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SEMpdx January 2013 PPC Basics


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This presentation is designed for someone looking to learn the basics of paid search. The following topics are covered: What is paid search, good and bad of PPC, creating key performance indicators …

This presentation is designed for someone looking to learn the basics of paid search. The following topics are covered: What is paid search, good and bad of PPC, creating key performance indicators and conversion tracking, keywords, campaign and ad group structure, campaign settings, ad copy, landing pages, and quality score

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  • These search engines cover 95% of search market share
  • I suggest letting your account run for 3 months to begin truly seeing its potential.
  • Online Marketing Manager at Natural Cat NipPeter Mittens
  • Bill Lumpurrrr
  • Peter sells a container of cat nip for $20. He figures the most he can for a sale of cat nip is $15.Needs section intro slideneeds KPI targets to animate after
  • Brainstorm – people go to search engines to find solutions to problemsScrape your websiteInclude synonymsThink like your customerKeyword research tools
  • Usually between 5-20 keywords per ad groupSeparate branded campaignBased on the products and services you offerBased on geographical locationBased on performance and biddingBased on brand names vs. generic namesBased on seasonality of your service or productBased on keyword match types (you can also segment this way on an ad group level too.)
  • Default ad rotation is optimize for clicksDefault is all devicesUS and Canada is default geo target
  • You have 130 visible characters (headline, description, and display URL) to encourage a user click on your ad – that’s less than a Tweet.  Exclamation points First letter capitalized Use call to action Benefits UPVAd extensions
  • 1. The CTR contributes the largest amount (60%) to the QS which is based the amount of clicks as a measure of relevance (a measure of your Ad Text and it’s relevance to the keyword)2. The second major contributor is Keyword to Ad Relevancy to Ad Group Relevancy which is 30%.3. Landing page relevancy (10%) is based on the Keyword to Ad relevancy to Landing page relevance. Google only makes money on the click (when someone clicks the Ad) they don’t care if users buy your product or not so that’s why the landing page is only worth 10%.
  • Blogs to readsourcesdisplay campaignquality score
  • Transcript

    • 1. PPC 101Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 2. Who Is This Guy? RYAN CAMPBELL | Senior Paid Search Analyst, Amplify Interactive • Focused on SEO/SEM for over 6 years • Participates in developing all PPC client-strategy • Managed B2C, B2B, lead generation, and ecommerce campaignsTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 3. Agenda • What is paid search? • Good and bad of PPC? • Creating KPI’s and tracking • Keywords • Campaign and ad group structure • Campaign settings • Ad copy • Landing Pages • Quality ScoreTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 4. PPC AdsTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 5. Who are the players?Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 6. Search Engine Market Share Ask, 3% AOL, 2% Yahoo, 13% Bing, 16% Google, 66 %Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 7. The good of PPC? • Most measurable online channel • Complete control • Allows you to reach a hyper targeted audience • Results are fastTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 8. The bad of PPC? • Easy to spend money • Can’t set it & forget it • Can be VERY competitiveTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 9. Conversion Tracking  Purchase  Sign up  View of a key pageTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 10. Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 12. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Set a Monthly Budget • $2,000 Set a Conversion Target • 133 Set a Cost per Acquisition • $15Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 13. KEYWORD RESEARCHTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 14. buy cat nip buy organic cat nip cat nip online where to buy cat nip natural cat nip what is cat nip how to grow cat nip cat nip for dogsTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 15. KEYWORD MATCH TYPESTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 16. Broad: organic cat nip = what is cat nip, cat mint Modified Broad: organic +cat +nip = natural cat nip Phrase: “organic cat nip” = grow organic cat nip Exact: [organic cat nip] = organic cat nipTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 17. Campaign and ad group structure Natural Branded natural cat nip Organic Cat Nip organic cat nip Cat Nip buy cat nip Buy Cat Nip where to buy cat nipTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 18. HYPER TARGET YOUR AUDIENCETwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 19. Campaign and ad group settings • Daily campaign budget - $66 • Ad scheduling – Cat hours • Device targeting – Remove mobile • Separate search and display campaigns • Ad rotation – Rotate evenly • Geo targeting – Exclude CanadaTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 20. WRITING PPC ADSTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 21. !Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 22. LANDING PAGESTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 23. Bad Landing PageTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 24. Good Landing PageTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 25. Quality Score FactorsTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    • 26. Thank You Link for sources and other learning material: @AmplifySEM