Entreprenuership coaching & workshops


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Entrepreneurship Coaching for start-ups and mid level business. We also help people in getting funding

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Entreprenuership coaching & workshops

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship Coaching & Workshops Biz Miracle Oyster Solutions www.bizmiracle.com
  2. 2. When an individual wants to start a business • Most of the startups does not have idea how to launch a business • People jump into business when they feel they have an idea which will be (in reality which must be) accepted the target audience • Some times who is the target people is not even defined by the entrepreneurship • Many people just quit their job and start their business without even thinking • Understanding of running a business and selling an idea is different. Many people who jump into the business does not understand this • Many techies in software company, get into this trap without understanding what are the things involved in a business • People just take a cue from Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg, want to copy them, without understanding the business environment in India
  3. 3. Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship is long journey filled with lots of challenges and learnings. • It requires a lots of patience, perseverance, self initiative, motivation, temperament, attitude, strategy and support. More importantly a proper financial backup support and moral support • Entrepreneurship is like walking through a unknown dark jungle trying to go to a place we want to go with a confidence of seeing a light. • Some times, we may see the light quickly and some times it takes a lot of times than we expect • Becoming a Steve Jobs does not happen in a day
  4. 4. What we offer • • • • • • • • • • • • • Validating the idea Identifying the Difficulties Addressing the difficulties Overcoming the difficulties Market Vs your idea or your business Starting the business Launching the product/Services Risk Identification Setting up the Business Process IPR Dodging the competition Value System Resource Pooling
  5. 5. What we offer • Saving the costs in the business • Branding your business in the market • Sales & Marketing • Branding VS Sales • Understanding the Legality • Understanding the Financial Statements • Creating a customer base • Funding your business
  6. 6. What we offer • • • • • • • • • • Identifying the investors (includes types of investors) Timing to pitch your business Approaching the investors How to create a pitch How to Pitch right? Getting the funding Legalities in the funding IPR issues post pitch Handling issues with investors post pitch Getting the money from Investor in the right time
  7. 7. What we Offer • Utilizing the funding in the right way • Reporting the business progress to the investors • Exit Strategy - Selling the business at the right moment
  8. 8. Funding • We can also support in getting funded for your business • We can guide to the correct investors who can provide funding irrespective of the amount
  9. 9. So let us get started, Now! • To start, Please contact • • • • infor@oystersolutions.in Ph: 8939948971 Please visit: www.bizmiracle.com/www.oystersolutions.in Please like our FB page https://www.facebook.com/BrandMiracle