SUPERINTENDENT:The superintendent is responsible for the overall leadership and vision of the school. He develops and over...
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  1. 1. SUPERINTENDENT:The superintendent is responsible for the overall leadership and vision of the school. He develops and oversees the implementation of the districts overall technology plan. He makes recommendations to the board regarding policy and funding for technology. SCHOOL BOARD:The determine policies regarding technology usage. They determine funding for technology purchase. The school board approves the hiring of additional technology personnel. The school board listens to presentations from both the superintendent, as well as the technology director on matters involving technology.PRINCIPAL:The principal is responsible for the campus technology vision He must also create a culture conducive to its implementation.. The principal must model, as well as, facilitate the integration of technology on his campus. He must work with individual, as well as groups of teachers to successfully achieve this goal. The principal must also work directly with the technology coordinator to ensure proper training of teachers, and proper funding of technology goals.DISTRICT TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR:The technology coordinator assesses and suggests overall district technology needs for the district. The technology Coordinator along with his 7 person staff, install and train personnel on new software. They also troubleshoot technology problems and deliver and install new technology district wide.<br />STUDENTS:Students are responsible for the ethical use of technology to improve their education. They should use technology to enhance peer collaboration, as well as, use of higher order thinking skills.SBDM:The Site based decision making committee is a group of lead teachers who, along with the principal, guide decision, and determine the vision, regarding technology on the campus. These teachers in turn, help the principal sell the campus vision to their colleagues. CLASSROOM TEACHERS:Teachers are responsible for the successful integration of technology into their classroom. Teachers must use technology that promotes student collaboration, higher order thinking skills, and advanced problem solving techniques. Teachers must ensure that the proper use of technology ensures higher student achievement.<br />The Principal’s duties and responsibilities:<br />The 21st century school must be an educational organization that is vastly different that the more traditional schools of the past. At the heart of this new school is the integration of current technologies into the teaching and learning of students. The 21 st century principal must be prepared to lead his or her campus through these changes. The principal will be responsible for creating a vision and a culture that promotes this integration of technology into schools. The principal must model proper technology usage, as well as facilitate usage among his/her staff. Principals must support and foster the integration of technologies in the classroom that promote student collaboration, and higher order thinking skills The school leader should create an environment of risk taking by teachers in relation to technology. The principal must fight for funding, and seek new and creative ways to outfit the campus with new and productive technologies.<br />PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY #1:<br />NAME OF STAFF DEVELOPMENT: Introduction to Web 2.0 Tools<br />PURPOSE OF STAFF DEVELOPMENT: The purpose of the staff development will be to familiarize staff with Web 2.0 tools, including Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, and Google Docs/Applications. The staff development will be given with a focus on how these tools could be of benefit if integrated into the daily teaching of students.<br />Persons Conducting the Staff Development: The staff development will be conducted by the eight person district wide technology department.<br />Organization and Structure of the Staff Development: The staff development requires that the staff be divided into four groups of ten teachers. These groups will each circulate through a 15 minute presentation over each of the four Web 2.0 tools.(Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, Google Docs/Applications)<br />Documents and other Required Materials: <br /> Projector with internet access: This will be required so that instructional videos for each Web 2.0 tool can be watched via you tube.<br /> Packet Outlining the Basic Educational Usage of Each of the four Web 2.0 Tools: This packet will contain basic information regarding each of the 4 Web 2.0 tools, as well as, helpful internet links to guide teachers toward integration in the classroom.<br />Location: The staff-development will take place in the four English rooms at the high school. They have been chosen for their proximity to one another, as well as, the availability of overhead projectors. <br />PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY #2<br />Name of Staff Development: Integration of Web 2.0 Tools into the Classroom.<br />Purpose of Staff Development: The purpose of this staff development is to encourage teachers to use Web 2.0 tools in the classroom to enhance student learning and achievement.<br />Persons Conducting the Staff Development: The staff development will be conducted by the four core department heads.<br />Organization and Structure of the Staff Development: Each Department head will create a lesson using a different Web 2.0 tool. They will demonstrate each of the lessons to the rest of the staff. Upon completion of the in-service each teacher will be required to create a Blog, and post a lesson using one of the Web 2.0 tools. Teachers will be given 1 week to complete this assignment. Upon completion, the Principal and Vice principal will check the assignment and respond with feedback.<br />Required Materials: Department head rooms must contain a projector for each of their presentations. All teachers must have access to a computer and internet access to complete their Blog.<br />EVALUATION <br />1. Integration of Technology in the Classroom-<br /> A. Principals and other Administrators use each teacher’s Star Chart Data to Evaluate each teachers current technology usage.<br /> B. Principals and Department Heads do periodic walk-through’s to determine integration of technology in the classroom.<br /> C. Checking of teacher Blog’s and Websites to determine technology usage.<br /> D. Explanation and Monitoring of the NETS-T Standards for teachers.<br />2. Use of Technology to Promote Student Achievement and Success-<br /> A. Campus wide disaggregation of AEIS student Data to determine how technology could be incorporated to improve student success.<br /> <br /> <br />