Tales From The Trenches - Bill Bruno, Stratigent


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Tales From The Trenches - Bill Bruno, Stratigent

  1. 1. Tales from the Trenches: Integration Insights Bill Bruno VP, Business Development & Technology Stratigent, LLC bill@stratigent.com Twitter: BillBruno
  2. 2. So, what is the view from the trenches?
  3. 3. Stratigent’s Philosophy: Balance Drives Success
  4. 4. Stratigent’s Marketing Analytics Model
  5. 5. Balance Drives Success Strategy & Value Creation Infrastructure Business Process Tactics What actions are Do you have a Is reliable and flexible you taking – on a unified strategy and technology in place to consistent basis – clear goals that are meet the evolving needs to drive ROI? measureable? of key stakeholders? Are the building blocks Are you investing Is your current for a continuous and building key technology customized improvement in place business processes? to the needs of your or under development? business?
  6. 6. Balance Drives Success x x x Strategy & Value Creation Infrastructure Business Process Tactics Little or No Constant Isolated Return on Fire Drills Successes Investment
  7. 7. Balance Drives Success …while building a foundation for continued long-term success Identify actions that deliver short-term wins and ROI… Solid foundation in analytics
  8. 8. Stratactical adj. “of or relating to a strategy driven-approach using value-based tactics”
  9. 9. Stratigent’s WebTrends Integration Program goal Develop comprehensive integrations between and best of breed marketing technology partners.
  10. 10. Best of Breed Technology Fully Integrated
  11. 11. Case Studies: Integration Insights
  12. 12. Remarket Effectively Start Small Build a Value-Based Business Case Focus on Relationships: Technology, People, Processes
  13. 13. Remarket Effectively
  14. 14. Integrating Email Marketing
  15. 15. Integrating ExactTarget Pain Points Solution Approach Outcomes • Inability to leverage what • Reduce lost revenue • Pass ExactTarget subscriber id to WebTrends 1 they know about their by sending follow up customers to improve emails to visitors who • Set up translation table for web experience because abandon their Subscriber ID 2 visitors are anonymous shopping cart • Create custom dimensions and reports in WebTrends • No way to win back • Email subscribers 3 visitors who abandon who visit the site are • Set up export of WebTrends shopping carts or who no longer anonymous data to ExactTarget 4 can’t find what they’re – their behavior can be • Create custom filters and/or looking for on the site analyzed and measures in ExactTarget 5 segmented • Can’t measure full impact of email campaigns
  16. 16. Sample Segmentation Report
  17. 17. Sample ExactTarget Mapping
  18. 18. Delivering Real Value Representative Account Managers at a manufacturing company were able to see Examples which products their corporate clients were researching online and then they used that information to increase up-sells and cross-sells by 4%. A retailer emailed a discount coupon to visitors who abandoned their shopping carts and saved almost $250,000 in sales in the first 60 days. A media company increased its investment in email marketing after discovering that email subscribers visited the website three times as often as non-email subscribers.
  19. 19. Start Small
  20. 20. Integrating Surveys & Comment Cards
  21. 21. Integrating ForeSee Results Outcomes Pain Points Solution Approach • Satisfaction analysis • Disjointed datasets for • Add WebTrends code into of behavioral visitor attitudinal and behavioral ForeSee survey pages 1 profiles information • Deliver export from • Behavioral analysis • Lack of a single interface ForeSee to WebTrends 2 of satisfaction that offers explanations of segment what a visitor did and why • Setup WebTrends they did it exports for ForeSee • Integration of 3 satisfaction scores • Lack of understanding of • Build custom WT reports into WebTrends activities that lead to poor using ForeSee data 4 dashboards scores • Little or no voice of customer data in analytics
  22. 22. Sample Satisfaction Segment Report
  23. 23. Delivering Real Value Representative An insurance company discovered that visitors who used their Examples quick quote tool scored the site higher and gave more positive commentary than visitors who didn’t use the tool. The company pushed the use of the tool and increased online policy purchases by nearly 10 percent. A B2B site improved its site satisfaction score by 11 points over just 3 months by identifying (and addressing) common site behaviors which were common among unsatisfied visitors.
  24. 24. Integrating OpinionLab Pain Points Solution Approach Outcomes • Disjointed datasets for • Add context to attitudinal and behavioral navigation analysis by information bringing in VoC • Lack single interface that • Use attitudinal data to offers explanations of discover the motivation what a visitor did or why behind visitor behavior • Loose correlations • Understand the root based on assumptions cause of key from both datasets abandonment points • Little or no voice of • Improve user customer data in analytics experience
  25. 25. Sample Navigation & Attitudinal Report
  26. 26. Delivering Real Value Representative By combining the scenario analysis data with OpinionLab’s VoC Examples data, an online retailer was able to identify the primary reasons why visitors were abandoning the shopping cart process. The retailer addressed the problem and increased conversion by nearly 5%. A content provider was able to determine quickly which article presentation style was best received by their visitors. By using the visitor comments in the WT pages report they were able to uncover which format resulted in more engaged visitors (defined by number of downloads, article emails and view time on the articles).
  27. 27. Build a Value-Based Business Case
  28. 28. Integrating Video Analytics
  29. 29. Integrating Visible Measures Pain Points Solution Approach Outcomes • Determine which • In-depth reporting about videos contribute to video usage, but not as it the largest number of relates to conversion conversion events events on the site • Correlate video • Can’t associate video engagement with usage with traffic sources specific traffic sources and campaigns and visitor segments • Unable to apply visitor • Deliver targeted segmentation to videos content to visitor segments
  30. 30. Sample Segmentation Report
  31. 31. Delivering Real Value Representative A hardware distributor used cue points at previously identified Examples high engagement points in their videos to drive a 37% increase in page views to their product pages, and a 12% increase in distributor searches. An automotive company determined that a particular visitor segment was very likely to request a quote after viewing a small subset of videos. The company was able to target these visitors with similar content and increase quote requests by 10%. An online retailer increased conversion rate by 3% and revenue by 6% by placing their top-converting videos on more well- trafficked pages.
  32. 32. Focus on Relationships: Technology, People, Processes
  33. 33. Integrating Testing & Optimization
  34. 34. Integrating Optimost Pain Points Solution Approach Outcomes • Detailed reporting about • Analyze test performance • Identify most valuable integration points 1 the tests, but not about by visitor segment the test subjects • Add WT tracking code • Track virtually unlimited to an Optimost test 2 • Lack of visibility into how number of “success a test impacts the overall events” • Build custom reports and dimensions in WT visitor experience 3 • Build meaningful • Not able to apply visitor personas • Test and verify 4 segmentation to tests • Display targeted content • Train team to integrate • One-size-fits-all based on a visitor’s new tests 5 site content behavior
  35. 35. Sample Segmentation Report
  36. 36. Delivering Real Value A financial services company transformed their definition of an Representative “optimized page” after discovering that although “Headline A” Examples drove the most conversions, “Headline B” drove the most conversions among their most profitable customer segment. An online retailer determined that although test combinations “A” and “B” generated roughly the same amount of revenue per customer during the initial visit, combination “A” resulted in a higher repurchase rate and roughly 13% more revenue per customer. An international manufacturer improved email response rates by almost 20% by using targeted messages that had been identified in prior tests.
  37. 37. Conclusion