Roberto boneque history timeline


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Roberto boneque history timeline

  1. 1. 1862 1864 1867
  2. 2. 1869 1870 1870
  3. 3. Melting Pot was An Mixture of people Of different cultures Who come together By forgetting about their Native Americans language. 1870 1870’s 1870Jacob a Riis a UnitedStates reporter , Longhorns anysocial reformer, and Breed of cattle from Texas,photographer who Sturdy and short temperedshocked the U.S. Longhorns .conscience in 1890. Accustomed to dry areasImmigrated to the Mainly grasslands. AlsoUnited states at age of Raised by Spanish21. became a police Settlers.reporter assigned tonew yolks city lowereast side.
  4. 4. Frederick law Olmsted was a landscape architect that helped design a plan for Greensward which was selected became a central park in New York City. 18731870 1871 Andrew Carnegie Moved fromNational farmers Alliance was Scotland to America to work hisOrganized by grange , farmers. This way up to become private secretary of the local boss of PennsylvaniaSent out many lectures to educate railroad. In 1873 he founded theSo many people. This was the first banner camegie steel factory and heOf the southern farmers alliances. improved this factory . By controlling all most all the steel industry.
  5. 5. Great plains grassland thatextendedThrough the west. FederalGovernment passed anAct so that It made thePlains a vast reservationFor the native Americans. 1874 1875
  6. 6. The Telephone was made to Communicate with people Worldwide. Invented byBell . This created jobs for women and Also affected office. 1876 George Armstrong Custer was an US general Who was killed along With all his command by The Sioux at the battle Of little Bugham.
  7. 7. Sitting Bull is a Leader of the Sioux,Nez Perce a He was never signed.Tribal group that was He led people by hisForced of their land. Strength of character and Surrendered to the federal Government. 1880 Chief Joseph a Leader of the Nez Perce In their retreat in the united States Troops.
  8. 8. Booker T. Washington was an United States educator who wasKickback a deal people made Born a slave but becameWhich benefitted one person over Very educated. He believed thatanother usually a political Racism would end when blacksBribery. Was an illegal Proved their economic value toPayment for services Society. Also he founded a collegeThat enriched the political at Tuskegee in Alabama.Machine. 1880 1880 1881 Political machine is a political Organization Where an authoritative Boss or small groups commands The support of businesses who receives awards.
  9. 9. 1881 1881 1883
  10. 10. Scab a term for a workercalled in by an employer toReplace striking laborers 18851884 1884 Dumbbell tenements Were built in New York cit For immigrants. The name Came from shapes of Building of a dumbbell.
  11. 11. Collective Bargaining is a processwhere wages, hours, rules, and workingconditions are negotiated and agreed upon by a union with an employer for all of the The Settlements house wasEmployees collectively whom it presents. Established for immigrants. It was a center in an under- Privileged community 1886 1886 1887 Dawes act was a federal law intended to turn native Americans into farmers and landowners
  12. 12. Jane Adams was a us socialPoll taxes were taxes that Reformer and feminist who foundedhad to be paid by registered voters. hull house, a social settlement in Chicago. 1889 1890 1888 1888 Culture shock- feeling of George Eastman was an bafflement United states inventor of encountered by some- a dry plate process of developing one who is photographic film and of flexible subjected to an film unfamiliar culture,
  13. 13. Angel Island was a place that immigrants had to pass Inspection at the San Francisco Bay. Now a state park. 1890 1890 1890 Sherman antitrust act was an act of congressWounded knee - a prohibiting any contract ,Village in southwestern conspiracy , or combinationPine ridge Indian reservation. of business interests in1890 massacre the soldiers killed restraint of foreign or interstatemore than 200 unarmed Sioux. trade.
  14. 14. Ghost dance was aEllis island was an island in new religious dance of nativeYork bay that was formerly the americans looking forPrincipal immigration station in the Communication with theunited states in the 1800’s Dead. 1890 1890 1890 George Westinghouse was A united states inventor and Manufacturer. received more than 400 patents for his inventions Including the air brake.
  15. 15. Eugene V. Debs was a United states labor organizer that ran for presidentThe Omaha platform was as a socialist. Also madethe party program adopted the first major attemptat the formative convention To form an industrial unionof the people’s.on July 4 . 1892 1892 1894 Ida B. Wells born a slave before the emancipation. She was an African American Journalist and newspaper editor. Later she became a teacher.
  16. 16. The Pullman Monopoly –Strike of 1894 was one of the most Excessive control of aInfluential events in the history of Commodity or service in aUS labor. It began as a walkout Particular market, or aby railroad workers in the company town Control that makes possibleof Pullman, Illinois into the country’s The manipulation of pricesFirst national strike. 1894 1900 1901 Urbanization the growth and migration to large cities.
  17. 17. island-2.htm ps n?s=joseph%20pulitzer z-Perce-Men-1906.html liance