2013 CAEL International Conference


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Transitioning Adult Students to the Academy Face-to-Face and Online

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  • Michelle will do intro while this slide is up. History, when online came about.
  • Michelle. Target pop is adult learners 24 and older. Re-tooling could include folks who are distanced from their degree and/or original career plans.
  • Richard and Betsy—share discussion.
  • Richard and Betsy.
  • Liz. Instructors experienced in working with AL who were content experts. Committed to the program and enthusiastic about their involvement in this program. Ability to create a very positive environment. Wanted it in a PSU classroom and use PSU staff to deliver information.
  • Liz. Public speaking—f2f (presentations, speedy speeches), student driven (eval. After each class/feedback from students), visit library (didn’t in beginning). Library is an aha moment. Have built in individual meetings.
  • Betsy and Richard. Michelle will talk about being a student who didn’t finish. Easier to be anonymous and slide away from the class. Attrition reasons are no different, just easier to disappear. It’s better to fail at this point than during one’s first course, when they are committed financially.
  • Betsy and Richard
  • Betsy. 2.93 is average GPA
  • Richard.
  • Career Resources Handout, Outline
  • 2013 CAEL International Conference

    1. 1. Transitioning Adult Students to the Academy Face to Face and Online 2013 CAEL International Conference November 6, 2013
    2. 2. Audience • GED completers • High school graduates who have been away from school for a number of years • Attended college or other postsecondary program in the past • Re-tooling career and brushing up on skills • Non-native speakers
    3. 3. Program Goals On the ground… • Personal educational plan • Increased confidence and competence • Academic skill building • Mirror the college classroom • Familiarity with PSU • Recruit better prepared students Online… • Provide necessary remediation • Skill building for at-risk adult learners • Introduce online learning environment • Highlight quality of PSU online courses • Recruit better prepared students
    4. 4. Recruitment Strategies On the ground… • Admissions/Info Sessions • Academic Advisers • Career Counselor • CareerLink staff • Marketing collateral • Program alums and general word-of-mouth Online… • Outreach Admissions • Enrollment coaching • World Campus prospective student Web site • Future plans include current students in need of remediation and skill building
    5. 5. Instructor and Staff Involvement • Instructors • Career Counselors • Admission Counselor • Student Aid Adviser
    6. 6. Course Content Writing & Study Skills Selfconfidence & efficacy Career Assessment Educational Plan Penn State resources Career Exploration / Research General Research (Library & Internet) Public Speaking Technology
    7. 7. Lessons Learned • • • • Pre-class screening is essential Separate the orientation session Assume undiagnosed learning disabilities Be prepared for slower start-up with online learners • Accept that all students are anxious about returning to school • Community building is important
    8. 8. Data Tracking On the ground… • Computer literacy • TABE • Program evaluations • Student testimonials • % of completers • Subsequent PSU enrollment • PSU retention and GPA • Alumni Reunion Online… • Non-starters • Program evaluations • % of completers • Student testimonials • Subsequent PSU World Campus enrollment • PSU retention and GPA
    9. 9. On the Ground Data summer 2011-summer 2013 • 127 participants, 68% completed • Average age is 40; most employed full time • Previous education level indicates some college (#1) and high school grad (#2) • PSU staff reported as #1 recruitment strategy, Career Link #2, and display ads #3 • 45 participants enrolled at PSU with 513 credits earned, generating $306,608 in tuition
    10. 10. Online Data fall 2013 • 15 participants enrolled, 12 started, 3 completed, 2 hope to complete the course • 1 AL, 1 Bahamas, 1 CA, 1 NJ, 9 PA, 1 Puerto Rico, 1 TN • 8 male and 7 female; average age is 38 ranging from 29 to 57 (median 35); with prior college (9), trade school (2), high school (3), and GED (1) as their previous educational levels • All participants referred by admissions counselor or enrollment coach; no advertising
    11. 11. Presenters Richard Brungard Academic Support Resource Coordinator – World Campus richard@psu.edu http://www.worldcampus.psu.edu/how-online-learning-works/student-services Betsy Esposito Academic Support Resource Coordinator – Continuing Education bxb4@psu.edu http://ceup.psu.edu/transitions Elizabeth Lasher Career Counselor, Penn State Continuing Education ejl155@psu.edu Michelle Wiley Manager, Academic Support Resources, Penn State Outreach mcw22@psu.edu … and Sonia Ramsey and Mary Osborn, instructors, via video