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Integrating Virtual Classroom Platform with Moodle LMS
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Integrating Virtual Classroom Platform with Moodle LMS


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In this presentation we discussed how WizIQ can be integrated within Moodle to provide online support to learners. This presentation was made at iMoot2013 conference on 26th May 2013.

In this presentation we discussed how WizIQ can be integrated within Moodle to provide online support to learners. This presentation was made at iMoot2013 conference on 26th May 2013.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Integrating a Virtual Classroomplatform withIntegrating a Virtual Classroomplatform withRamesh Sharma26 May 2013
  • 2. Lets see WizIQ does…Its an online learning and teachingplatformConnects educators and students throughits WizIQ Virtual Classroom technology.Available for individual teachers as well asorganizationsA highly scalable solution for bothsynchronous teaching and asynchronoustutorials and
  • 3. Flexibility…Used for everything from teachinghybrid courses at major universities tooffering guitar lessons one-on-oneacross thousands of milesA flexible tool for delivering andenhancing any type of training
  • 4. Tools WizIQ offers…Its teaching tools work from a webbrowser, so you do not need todownload any software or worry aboutupgrades.Further offers a content library, atest/assessment section, teacherprofiles and public classes by
  • 5. Building Business too…Trainers and tutors can build paidcourses and build their businessesScalability makes it suitable foruniversities and training and teachingorganizations of various
  • 6. Moodle virtual classroom plugin fromWizIQMoodle online classroom module from WizIQ creates new capabilities forsynchronous learning - all from within the LMS
  • 7. Moodle virtual classroom plugin fromWizIQSingle sign-onWizIQ Virtual Classroom does not require Moodle users to maintain separateaccounts with WizIQ.Moodle administrators simply need to download the Moodle online classroommodule and install it on Moodle servers.Teachers and students can seamlessly access WizIQ Virtual Classroom without anyadditional
  • 8. Moodle virtual classroom plugin fromWizIQSchedule and manage classes, upload content, and view recordingsfromwithin Moodle Virtual ClassroomFrom scheduling, delivery of online classes, and class management touploading content for use in these classes, all functions are accessed fromwithin Moodle.There is no separate dashboard, no extra data entry, and no extra
  • 9. WizIQ Virtual Classroom records every time students log in and log out.An attendance report is generated by the end of the class and teacherscan download the report to use for their own records or to share withparents.This attendance data can also be sent to other applications like a studentinformation system.WizIQ.comTrack class attendance
  • 10. Once the Moodle Virtual Classroom module from WizIQ isinstalled, live class sessions can be implemented as Moodleactivities and students from around the world can have seamlessaccess to synchronous events, within the context of a blendedMoodle course.WizIQ.comNo special training required
  • 11. • Get class recordingsAll classes on WizIQ can be recorded. Teachers can allow students to view therecordings online or download them for later reference. The recorded classes arecompletely in sync with the media sharing (audio/video), desktop sharing, and contentsharing in the virtual classroom. A weekly report is sent to teachers on how often therecordings were viewed or downloaded.WizIQ.comTrack class attendance
  • 12. Teachers can always edit the schedule of theirupcoming classes and make changes to theuploaded contentfrom withinMoodle online classroom.WizIQ.comEdit your Class Schedule
  • 13. WizIQ.comReal Time Collaboration
  • 14. Supported VersionsThe WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin is numbered to match Moodle versions,so it’s easy for you to tell which version of the plugin you need. The followingtable illustrates the currently available versions and requirements:Moodle module WizIQ Virtual Classroom pluginMoodle version 1.9 Plugin 1.9Moodle version 2.0 Plugin 2.0Moodle version 2.1 & 2.2 Plugin 2.1 &
  • 15. Steps…
  • 16. Downloading the plugin1. Click on the Download Moodle Plugin button.
  • 17. 2. You will be prompted to Sign up (if you are new to WizIQ)or Sign in (if you are already a WizIQ member)
  • 18. 3. Select the Moodle version you want to use the plugin
  • 19. 4. You will be prompted to save a Zip file. Select Save and click on the Ok button.Your download is now complete.The next step is to install the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin for
  • 20. Installing the pluginOnce you have the plugin, do the following to install it:• Unzip the downloaded file on your Moodle server. Look for the folder in thedownloaded file:
  • 21. • Copy the “wiziq” folder from the “mod” folder and paste it into
  • 22. • Log in as Admin in your Moodle.Login
  • 23. • Look for Site Administration -> Notifications and click on the Upgrade button.Installation of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin begins
  • 24. • Click on the Continue button to complete the installation
  • 25. • Once the installation is complete you’ll be redirected to your Moodle
  • 26. Enabling the WizIQ Virtual Classroomwithin MoodleOnce the plugin is installed, you can turn on the ability to schedule and deliver liveclasses through WizIQ by doing the following:• Click on the Turn editing on button seen on the course listing
  • 27. • From the Add an activity drop-down list box, select WizIQ live class.WizIQ Live
  • 28. • You can now begin to schedule classes. To learn more about how teachers can useWizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin for Moodle, download Moodle Guide for Teachers.Enter allthe Informationabout the classSave the settings
  • 29. Case Studies…Lets see some of the examples where it hasbeen successfully implemented…
  • 30. Westmoreland Intermediate Unit #7WizIQ.comWestmoreland Intermediate Unit #7 serves Westmoreland County to includeseventeen school districts, Clairview School, and three Westmoreland County Careerand Technology Centers.
  • 31. Westmoreland Intermediate Unit #7integrates WizIQ Virtual Classroom• The agency was looking to provide a flexibleenvironment where a student could still be ina brick-and-mortar school and have an optionto take advanced online courses offered inother district
  • 32. • With the WizIQ’s 17 installations of MoodleCourse Management System, teachers wereable connect with students in real-time andteach classes just as they would in thetraditional classroom and that too withoutdownloading any
  • 33. Westmoreland Intermediate Unit #7•- Integrated the WizIQ Virtual Classroom with Moodle in2009, quick and easy without any additional investment.- Blend "brick-and-mortar" teaching environment withonline learning to create holistic approach to education.- Conduct teacher training sessions for 17 district schoolsof Westmoreland County to incorporate engaging e-teaching tools.- Expand student’s learning choices.
  • 34. Kansas Department of CorrectionsThe KDOC operates state prisons in Kansas.The institution provides required training for staff, contractors, mentors, andcommunity partners in and around Kansas, in excess of 5,000 people.KDOC’s courses are designed for learners ranging from beginners to experts.
  • 35. Kansas Department of Correctionschooses WizIQ• In August 2011, the KDOC integrated the WizIQVirtual Classroom with their Moodleinstallation.• The institution now uses this new platform for itstraining and developmental programs designedfor staff and other members resulting in 50%reduction in institutional spending on thetraining and 400% increase in number of onlineteachers.• The KDOC now offers more than 50 onlinecourses, and several hundred live training classes.
  • 36. Want to learn more…You may visit website, WizIQ .comto know more aboutWizIQ Virtual Classroom Moodle module.
  • 37.
  • 38. Thank You!Acknowledgements:Mr Harman Singh and Mr Kalyan Sarkar @ wiziq.comFor their valuable inputs