Making Analytics Actionable with Web Content Management
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Making Analytics Actionable with Web Content Management






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Making Analytics Actionable with Web Content Management Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Making Analytics Actionable with Web Content Management Annie Weinberger Director of Product Marketing, Interwoven
  • 2. Agenda • Learn how Interwoven & WebTrends are Shifting Expectations with – Analytics and Content Management – Analytics and Targeting – Analytics and Website Optimization • Demo of closed-loop integration
  • 3. Typical Challenges with Web Analytics Marketers cannot understand the reporting results • Marketers cannot easily take action • Analytics show issues but don’t suggest solutions • Marketing wants to be empowered to deploy analytics • ready content
  • 4. Maximizing Online Business Performance Driving Insight to Action The Business Experience The Customer Experience Deliver Create Optimize Analyze
  • 5. WebTrends & Interwoven
  • 6. WebTrends with… Integrate analytics into your Using Web Analytics to Reveal content management process Optimization Points Analyze the success of online Using Analytics to Show the campaigns and Results of Tests offers Using Web Analytics to Act on insights to optimize combine results of optimization customer experience with other online and offline data for analysis Marketers can act on Web insights without IT support
  • 7. Managing Separate CMS and Analytics
  • 8. Managing Separate CMS and Analytics
  • 9. The Integrated CMS / Analytics Experience
  • 10. TeamSite Web Analytics Integration • Analytics Integration (TeamSite 6.7.2) – Out of the box analytics components to automatically tag Web pages for analysis – Support for Omniture SiteCatalyst, HBX, WebTrends, Google Analytics – Empower marketers to pass information back into Web analytics reports • Closed-Loop Analytics Integration (TeamSite 6.7.2 SP1) – Overlay reporting in preview and run-time – Site specific reporting from within TeamSite
  • 11. TeamSite WebTrends Closed-Loop Integration Overview • Closed-Loop Integration adds access to reporting capabilities from within TeamSite in addition to business user friendly page tagging and data collection functionality • In-line display of WebTrends site-level reports in TeamSite UI • Integration of WebTrends' SmartView plug-in within the TeamSite preview environment to display page-level analytics data
  • 12. Standard Out-of-the-Box Site Reports • Overview Dashboard - (pages, referring site, visitor summary, visit summary, exit pages, page view summary) • Marketing Dashboard - (Referring Site, Onsite Ad Impressions Trend) • Visitors Dashboard - (Visit Summary, Visitor Summary, Visitors by Number of Visits, Organizations, Countries) • Pages Dashboard - (Page Views Trend, Content Groups, Page View Summary, Pages Trend, Entry Pages, Pages, Exit Pages, Directories) • Navigation Dashboard - (Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Single Page Visits) • Technical Dashboard - (Hits Trend, Browsers by Version, Technical Summary, Average Time to Serve Pages, Bandwidth Trend) • Activity Dashboard - (Hits by Hour of the Day, Hits by Day of the Week, Most Active Summary, Least Active Summary, Activity on Weekdays, Activity on Weekends, Bandwidth Trend) • Browsers and Platforms Dashboard - (Browsers, Browsers Trend, Spiders, Platforms Trend)
  • 13. Access WebTrends Reports from TeamSite
  • 14. Site Reports from TeamSite
  • 15. WebTrends SmartView Overlay Control Integration • IE plug-in (ActiveX control) displays inline analytics data on links within TeamSite • SmartView & TeamSite integration allows marketers to view link level data while navigating through preview environment of live pages • Make changes to the page directly from the preview environment
  • 16. WebTrends SmartView Control Integration
  • 17. The Impact: Analyzing Data and Act on Insights With Interwoven Without Interwoven Toggle from WCM platform to Open graphical Analytics reports launch Analytics inside TeamSite Find all relevant page data and analyze performance Per Page Savings Launch SmartView to analyze = Toggle to WCM platform, find page, make or request changes visual overlay of data $95 Make or request tag changes Directly make content Publish revised content or changes and publish request IT to publish Time: 2 Hours (over 3 day period) Time: 25 Minutes Cost: $1 per min x 25 Min = $25 Cost: $1 per min x 120 Min = $120
  • 18. Create – Deliver – Optimize – Analyze View Web Analytics site reports Review page within Make changes TeamSite’s analytics & publish heat map overlay Open component to Determine and make obvious changes promote winner (edit sale promotion) Open component to run a multivariable test on less obvious issues (test image, text, button, etc.)
  • 19. Analytics and Website Optimization • Web Analytics is a great place to start your optimization journey • Using Web Analytics to Reveal Optimization Points • Using Analytics to Show the Results of Tests • Using Web Analytics to combine results of optimization with other online and offline data for analysis
  • 20. Analytics and Website Optimization – Stage 1 • Identify key stages of customer interaction • Leverage web analytics data
  • 21. Maximize Conversion Throughout Your Website Traffic Acquisition (Email, Ads) +1% Landing Page +5% Form Page +2% Check-out +8% Customer Bottom Line results = +$$$
  • 22. Where are the Highest Points of Value Email Ad Inside Pages Home Page Landing Pages Log-in Page Product Page Shopping Cart Sign-up Page Billing Page Contact Us Page Thank You Page
  • 23. Next Step - Target using Various Types of Audience Data Thursday Traffic C B Monday A Traffic Continue D E Testing Search Traffic F Ad Banner Traffic
  • 24. Rohm and Haas Delivers on Customer Needs Previous Challenges The Website was not leveraged effectively as a strategic channel to support sales and marketing Not able to turn analytics data into an actionable customer strategy Results with Interwoven “Interwoven has given us the tools to make business insight more actionable and align ourselves better with our customers’ needs. We can anticipate what customers really want through analytics, then use Interwoven to deliver it proactively.” -- Eric Soll, Sales and Marketing IT Manager, Rohm and Haas
  • 25. Interwoven & WebTrends DEMO
  • 26. Questions and Answers • Annie Weinberger Director of Product Marketing Autonomy Interwoven • Stop by our booth!
  • 27. Slide Title Goes Here Body copy, Arial Narrow 24 Body copy ( screened back to deemphasize ) Highlight color, ( use sparingly )