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  • Ppt lab

    1. 1. Lakeside AcademySchool of the Future Rahmelle Buchanan CEO and Founder
    2. 2. OutlineI. The School of the Future I. Our Mission II. Career Focused Academics III. The Big PictureII. Admissions and Academics I. Admissions Policy II. Technology enhanced learningIII. Funding and Partnering with Corporate and Educational Businesses I. Funding II. Research Opportunities and Sponsors III. Summary and Finale
    3. 3. Our MissionLakeside Academy is a college preparatory sixth through eleventh grade school with amission to prepare our students to make positive impacts in our ever changing society.We offer a demanding college preparatory program that is integrated with the Arts andSciences. Our students will participate in research labs at local universities, corporatebusinesses, and medical offices that will enhance their skills for the careers of theirchoice. –CREATE EXPLORE LEARN LEAD (CELL) Lakeside Academy Motto™
    4. 4. Career Focused Academics MIDDLE SCHOOL: During their three years in middle school, students experience,engage , and enjoy unparalleled physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Studentslearn to express themselves in new ways. They discover new ideas through literature,experimentation, problem solving, and discussion. All the while, they enjoy theincreasingly important role of their friends and the learning community in general. Theseare the years during which students crave success and acknowledgement for theirintellectual, athletic, artistic, dramatic and musical effort. UPPER SCHOOL: From supportive relationships with their teachers to life-changingopportunities to take risks and follow a passion, Lakeside offers its students the chanceto encounter new educational experiences that will serve their future plans, all the whilemaintaining a balance between academic, creative, athletic, community, and socialendeavors. All students will fulfill their college preparatory requirements as well as theirchosen course of study. The majors are broken into four departments which include: Thevisual/performing arts and Communications, Legal Studies and Business, and the HealthSciences and Engineering.
    5. 5. Why should you choose a Career Pathway? 1. To create career awareness and encourage planning for post-secondary education and opportunities 2. To provide knowledge that relates your high school education to the world after graduation 3. To help focus on a career area that matches interests in high school 4. To help set goals and discover classes necessary to achieve those goals In a Career Pathway system, students choose a pathway that will prepare themfor employment in the cluster that best fits their interests and abilities. Each career pathway represents a group of related occupations and industries represented in today’s economy.
    6. 6. The Big PictureLakeside not only prepares your for college, it also prepares you for the careers and jobsof Today. Students will have a higher chance of success based off the skills they obtainedthroughout their years at Lakeside.
    7. 7. Admissions PolicySince we are trying to be as "clean green" as possible, we only offer an online applicationprocess. Applying online gives you the immediate option to initiate your application byfilling out and submitting the family information portion online. You can then print out theforms that you will need for principal and other extracurricular evaluations.As a prospective Lakeside student, we offer auditions for our Arts programs, and studenttesting to see exactly where the student stands for their grade level. Lakeside does notdiscriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or national orethnic origin in the administration of its employment practices, educational policies,admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic or other schooladministered programs.
    8. 8. Academics Arts and Communications Designed to develop students’ awareness, interpretation,application, and production of visual, verbal, and written work. Careers in thispathway are linked to the humanities and include performing, visual, and literaryarts as well as the communication media. Some occupations include those increative writing, dance, editing, film, fine arts, graphic arts, journalism, modeling,music, photography, radio, telecommunications, theatre, and translating.Business Major is designed to prepare students for careers in the world of business,finance, and information services. Careers in this pathway are in the fields ofbusiness and marketing. Some occupations include those in accounting,administrative support staff, advertising, computer science, distribution, finance,insurance, international business, management, marketing research, merchandising,personnel, purchasing, real estate, sales and tourism.
    9. 9. Academics ContinuedEngineering/Industrial and Technological Sciences Designed to develop students’interests, awareness, and application to areas related to technologies necessary fordesign, development, installation, and maintenance of physical systems. Careers in thispathway are related to engineering, science, technology, construction, manufacturing,and transportation. Some occupations include airline pilots, archeologists, architects,assemblers, carpenters, drafters, engineers of all types, machinists, mechanics, scientists,tool and die makers, and truck drivers.Health and Natural Resource Sciences Designed to develop students’ interests in the life,physical and behavioral sciences. In addition, the planning, managing and providing oftherapeutic services, diagnostic services, health information and biochemistry researchdevelopment. Careers in this pathway are part of the health services field. They includeoccupations in hospital services, medical technology, medicine, nursing, optometry,pharmacy, psychiatry, psychology, therapy and others. Careers in this pathway are relatedto the environment and natural resources and include occupations in agribusiness,agriculture, animal science, veterinarian, forestry, horticulture, and wildlife management.
    10. 10. Technology Enhanced LearningSince we are a “paperless” school, all students are required to purchase an Apple Laptopfrom the school. Students will use their laptops in their classes everyday. We havehomework, tests, grades, important forms, student activity calendars, and more set upon the students login website Edline. Students may submit their homework electronicallyso that we will not use paper. In most classes, students do virtual labs online and createpodcasts of what they learned so that others can access them. Instead of writing a reportabout suicide or drug use, teens create video public service announcements so that theycan help others who might be in bad situations.
    11. 11. Funding and Corporate SponsorsSince we are a private school, we will have funds through tuition but in addition tothat, I hope that we can partner with many top Corporate businesses and Colleges andUniversities to help our students go beyond their own expectations and reach forgoals higher than they imagined. These are some of the businesses and organizationswe hope to have future relations with.•Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation•Boeing•Apple•Google•Habitat for Humanity•Operation Smile•American Psychological Association•Coca Cola Foundation•And many more……
    12. 12. Research OpportunitiesSince our school has so many different Career Clusters, we hope that the students willtake full advantage of our programs. We also hope to send students for Summerresearch opportunities to expand their knowledge in their selected fields. Summerresearch opportunities will be advised with the students with their advisors. They willattend these programs at colleges, businesses, and other places they wish to go. Wehope that our school can set the example for other institutions and show that ourstudents are ready for college.
    13. 13. SummaryTo all our prospective students, parents, staff, and sponsors. Lakeside is not only a visionfor the future, it is a bright beacon of hope that hopes for its students to shine in manyways as possible. As your CEO, I believe that life is not about finding yourself, it is aboutcreating yourself. I wish you the best and I hope you choose Lakeside.