Shopping List of Issues and Concerns on Climate Change
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Shopping List of Issues and Concerns on Climate Change



Listing of issues and concerns on developing action programs regarding climate change, from four sectors: academe, national government agencies, local government units, and NGO/PO/Civil Societies

Listing of issues and concerns on developing action programs regarding climate change, from four sectors: academe, national government agencies, local government units, and NGO/PO/Civil Societies



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Shopping List of Issues and Concerns on Climate Change Presentation Transcript

  • 2. National Government Agencies (NGAs)
    • Department of Education
      • Integration of ”Climate Change” as one unit plan in the Basic Education Curriculum at the Elementary level
      • Seminar/Conference and Workshop on Climate Change among all public school teachers nationwide (e.g., Instructional materials, Modules, Lesson Guides, etc.)
      • ICT Climate Change into the curriculum (E-learning)
  • 3. National Government Agencies (NGAs)
    • Department of Labor and Employment
      • Creation of Climate Change Commission under the Philippine Climate Change Act of 2009
      • [Areas of collaboration]
        • Pilot testing of climate-smart/conscious curriculums or training regulations
        • Partnership on integrating Climate Change Commission into occupational safety and health
        • Skills mapping/green job mapping
        • Workforce vulnerbility assessment
        • Multi-stakeholder partnership towards ”greening” the workplace
        • Capacity assessment of industries to climate change adapation
  • 4. NGO/PO/Civil Society
    • From REECS
      • Economic valuation of climate change impacts on human lives
      • Correlation studies of rainfall and increases in temperature to human health problems
      • Geospatial analsis of health-related impacts of climate change
    • Airline Industry (Transpo sector)
      • Fuel efficiency
      • (Corporate setting) – Building Facilities
      • Conservation [recycling of some resources]
  • 5. NGO/PO/Civil Society
    • LETRAS
      • Community organization building and management
        • Conscientization and Training regarding Environment Protection (with focus on Climate Change)
        • Empowerment of communities at the grassroot levels
        • Preservation of protection of Sibuyan Island, Romblon (Support the anti-mining campaign and conduct community organizing and transformation effort)
        • Economic support, Development and Sustainability of benenificiary communities
  • 6. ACADEME
    • Establishing School-based or Community-based Disaster Management Brigades on Solid Grounds
    • Coping and overcoming fear among studets affected by the typhoon
    • Proper implementation if the waste segregation process in PLM
    • Integrating activities on climate change at the school management level
    • Proper education and awareness among students and laypersons regarding the impacts of health-related issues in relation to climate change
    • Identifyng psyhological related disorders and come up with a solution
    • Tree planting projects in campus
    • Lecture series on climate change for faculty and students
    • Problematic circulation of smoke with the school-campus brough about by the incoming and outgoing of school buses
    • Concrete environmental programs at the school-level that may help mitigate the problems of climate change
    • Integration of climate change in the different levels/ladders of SHS
  • 7. ACADEME
    • Climate Change Awareness Program implementation in the school campus
    • Occupational adaptation in relation to climate change of the following groups – (1) children with disabilitis; (2) families of persons with disabilitis; (3) adults wth disabilities
    • Monitoring of the implementation of RA 9003 to different schools and universities
    • Development of Eco-Friendly Schools and Universities
    • Finding the cumulative level of Cos ib school canteens using materials like cachets/styros when incinerated
    • Carbon footprinting on A/C units in various university offices
    • Carbon footprinting on various chemicals used in laboratory experiments as sources of carbon compounds
    • Dengue: Mosquito vecctors and dengue cases
    • Socal reesponsibilty of students on the impact of climate change on health and environment and proper waste disposal
  • 8. Local Government Units
    • Cavite
      • Partnership and conducting environmental study
        • Effects/Impacts of climate change in the lowlaying and coastal areas of Cavite
        • Peratining to the rehabilitation / monitoring of degraded habutats
        • Economic resource valuation
        • Devt of communication plan
    • Municipality of San Juan
      • Draft a Bill for Congrss to fnd out why our diesel-fed vehicles are emitting black smoke while those in other countries are not
      • Study and analyze Philippine Mining Act to conform with the Climate Change laws or advocates
      • Effect of Forest conversion to agricultural or subdivision
  • 9. Next move...
    • UP Manila – CAS will be the coordinating body to review the issues and concerns and will be developed with the sector through the sector coordinators:
      • Academe: Prof. Jaltan Taguibao
      • LGU: Prof. Laufred Hernandez
      • NGA: Prof. Ana Santiago
      • NGO/PO/Civil Society: Prof. Kiko de Guzman