PSI Ratings from the Principal Solar Institute


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About the Principal Solar Institute PSI Ratings program. See

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PSI Ratings from the Principal Solar Institute

  1. 1. PresentsPSI Ratings for PV Modules
  2. 2. Our Mission Our mission is to answer ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS…  What is the best PV module for my application?  Where can I get an unbiased comparison of PV modules?  Which PV module produces the most energy? …and provide online resources for PV module installers, developers, financiers and investors. | © Principal Solar Institute | 2
  3. 3. It’s About Time  The PV module marketplace is littered with brochures and datasheets; drawing comparisons and making good decisions is complicated… …The Principal Solar Institute has the solution. | © Principal Solar Institute | 3
  4. 4. Module Rating  The Principal Solar Institute has created the first comprehensive PV module Rating Standard.  The PSI Rating is based on PV module 25 year Lifetime Energy Production − LEP. | © Principal Solar Institute | 4
  5. 5. Seven Essential Characteristics Actual Tested Maximum Power at Low Irradiance to Power vs. AdvertisedPower at High Irradiance Ratio Temperature Coefficient at Maximum Power Total Area Nominal Operating Efficiency Cell Temperature (NOCT) Annual PowerNegative Power ReductionTolerance  Impact on Lifetime Energy Production is the basis of the PSI Rating | © Principal Solar Institute | 5
  6. 6. PSI Rating Example We analyze published data for over ten thousand PV modules, calculate the LEP and generate the PSI Rating. Model PSI Percentile Manufacturer Number Rating Rank SunPower SPR-34… 11.2 1.00 Ningbo Ulica UL-29… 10.6 1.00 This sample from the PSI Rating database shows how GCL-Poly (Suzhou) GCL-P6… 9.9 1.00 combined characteristics are Ningbo Ulica UL-28… 9.9 1.00 used to rate different PV SunPower SPR-39… 9.8 1.00 modules. Sanyo Electric HIT-N2... 9.4 0.99 Sanyo Electric HIP-21… 9.2 0.99 | © Principal Solar Institute | 6
  7. 7. Rapidly Changing Marketplace PSI Ratings are “certified” for modules where our database has all seven performance characteristics of PV modules. For modules denoted with an “*”, we use estimated values for one or more characteristics. More PV modules will become “certified” as PSI compiles accurate test data. Follow us on Twitter @PrincipalSolar for updates. PV Module manufacturers can contact us at to provide data for PV modules not yet listed or not certified. PSI is working with TUV Rheinland, the world’s leading solar module testing lab, to incorporate accelerated testing data into the PSI Ratings. An eighth characteristic – Failure Rate – will be included in our next release. | © Principal Solar Institute |
  8. 8. Concentrating the Power of Solar Focusing the power of experts from across the solar power industry, including manufacturers, scientists, installers, developers and financiers, to forge an unbiased and comprehensive PV module rating standard— —The PSI Rating | © Principal Solar Institute | 8
  9. 9. Thank you.