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Portfolio   bram hendriks

Portfolio bram hendriks






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    Portfolio   bram hendriks Portfolio bram hendriks Presentation Transcript

    • bram hendriks PORTFOLIO
    • content me graduation strategy design
    • ME bram hendriks Study The essence of product design is to improve people’s live by chang- 2006 - 2010 ing their daily challenges into feasible product solutions. Since every Delft University of Technology MSc Strategic Product Design - Automotive Variant individual has its own preference, taste, opinion, and belief it is a must to be versatile and capable to listen to people. It is my way to 2008 Coventry University become successful as an strategic product designer. MA Vehicle Interiors, 1st term. 2003 - 2006 Delft University of Technology My name is Bram Hendriks. This portfolio shows you a reflection of my BSc Industrial Design Engineering capabilities: being versatile and capable to listen to people. Skills With that, I hope to succeed as designer by surprising people with my Word, Excel, Powerpoint ideas. Adobe CS (Ps, Ai, Id) Corel Painter SolidWorks With kind regards, Alias StudioTools Bram Hendriks Contact (+31) 643 070 176 hendriks.rb@gmail.com
    • DRIVING YOUR SECOND HUMAN BODY the road towards a successful commercialization of SmarTECtm in the automotive industry Problem definition What will be the strategy plan of commercializing smart ad- vanced textiles & composites (SmarTECtm) in the automo- tive industry from 2010 to 2030? Method The project starts with an analysis to strengths and weak- nesses of the concerned materials and the opportunities and threats from the automotive industry, followed by a design study - including literature study, creative sessions, idea sketching, and conceptual illustrating - on future appli- cation areas of the materials in automobiles. Finally, the for- mulation of a commercialization strategy is supported with literature study on new material & technology commercial- ization and visualization techniques for roadmapping. Result The results are search areas for commercializing smart ad- vanced textiles and composites, a design proposal for the KG-1 Projecta 2020 and 2030, the SmarTECtm commer- cialization spiral that visualizes the recommended commer- cialization activities, and a roadmap that visualizes the road towards a successfull commercialzation of SmarTECtm in the automotive industry
    • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP designing a strategy plan for reinier de graaf group Problem definition Reinier de Graaf Group needs a strategic plan to attract patients and visitors. Method The methodology includes a SWOT analysis, future sce- nario analysis, a focus group session and several question- naire surveys. Results The major outcome is that information provision is consid- ered to be the core competention to attract patients and visitors. The provision has to be on one hand professional and on the other hand personal.
    • BRANDING designing a brand positioning plan for bosch Problem definition Bosch needs to improve its brand position within its mar- kets of automotive technology, industrial technology, and consumer goods & building technology. Method The project consists of a SWOT analysis and focuses on the ‘open innovation’ model by Chesbrough (2003). Results In order to enforce Bosch’ brand position a number recom- mendations with regards to the corporate brand, organi- sation, new product & service development, and markets. This strategy is called the ‘Branding Innovation Cycle’ and visualized in the ‘Future roadmap of Boschland’. Feedback BRAND Sensitisation Product & Service in market Brand Essence & Values Internal & External change Missions & Strategy New Brand Fulfillment Form-giving Brand content New Brand Content Brand Promise Fulfillment Business Environment Conceptualisation Automotive Technology MARKET ORGANISATION Consumer Goods & Industry Building Technology Technology Launch Evaluation New Product & Service Introduction Internal Fit Analysis Promotion & Sales External Fit Analysis Distribution Channel Business Model Advertising & PR Viability & Feasibility Marketing Communication Desirability & Usability Open Innovation NEW PRODUCT & SERVICE DEVELOPMENT
    • PRODUCT PORTFOLIO designing a strategy plan for land rover Problem definition Land Rover needs to improve its product portfolio as wel as its design language for the forthcoming years. Method The methodology includes a brand analysis, portfolio man- agement analysis, hierachic form analysis, and a design inventory. Results Technology and ecology are the most important design driv- ers for Land Rover. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions will therefore be important aspects of Land Rover’s brand and product strategy. The Range Rover will have to seper- ate itself from the Range Rover Sport. The Discovery has to find the right way to the consumer in competing Volvo.
    • PRODUCT DESIGN translate people’s challenges into product solutions Blackjack - exploded view Watch & cufflinks Chippay
    • PRODUCT SKETCHING presentation of industrial products
    • CITROËN C4 PICASSO interior design of the successor for the year 2013
    • VEHICLE DESIGN SUMMIT collaborative design project for a sustainable vehicle on the indian market Project Vehicle Design Summit is a global consortium of university teams that design a sustainable vehicle for the Indian auto- motive market. The project was founded at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA. Indigo Studio Delft The team that represents Delft University of Technology is called Indigo Studio Delft. It consists of six master students from the the faculty of Industrial Design Enigneering. Those responsibility is the exterior and interior design of the car, together with its future scenario. Results The result of Indigo Studio Delft is a design proposal sup- ported with a future context analysis, form strategy, CAS models, and an implementation plan.
    • OPEL CORSA interior design of the successor for the year 2020 Bram Hendriks
    • AUTOMOTIVE SKETCHING presentation of mobility
    • COMPUTER SKETCHING digital presentation of industrial products
    • Bram Hendriks MSc. Strategic Product Design (+31) 643 070 176 hendriks.rb@gmail.com Skype: bramhendriks LinkedIn: bramhendriks Twitter: @hendriksrb