating breakfast each morning may help you to have better concentration throughout the day. Also, people who skip breakfast are more likely to eat more at the next meal and therefore may have trouble controlling or losing weight in the long run. It is not essential to sit down to a three-course meal at breakfast, but it is important to have a small meal to get you, and your metabolism, running efficiently. The following section will give you some ideas, whether you’re eating on the run or have time for a leisurely Sunday breakfast. Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe recipe can be found on page 11 Appetite Delights Deviled Eggs Deviled Eggs Let’s get the party started! 2 servings Appetizers are the main ingredients to any get together or special occasion. Creamed Crab & Veggie Dip Ingredients 1 Remove shells. Cut eggs in half, lengthwise. Keep in mind you don’t want to fill up before the main course, so appetizers ServIng SIze: 2 eggS 6 eggs, hard boiled Tortilla Roll-Up Appetizer should be simple, tasty…and of course, light. Here are some tips to remember 2 Remove egg yolks and mash them with a fork in a CountS aS: when preparing and serving appetizers for your own gathering, or bringing a 2 Tbsp (30mL) lite mayonnaise small mixing bowl. TIP! 5-Layer Dip 1 ProteIn special dish to a special occasion. 1 fat dash onion powder 3 Add mayonnaise, onion powder and dry mustard to Eggplant Caponata egg yolks. 1 tsp (5mL) Dijon mustard, dry Guacamole Be sure not to offer excessive servings of appetizers. Appetizers are meant If an appetizer 4 Spoon mixture into egg whites. Sprinkle with paprika. 1/2 tsp (2mL) paprika to tease the palate, not to replace a full-course meal. Chill before serving. L A Lite Cookbook Roasted Garlic Spread needs to be Using colorful garnish such as a sprig of parsley or a lemon and lime Balsamic Grilled Bruschetta wedge adds a festive touch on any tray of appetizers. cooled before Tzatziki Try serving a medley of appetizers. Be sure that there is a little something for everyone. It doesn’t need to be extravagant — perhaps roasted serving, Romaine Roll-Up peppers for the veggie lovers and deviled eggs for those who are looking Veggies with Tarragon Dip use shallow for a heartier snack. Roasted Peppers When preparing a veggie platter, try to incorporate some unusual and containers and Spinach & Artichoke Dip interesting vegetables such as fresh brussel sprouts and sugar snap peas. The platter will look more interesting and appealing. leave air space Creamed Crab & Veggie Dip Creamy Fruit Dip Spice up the dip by placing it in a brightly colored bowl. Get creative by around the 2 servings hollowing out bread loaves, heads of cabbage or winter squash. containers to Ingredients 1 Preheat oven to 350˚F (180˚C). Guests should be able to eat appetizers without utensils. Most partygoers ServIng SIze: 2oz (60g) part-skim ricotta 2 Spray casserole dish with nonfat cooking spray. good source of calcium are busy mingling and would rather not think about cutting their food. promote rapid 1/2 of reCIPe cheese CountS aS: 3 In small bowl, combine ricotta, mayonnaise and skim Keep the appetizer simple. Some guests may avoid food that looks messy 1 Tbsp (15mL) low-fat milk. Stir well and set aside. cooling of the 1 ProteIn to prevent the embarrassment of getting it all over their hands and 1 DaIry mayonnaise 4 Spray medium skillet with nonfat cooking spray. Add faces. 2 vegetableS 4oz (125mL) skim milk food. 1 fat artichokes, onion, pepper, garlic powder and garlic. 2 cups (500mL) fresh artichoke Sauté 2 minutes. Remove from heat. TIP! hearts, chopped 5 Add spinach, hot sauce, vegetable mixture and ™ 3 green onions, chopped crabmeat to cheese mixture. 1/4 red pepper, chopped 6 Stir in 3/4oz (21g) shredded cheese and place in a When deciding how many appetizers to serve, estimate casserole dish. 1/4 tsp (1mL) garlic powder each guest will eat 5-6 pieces. If it’s closer to mealtime, 2 garlic cloves, minced 7 Bake 15 minutes, stir mixture well and then top with remaining 1/4oz (7g) of cheese. then assume they will eat 10-12 pieces. Younger guests 1 cup (250mL) fresh raw spinach 8 Bake 10-15 minutes, or until all cheese is melted and 1oz (30g) shredded reduced-fat casserole is bubbly. tend to eat more and the older company will usually cheese (recommend Monterey Serve over roasted veggies or as a dip for crackers and Jack or Mozzarella) have less of an appetite. fresh veggies. (Optional-please refer to the menu plan 59 LA Lite 4oz (120g) fresh crabmeat for serving and exchanges). 1/4 tsp (1mL) hot sauce nonfat cooking spray Appetite Appetite ™ Delights Delights Cookbook Under the Simple Simply Sea Recipes Delicious There are lots of delicious foods found Under the Sea and you’ll find plenty to choose from inside the L A Lite Cookbook! From mouthwatering Ginger Salmon to Citrus Grilled Swordfish, you’ll want to dive into our unique seafood blends. Plus, you’ll discover the numerous health benefits of a variety of fish and the healthiest methods for selection, preparation and cooking. Simple Recipes Simply Delicious Shrimp Fried Rice recipe can be found on page 183 Add a little Zest Glossary of Sauce Terms Roux — A cooked mixture of equal parts fat and flour, Hot Spice Mix (Garam Masala) Hot Spice Mix (Garam Masala) such as butter and flour, which is cooked until desired color and flavor is reached; used as a base in many Cut the fat... Cajun Spice Seasoning sauces and also to thicken soups and stews. Choose vegetable or broth-based Ingredients 1 Dry roast all ingredients, except ginger, by cooking sauces. 4oz (120g) coriander seeds the spices in a hot skillet, sliding the spices back and Teriyaki Sauce Mayonnaise — An emulsion of egg yolk, oil and lemon 1oz (30g) cumin seeds forth over the burner. Cook lightly until aromas are juice or vinegar. Keep the sauce on the side to Chocolate-Orange Sauce released. control how much you use with 1oz (30g) freshly ground pepper Seasoned Margarine Aioli — A garlic mayonnaise, commonly served with each bite. 2 Cool to room temperature. Add ginger to mixture; 1/2oz (15g) black cumin seeds fish or vegetables. grind to fine powder in a spice/coffee grinder. Soy-Sesame Marinade Use sauces and seasonings that 1/4oz (7g) black cardamom Pesto — A puree of fresh herbs, such as basil, with olive 3 Store in an air tight container. (Unlimited use) are high in flavor — they are more Spicy Curry Powder oil, pine nuts and garlic; may also be available with sun- 1/4oz (7g) cloves satisfying to the stomach and taste Lemon Seasoning dried tomatoes or artichokes. buds. 1/4oz (7g) cinnamon Hollandaise — A rich sauce blend of egg yolks, butter 1/4oz (7g) bay leaves Mushroom Sauce Use low-fat milk or evaporated and tarragon. nonfat milk in place of cream. 1/2oz (15g) dry ginger Italian-Style Tomato Sauce Bechamel — A roux-thickened milk sauce. Margarita Marinade Demi-glace — A rich reduction of beef or veal broth Orange-Ginger Marinade into a velvety brown sauce. Increase the flavor... Chili Powder Mornay — A cheese and milk sauce made by combining Use fresh herbs at the end of the a roux with milk and adding parmesan or gruyere recipe or dried herbs at the beginning Indian Spice Blend cheese. for optimum flavor. Hot Citrus Rub Chutney — Originated from India; a relish of fruits and Select herbs and spices that will Vegetable Sauce spices, such as spicy mango chutney. Tomato — A common base sauce, in which garlic and complement foods, such as rosemary or mint for lamb, nutmeg for spinach Cajun Spice Seasoning Plum Sauce or dill for eggs. vegetables are sautéed in olive oil and then tomatoes Basil Mayonnaise are added and simmered together . In place of salt, try fresh lemon juice Ingredients 1 Combine all ingredients and mix well. Spicy Flavor Blend to heighten flavors in a recipe. Salsa — Spanish for “sauce”; commonly thought of as a 3/4 cup (175mL) lite salt 2 Place in an airtight container. (Unlimited use) Seasoned Salt raw sauce of tomatoes and/or fruits or other vegetables, Roast vegetables with olive oil 1/4 cup (50mL) ground cayenne combined with garlic, herbs and olive oil. and garlic to bring out the natural pepper Herb Blend sweetness. 2 Tbsp (30mL) ground white Taco Seasoning Mix pepper Spice up Roast Chicken Citrus Rub 2 Tbsp (30mL) freshly ground with a Cajun twist. pepper Five-Spice Powder 2 Tbsp (30mL) paprika Fajita Seasoning Marinade 2 Tbsp (30mL) onion powder Teriyaki Marinade 2 Tbsp (30mL) garlic powder 215 Vol. 5 Add Add a little a little Zest Zest Home for the Holidays Hosting a holiday party or going to one? Use these recipes for any special occasion and you’ll always have something tasty to serve or bring...plus a clear conscience! All the recipes are healthy, light and nutritious. Your guests will be so pleased — it just might end up being a special recipe request for every holiday! Roasted Turkey with Mushroom Gravy recipe can be found on page 258 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • LA for Men Materials IN -TH 70 8 8-3 Y 8 DA TO LL CA Andy lost Nic lost Wade lost 40 lbs* Greg lost 120 lbs* 175 lbs* 36 lbs* Greg lost any 247 lbs* Comp any hise mp Franc nchise Co Loss ight t Loss Fra 150 A We , Suite ©20 d by L A her Road nia 1904 TOTAL LOST 08 L Weigh 4 618 es tribute 747 Dr , Pennsy lva .com Dis am tloss lbs* Horsh eigh .law www No gimmicks... just results! Help the RESEARCH CONFIRMS: Increased Weight Loss Success Rate* Man in Your Life EXPERTS AT L A WEIGHT LOSS CONFIRM: CALL TODAY foryour Lose Weight Women Men as Partners Partnering with someone Numerous studies show that OFFER SPECIAL -THIN & SAVE! increases your chances for men lose weight more easily 8-370 888-730 success. than women. You can do it! HIM You have a built-in support Eat all your favorite foods 50% system (and so does he!) and still lose weight. You’re already on your way – Regain “the bod” and keep now you can help someone it for life. else improve his life. 40 lbs* 31 lbs* Based on enrollment in a full service program (52 week minimum). Supplements and products essential to the program will cost extra. Must be a new client. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Void where prohibited by law. Offer valid at participating centers only. Some restrictions may apply, see center for details. Expires (insert date) @2008 LA Weight Loss Franchise Company. *As people vary so does their weight loss. You may lose more or less weight than the client shown. 982_N00036 (07/08) ©2008 LA Weight Loss Franchise Company L A is DEFINITELY for Men! k easy RECIPES Before Before *As people vary so does their weight loss. You may lose more or less weight than the clients shown. 985B_N00036 (07/08) ©2008 LA Weight Loss Franchise Company L A Weight Loss Centers 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Physicians Alliance Program 0001504 10 Weeks Free! with this certificate Our Gift To You Name ____________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________ Physician Alliance Program ____________________________________________________ Phone ____________________________________________________ Center ____________________________________________________ 877-200-9009 Not valid in combination with any other offer. Some restrictions apply. Does not include supplements. ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company www.laweightloss.com 510 (6/05) Physician Alliance Program by L A Weight Loss 877-200-9009 www.laweightloss.com Date ____________________ Dear Physician: One of your patients has recently reached her/his goal weight on the L A Weight Loss program. Patient: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Beginning Weight: ______________________________ End Weight: _________________________________ I, ________________________________________________________ hereby authorize L A Weight Loss to release information (name of client or guardian) concerning ____________________________________________________. (name of client) The L A Weight Loss program is a healthy eating program, which includes real food from the basic food groups found in the food guide pyramid. Our plans provide 1,200-2,400 calories per day, depending on the meal plan. The breakdown of our meal plans provides approximately 50-55% of the calories from carbohydrates, 20-25% of the calories from fat, and 25-30% from protein. On average, the daily sodium intake is 2,100 mg. Helping Communities Stay Healthy… I would love the opportunity to tell you more about our program and how we can assist you in not only helping your overweight patients achieve a healthy weight, but in helping you educate your patients on the dangers of obesity. We have a Physician Alliance Program including newsletters and posters that we would be happy to provide to you at no cost. I will follow up with your office to see whether we can provide these to you. Every Step of the Way If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at the number below or if you have questions on the L A Weight Loss program, you can call the Nutrition Department at 866-525-0416. Very truly yours, L A Weight Loss Centers Manager Manager: ___________________________________________________ Center Address: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ www.laweightloss.com w Center Phone: _____________________________________________ s.com ww. law eig htl os 851 (05/07) ©2007 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company s.c o m ww w. la w ei gh t Physician Alliance Pro lo by L A Weight Loss ss .c om ww Watch for more public service announcements from L A Weight Loss Centers. SEE OFFER ON BACK! w. L A Healthy Times law eig ht l 2006 Issue No. 1 Physician Alliance Program by L A Weight Loss o ss Dr. Lyles Prescribes Free-to-Live™ for Weight Loss .com osing weight, and keeping it off for good, is as straight- be able to eat certain foods again (which Physicia L forward as your high school health teacher promised: make balanced decisions about what you eat, control your vary depending on the person). And gastric bypass patients are usually required ™ portions, and exercise regularly. Most important, stay away from to take a variety of supplements and www. anything that promises immediate results or quick fixes such as fad medications for the rest of their lives to combat ‘predictive diets and fat-burning pills and drinks. malabsorption,’ a serious side effect that stops the body from Many people even resort to invasive, painful surgical procedures digesting crucial nutrients. s.com that are often unhealthy, and rarely as effective as they promise. Sadly, many of these people could lose weight without surgery, laweightloss.com Lately, bariatric surgeries (such as gastric bypass, adjustable gastric given a well-designed program that includes a healthy diet, banding, duodenal switch, etc.) have been getting a lot of national exercise and proven behavior modification techniques such as media attention. What these news reports often don’t tell you is those that L A Weight Loss provides its clients. In fact, L A Weight that these procedures pose substantial risks, Loss has taken their successful weight loss counseling services complications and inconveniences. one step further with the launch of their new Free-to-Live Program. Mortality rates for bariatric surgeries This program is an all-in-one solution to reaching and maintaining are stunning. They can be as high as an elevated level of energy and vitality. When you enroll in the 1 in 100, according to estimates by Virginia program you’ll receive a Free-to-Live Success Kit filled with Commonwealth University. That means important information on how to live a healthy lifestyle, not just lose www.laweightloss.com up to 1,500 of the projected 150,000 Americans that will undergo the procedure weight. You’ll learn tips for healthy cooking, making healthy choices while vacationing and dining out, how to incorporate physical Ph Dr. Boyd Lyles, Jr., M.D. National Medical Director, this year may die as a result. Survivors can expect months of difficult activity into any lifestyle…and so much more. With the help of a medical professional, and guidance from the All Pro L A Weight Loss Centers recovery, and complications such as L A Weight Loss Free-to-Live Program, most anyone can lose their Director, vomiting, ulcers, hernias, internal bleeding excess weight, healthily, effectively, and without side effects while HeartHealth and Wellness Center and ironically, a nightmarishly strict diet for maintaining the freedom of a normal lifestyle. Dallas, Texas the rest of their lives. Most patients will never — Dr. Boyd Lyles, Jr., M.D. by L The Powerful Benefits of Whey and Soy Protein – Dr. Boyd Lyles, Jr., M.D. The L A Weight Loss program heavily acids which are used by the body every day. Soy protein is a “complete protein,” focuses on teaching clients how to make Amino acids are first metabolized during meaning it contains all of the essential guidance to take your health to the next level.” the most nutritious choices at every meal, physical activity, then used to repair tissue, amino acids. Soy protein is a staple food in every day, so that they not only lose build cells, form antibodies and carry many cultures – these cultures reveal a weight, but they learn how to keep it off. oxygen throughout the body. Whey protein lower incidence of heart disease than the you need to avoid future problems, and the motivation and As part of the program, L A U.S. For example, Japanese women, Weight Loss offers an exclusive line who on average consume more soy of snacks and supplements, each protein compared to American “…you walk out with new peace of mind, the information containing the most nutritional women, show half the death rate ingredients available on the market. from heart disease. Research has Specifically, whey and soy proteins also shown that soy may have an are main components of many antioxidant effect and some studies community, it’s time to join forces and face this crisis head-on. L A products including their suggest that consumption of soy may delicious lines of L A Nutritional reduce risks for certain cancers such high blood pressure, amongst many others. As members of the healthcare Bars™, L A Drink Powders, as Colon, Prostate and Breast. L A•SlimDown™, Cinnamon Raisin The L A Weight Loss team of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol and and Blueberry L A DeLites™ and L A is a necessary component for good health nutritionists and dieticians are dedicated to Chocolate Pudding mix. and in its purest form, it contains little staying abreast of new information on the epidemic is an enormous rise in life-threatening, weight related health Whey protein is a pure, natural, high or no fat, no carbohydrates, lactose health benefits of whey and soy protein quality protein that is derived from milk. or cholesterol. Whey protein is an excellent among other ingredients that may benefit globally risen to staggering heights. Paralleling this overwhelming It is a rich source of the essential amino protein choice for individuals of all ages. overall health and wellness. In recent years, obesity and overweight statistics have 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Corporate Program Materials loyees as Are your emp ey can be? healthy as th Why Weight Loss in the Workplace? po rate Prog This program ra r Co was developed by m L A WEIGHT LOSS CENTERS as a part of their effort to ensure Overweight employees cost $1,500 more in health care and incur 77 percent higher prescription drug costs than those with a healthy body weight.* good health and overall New-Medical.net Dec 13, 2004 wellness in communities C h m around the world. c o m a Decrease Health Reduce Sick Time Improve uni ty Out re Care Cost Productivity Overweight employees take Annual medical expenses more time off; precisely Weight affects your for Dallas city employees employees’ mental, physical 39 million lost workdays increased from $114 for and emotional state making In a Community Outreach effort normal-weight individuals and 63 million doctor visits them less productive and can be attributed to their L A Weight Loss has created the to $573 for overweight – to weight. less confident than your healthy employees. $620 for the obese. L A Weight Loss Corporate Program, American Journal of Health Behavior U.S Senate Comm. on Appropriations July 15, 2004 U.S Senate Comm. on Appropriations July 15, 2004 a new program specifically developed to address the health and wellness So why not sign up for Free-to-Live™ Economic Impact of Obesity needs of each member of the workforce. the L A Weight Loss At L A Weight Loss we’re dedicated to the in the Workplace With dedication to our community outreach cause, Corporate Program today? success of your business. We’re here to help you This table shows Company X, Y, Z’s medical create a healthy company, decrease health care expenses for conditions related to obesity. Based on we are offering this special program completely free! Not only will you be helping a global cause but Get started… cost and improve employee attendance. In fact, we the rate of obesity and overweight among their Danita lost That’s right…the L A Weight Loss Corporate Program you will be helping members of your workplace refund half of the program cost when a client’s ideal employees, companies can estimate the percentage 55 pounds in Call your can provide a great benefit to your employees at create a healthy, more fulfilling way of life. It’s a 16 weeks! weight is reached and maintained.* However, we of these costs attributable to obesity by using three absolutely no cost to you! simple equation - sign up, lose weight, increase A Weight Loss understand that weight loss can be hard, especially potential percentage-scenarios. Although it’s difficult to And…the benefits to your company are tremendous productivity and improve your bottom line. when working full time. On the L A Weight Loss measure the exact percentage due to obesity versus e Representativ too! When your company signs up for the Plus, your employees will benefit from Free-to-Live program you won’t be eating special other risk factors, obesity is an emerging problem. program you can expect to: The L A Weight Loss Corporate Program foods or following complicated recipes that are hard enroll today! Programs, developed to reduce or prevent its for years to come. nd • Decrease health care cost to incorporate into your everyday life. prevalence, such as the L A Weight Loss Corporate Program, may help to produce significant savings. • Reduce sick time Our program includes every day foods from • Improve productivity Sign up now! the basic food groups: Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Conditions Associated Net Medical with Obesity Expenses 10% 25% 50% Starches, Fats and Dairy. A unique combination of - Lose Weight these regular foods and personalized, one-on-one Type 2 Diabetes Hypertension 11,364,861 31,315,714 1,136,486 3,131,571 2,841,215 7,828,929 5,682,431 15,657,857 + Cardiovascular Disease 47,104,505 4,710,450 11,776,126 23,552,253 Increase Productivity counseling is what makes our program so easy Stroke 965,948 96,594 241,487 482,974 Hyperlipidemia 10,641,514 1,064,151 2,660,379 5,320,757 IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE and unique. You can count on the L A Weight Loss Sleep Apnea 4,423,058 442,305 1,105,765 2,211,529 Gallbladder Disease 1,602,396 1,60239 400,599 801,198 Free-to-Live program to help your employees lose Gout 345,581 34,558 86,395 172,791 Osteoarthritis 3,662,236 366,223 915,559 1,831,118 their weight and not their lifestyle. Expenses for Conditions 111,425,813 11,142,581 27,856,453 55,712,907 Associated with Obesity Percent of Total 19% 2% 5% 10% Expenses* *See store for complete details on weight rebate guarantee RAND study 2002 - www.medstat.com/healthcare/obesity3.asp. 8/1/05. ss L Program ht Lo The rate A Weig Corpo chise Company ht Loss Fran /08) ©2008 L A Weig The L A Weight Loss Corporate program We are proud to offer the L A Weight Loss Corporate program to all of our employees… With L A Weight Loss You Will… • Be Free-to-Live™, free-to-eat everyday food from every food group • Receive One-on-One individualized counseling • Lose your weight and not your lifestyle BEFORE • Enjoy fast, easy, guaranteed results!* Danita lost 55 pounds in 16 weeks!** Through The L A Corporate program, all employees are now eligible to receive 35% OFF!*** AFTER 1-888-LANOW-80 / www.laweightloss.com 35% OFF We proudly present the L A Weight Loss Corporate program. Your health and well being are important to us. As participants you are entitled to receive 35% OFF! Call today 1-888-LANOW-80 to schedule your complimentary consultation. Be sure to bring this coupon to enjoy the savings! Centers near you: ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ *See store for complete details on weight rebate guarantee. **Individual results may vary. You may lose more or less than Danita.***Valid only at participating centers for first time participants with the purchase of a full service, 52-week program. Not to be combined with any other offers. Set-up and supplements sold separately. Limited time offer. ©2006 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 000 (04/01) ©2006 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Supplements n Ced en ha va n ad Helps Fat Ce ay Metabolism; Promotes Lean 75 Contains Antioxidant w Muscle Mass; Blend; Promotes u 0 Contains St. John’s Wort ll Healthy Skin; known to help Promotes a Healthy Ce stabilize mood; Immune System. Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels. lC i u m Supports Promotes Strong Healthy Glucose Bones and Teeth; Omega Metabolism; Contains Vitamin D Helps maintain for Calcium A-C-E the Day! Got Calcium? e Ca Cholesterol Levels Absorption. and a Healthy Heart. tr bl y pan om im We all want healthy skin and a Calcium is the key nutrient for eC wa Vitamins Minerals and Herbs that support chis ran sF Immune Function, Energy Levels, and promote os tL healthy immune system. Antioxidant eigh Emotional Outlook; Contains EGCG which supports supporting and keeping strong AW he 6L 200 © Healthy Metabolic Function. (11 /0 6) vitamins such as Vitamin A, healthy bones. Studies show C 0 00 *Available in Reduced Caffeine These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are very This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. that only about half of all adults vit Ask your counselor about our complete Supplement System. Supplements are not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. important to healthy skin because ama ed – men and women – get the x advanC these vitamins share in the amount of calcium they need responsibility of controlling the each day for optimum health. damage that free radicals produce such as the destruction of collagen A daily Calcium supplement and elastin. As these are damaged, can help people make up the A Supplements L A Supplements L A Supplements L A Supplements shortfall. Our Calcium wrinkles and a lack of youthful firmness can occur. Vitamin C supplement is a great way EgA upplements VitaMax EnhancE750 Taking the also plays a part in the production to ensure you are getting the M health adVancEd Helps Fat Metabolism, of collagen making it essential to an integral L A supplements, Calcium you need each day Support erefore in Vitamins, Minerals & Supports Lean the function and look of the skin. y Glucose Herbs that support Muscle Mass, Contains to keep your bones and teeth Free-to-Live™ Immune Function, St. John’s Wort known plus following the A healthy diet along with Celluway olism, oss™ offers strong for years to come.* line of Maintain Energy Levels, to stabilize mood, Advanced can keep your skin and our body terol levels and promote Supports Healthy L A Weight Loss™ le you are immune system healthy.* ealthy Heart* Emotional Outlook* Cholesterol levels* d body Menu Plan, is a ecommend Feeling lean, well-rested and oss™ acids, otherwise -3 fatty VITAMAX ADVANCED is a d to as the “good” fats, multivitamin/mineral and natural full of energy is the main goal great way to ey: een shown to play an herbal blend designed to be used in of many people when undertaking ant role in many of the conjunction with the L A Weight Loss™ a weight loss program. In addition establish a functions. An abundance to your personalized menu plan Weight menu plan and L A Lites. The ntific evidence suggests that multivitamin/mineral is the core and L A Weight Loss™ counseling merican diets are very low product of all dietary supplements sessions, ENHANCE750 is just healthy L A WEIGHT LOSS™ SUPPLEMENTS L A WEIGHT LOSS™ SUPPLEMENTS ga-3 fatty acids and as well as the foundation for a what you need to help you reach JUST MAKE GOOD SENSE JUST MAKE GOOD SENSE creasing intakes may reduce healthier life. this goal and feel your best! lifestyle. k of coronary heart disease. Taking VITAMAX ADVANCED, ENHANCE750 is a special combined with your menu plan and why our OMEGATRIM, combination of herbs, minerals sm* exercise, can fill most nutrient gaps and extracts needed for support d of omega-3 fatty acids, is and support your energy levels and *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ortant supplement to your of healthy cholesterol levels, 1175A (12/06) ©2006 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 1175C (12/06) ©2006 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company emotional outlook. Plus, VITAMAX ight Loss™ Program. These stress tolerance and restful sleep. ADVANCED contains EGCG which al fatty acids are critical in Additionally, ENHANCE750 supports healthy metabolic function.* ning a healthy heart, supports metabolic function, VITAMAX ADVANCED tends to your ting healthy glucose promotes increased lean muscle olism, and helping maintain body while you tend to your weight loss goals! mass and contains St. John’s Wort, which may help to stabilize Omega-3 Fatty Acids are the MAXimize the Benefits erol levels that are already ormal range.* Our OMEGATRIM (also available in Reduced Caffeine) your mood.* Catch of the Day with VitaMax Advanced ment is an easy way to ese valuable benefits to ody each and every day.* The multivitamin/mineral is the core ubstitute for healthy eating and exercise. ended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. product of all dietary supplements as Omega-3 Fatty Acids, otherwise well as the foundation for a healthier eight Loss™ Program ned to Complement Your L A Weight Loss™ Program referred to as the “good” fats, have life. VitaMax Advanced is a complete at, cure, or prevent any disease. been shown to play an important role multivitamin/mineral and natural in many of the body’s functions. An herbal blend specifically designed to abundance of scientific evidence help you maintain good health while suggests that most American diets you are working to lose your weight. are very low in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Taking VitaMax Advanced, and that increasing intakes may combined with your menu plan and reduce the risk of coronary heart exercise, can help fill most nutrient disease. Eating more fish is one gaps, support your energy levels and excellent way to increase the emotional outlook. Plus, VitaMax consumption of Omega-3 Fatty Advanced contains EGCG which Acids. Taking the LA Weight Loss™ supports healthy metabolic function. OmegaTrim supplement is also an So, what’s the best way to stay on easy way to offer these valuable your toes each day? By starting each benefits to your body each and every morning with one little activity – day – hook, line and sinker!* taking VitaMax Advanced.* L A WEIGHT LOSS™ SUPPLEMENTS L A WEIGHT LOSS™ SUPPLEMENTS JUST MAKE GOOD SENSE JUST MAKE GOOD SENSE *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 1175D (12/06) ©2006 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 1175E (12/06) ©2006 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Free-to-Live Client Materials maintaining for life food guide (05/08) ©2008 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 1 SERVING 1 SERVING FRUIT VEGETARIAN Grapes: 17 PROTEIN = Reduced Fat Tennis Ball Peanut Butter: 2Tbsp / 5mL = “D” Battery 1 SERVIN Butt 1tsp / = Stam 2 SERVINGS STARCH Pasta: 2/3 cup / 150mL Baked Potato: 1 small = Soap Box the power of positive thinking 1 SERVING VEGETABLE Brocolli: 1cup / 250mL raw 1 /2 cup / 125mL cooked = CD 1 SERVING “Most folks are about as happy DIARY Reduced 1 SERVING PROTEIN as they make up their minds to be.” or Pork: 3oz / 90g Fat Chedda Beef Cheese Turkey or Chicken: 4oz / 120g 2oz / 60g –Abraham Lincoln = Box Soap = Gum Positive Thinking Now that you know the basics for healthy eating, you can put your healthy lifestyle plan into action. The first step? Form a healthy attitude! It’s no secret – we all talk to ourselves from time to time. Talking to yourself and visualizing yourself in positive ways is extremely beneficial when setting forth to make significant changes in your life. The messages you tell yourself can form your attitude, which in turn determines your success. 1 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Right Portions food packaging L A Weight Loss Right Portions are the right solution ™ to your busy lifestyle and a complement to your menu plan. NET WT. 10 OZ. (283g) SERVING SUGGESTION REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING See tray for P-EST.# L A Weight Loss Right Portions are the right solution ™ to your busy lifestyle and a complement to your menu plan. Count as 1 STARCH 1 FRUIT on the L A Weight Loss Menu Plan 6 – 1.2 oz (34g) Cookies / Net Wt 7.2 oz (222g) 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Right Portions Portion Plate materials W NE ™ W NE portion How Does it Work? A Key To Weight Loss Success! After following just a few small steps, you can begin using Preplanning your meals is a great way to ensure your Right Portions Plate. weight loss success. In fact the Right Portions Plate is freezer safe, so you can fill multiple plates with your favorite 1 Unwrap Right Portions Plate. meals and freeze them for your convenience. 2 Unsnap lid from the plate. plate 3 Wash all pieces by hand or in dishwasher. 1 Fill section of the plate with proteins, starches, fruits and vegetables, of your choice, from your menu plan. Each section is designed to fit approximately 4 oz or 1⁄2 cup of food. For larger portions of food, Right Portions Plate Tips use two compartments. 2 • Fill the compartments in the dish, only to the top. Microwave if necessary. DO NOT OVER FILL. 3 Enjoy your food right from the plate or be discreet • If you find yourself still feeling a bit hungry, add a and place a dinner plate over your Right Portions side salad to your meals. Plate and flip the food onto the dinner plate. • Ask your counselor to review meal suggestions fr o m L using your portion plate. A We 1 Fill the food compartments in the dish with • DO NOT microwave the Right Portions Plate ight proteins, starches, fruits and vegetables of your with lid on. Los choice, from your menu plan. s L A Portion Plate InstructionalDrain excess fluid from food. 2 Booklet NO MORE GUESSING! horizontal when traveling. The lid 3 Attach the lid by locking it securely onto the dish. The Keep the dish 4 is leak resistant, not leak proof – so liquids may Right Portions transfer from one compartment to another. Plate is designed to make your weight loss even easier! There’s absolutely no more guessing portion sizes. Ask Your Counselor for Details! (05/07) ©2007 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  • Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • 2008 Calendar BrightDays to Come 2008 Calendar January Solé lost 40 pounds “I love my new life… thanks L A Weight Loss” – Solé Baker before FEBRUARY Sunday Monday TueSday WedneSday ThurSday Friday SaTurday Vicki lost 1 2 3 4 5 48 pounds “With L A Weight Loss losing weight was easier than ever” 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 – Vicki Covi MarCh 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Mandy lost 167 pounds 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 before 27 28 29 30 31 Sunday Monday TueSday WedneSday ThurSday Friday SaTurday “I love to shop now. 1 2 Trying on clothes is a dream.” – Mandy Muniz My Monthly Accomplishments New Year, New You Buy33, 100020 003872 Take Off Your Weight for 2008! 4 5 6 7 8 9 Buy 3 Bottles of TakeOFF™ – Get 1 FREE Limit 12 per customer Get 1 FREE 1 Coupon valid 1/1/08 to 1/31/08. Valid at participating centers only. Not valid with any other offer. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 before 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Sunday Monday TueSday WedneSday ThurSday Friday SaTurday 24 25 26 27 28 29 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 My Monthly Accomplishments A Sweet Valentine’s Day Deal! 10% 100020 003940 10% OFF your choice of any case of chocolate L A products! OFF Limit 6 cases per customer 9 Any Case of 10 11 12 13 14 15 1 L A Products Coupon valid 2/1/08 to 2/29/08. Valid at participating centers only. Not valid with any other offer. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 My Monthly Accomplishments Supplement Savings 10% 100020 004008 Save 10% OFF a 3-month purchase of supplements. OFF 1 Supplements Coupon valid 3/1/08 to 3/31/08. Valid at participating centers only. Not valid with any other offer. 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com