Is Crossfit safe?


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An examination of the sport of Crossfit in regards to its overall safety for the participants. This is an honest examination and both sides are weighed equally, at least there is some attempt to show both sides.

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Is Crossfit safe?

  1. 1. Is Crossfit Safe? An Honest Examination
  2. 2. Crossfit is increasingly popular • This increasing number of participants means more people are likely to get injured • Whenever any sport increases in number the number of injuries increase naturally • The total number of injuries then is not a good indicator if any activity is “safe” or not but rather it is just a natural effect of so many people participating
  3. 3. Are any sports safe? • Could any sport be considered “safe?” • With any strenuous activity some injuries are likely to occur • Sports by their very nature could be considered “unsafe” because participation could result in an injury
  4. 4. Activities of Crossfit Inherently Unsafe? • Crossfit involves a lot of weight training and explosive movements • If any of these movements are performed without proper instruction serious injuries may occur • Clearly, the participants must be made aware of these dangers and be physically prepared before performing at peak levels
  5. 5. Activities of Crossfit Inherently Unsafe? • The squat, overhead squat, and deadlift could result in a serious injury • It can be argued that Olympic and Powerlifting movements are better performed under control and without the pressure of a time limit • However, these activities in of themselves are not inherently unsafe if the person performing them understands what they are doing
  6. 6. Why is Crossfit becoming so popular? • The popularity of crossfit as an activity is because of many factors • The community of each gym, or as they call it a box, is one that is meant to inspire and motivate others to get healthier • People are looking for belonging as well as increasing their overall fitness, the melding of both ideals makes for a powerful motivation to join a box and to keep up membership
  7. 7. Final conclusions • Crossfit is not inherently dangerous and is really dependent upon the individual as well as the trainers involved • Whenever any sport gains in popularity it is only natural to see an increase in injuries for that sport • Of course before participating in any activity it is always wise to consult a Physician or other medical professional beforehand to see if there are underlying medical issues you may not be aware of.
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