Spirituality in Revolution, by E Da Ref


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Spirituality in Revolution, by E Da Ref

  1. 1. Spirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref…The Black Panthers clashed with a lot with these types of folks we call Pork chop Nationalists or Arm chairrevolutionaries who focus more on culture then Revolutionary Political Action. This clash of Ideological differencesmade it easier for the CIAs COINTELPRO to pin these Black Liberation Organizations against each other to disrupt,disturb, and prevent the progress of Unity for the Liberation Struggle. We learned from our elder’s mistakes and refuseto let the enemy capitalize off of our issues with trust and unity amongst ourselves created by the socio-psychologicaleffects and conditions of slavery, colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism. We are hip to COINTELPRO tricks andWillie Lynch and We are no longer fallin for that shit!... Spirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref 1|Page
  2. 2. Spirituality In RevolutionBy E Da Ref on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 An important aspect in the art and science of revolution is spirituality. It’s a major part which many revolutionary theoreticians, philosophers, and scholars leave out because focus of one’s religion or spiritual doctrine can cause confusion and illusion. It can separate us; it can prevent progression by focusing on differences instead of similarities, and be used to control and suppress rebellions. These are all unneeded distractions from the common prime objective of revolution, which is the liberation of our people. But it can also unite us. It can develop discipline. It can enforce and enhance ones ethics, morals, and values. Spirituality has no limits, it’s infinite. It’s everything and beyond, it can guide us on our revolutionary path toward liberation of theland and the people. It will give us a deeper understanding and respect for ourselves because weare all connected. We are God!The fore fathers of the Black Riders Liberation Party, (BRLP); The Black Panther Party for SelfDefense studied and learned a lot of their revolutionary politics from the theories andphilosophies of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tong, Vlad Lenin, Leon Trotsky and other socialisttheoreticians. Many say these people are atheists. The Black Panther Party did soak up gamefrom some leaders of African class and liberation struggles for independence, like KwameNkruma, The Mau Mau, Patrice Lumumba, the uprisings of Algeria, Angola, and Congo.Spirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref2|Page
  3. 3. They understood what colonialism and neocolonialism was. They had knowledgeof Africa from only a narrow political and modern historical perspective, They kinda swayedaway from the cultural and spiritual aspects not solely due to the lack of knowledge but theydidn’t find it applicable to the modern day struggle and didn’t want to fall into The Pitfalls ofNationalism as diagnosed By Dr Frantz Fanon in "Wretched Of The Earth". They furtherrejected a lot of African culture and spirituality because the examples of Cultural Nationalismand Pan Africanism set by many organizations at the time adopted a form of Black capitalism.The Black Panthers clashed with a lot with these types of folks we call Pork chop Nationalists orArm chair revolutionaries who focus more on culture then Revolutionary Political Action. Thisclash of Ideological differences made it easier for the CIAs COINTELPRO to pin these BlackLiberation Organizations against each other to disrupt, disturb, and prevent the progress of Unityfor the Liberation Struggle. We learned from our elder’s mistakes and refuse to let the enemycapitalize off of our issues with trust and unity amongst ourselves created by the socio-psychological effects and conditions of slavery, colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism. We arehip to COINTELPRO tricks and Willie Lynch and We are no longer fallin for that shit!The Cofounder of the Black Panther Party, Huey P. Newton was a Revolutionary Philosophicalgenius. He even earned a PHD in philosophy. He developed an ideology called RevolutionaryIntercommunalism. Intercommunalism is basically an upgrade from the narrow perspective ofBlack Nationalism, which he developed and evolved into Revolutionary Internationalismbecause he believed revolution for true liberation should build its foundation on class struggleinstead of limiting it to racial or national boundaries. He understood that we have no nations weare an international community of oppressed people, and in order to liberate ourselves andoverthrow capitalism we must move in unitary conduct to fight fascism on all fronts, especiallyin the colonies of amerikkka from within the belly of the beast, to cripple the power structurefinancially, and to organize for Armed struggle. Our Leader of The Black Riders LiberationParty (New Generation Black Panthers) General T.A.C.O (Taking All Capitalists Out) took thisSpirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref3|Page
  4. 4. Ideology and enhanced it, advanced it, and expanded into Revolutionary AfricanIntercommunalism. Many aspects of Pan Africanism were applied to this theory such as theculture, the family structure, the interaction between the entire African Diaspora worldwidewithin our communities and overseas to unite and fight for liberation. The teachings of MarcusGarvey have been implemented as well. "Africa for the Africans". Africa is the cradle ofcivilization and humanity. We have perpetuated subconsciously the original form of socialismwhich we’ve practiced thousands of years before Marx, Lenin, or Mao. This is how we havebeen able to survive the African holocaust, slavery and poverty because we always work as acollective in a communal structure. We Africans are the original man blessed from the sun to thesoil. If we can’t liberate ourselves, nobody else can liberate themselves, let alone liberate eachother. This failing capitalist economic system was built of the slavery and genocide of Africans.We feed the fuel to imperialism. Therefore We the African lumpen proletariat (not theblack petty bourgeoisie intellectual talented 10th house niggas!) are the vanguard to spearheadthe liberation struggle Because the oppression affects us classless, under or unemployed Africanpeasants across the globe the most! This shit was built off us! Our people as well as our land hasbeen raped and exploited for our resources; our mineral wealth, labor, culture and spirituality. It is time to decolonize liberate and purify our minds bodies and spirits to decolonize, de-globalize, de-industrialize, and liberate the land, air, water to bring balance to the entireuniverse! A stable spiritual base is vital in a revolution. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism,and traditional African spiritual rituals and practices such as Yoruba, voodoo, Kemetic SmaiTawi can be applied to revolution. Even Christianity (if used its pure afro centric nondogmatic form) can be used to liberate the people. Nat turner for example was a minister; Jesus(or historically correct Yeshua Ben Yosef) was revolutionary organizing Israelites to liberatethemselves from roman imperialism. The Islamic prophet Muhammad was a revolutionary!Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) was a revolutionary! All these spiritualities and/or religiousdoctrines have the same messages of truth. Certain Holy books are used as manuals of ethics andmoral values. Some use the Bible, Koran, or the Torah. I use the "Kemetic Tree of Life”, “TheSpirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref4|Page
  5. 5. Book of the Dead" and the mystical analogy of "The Asarian Resurrection" translated andsummarized by Dr. Muata Ashby. On my spiritual journey of cultural reconstruction towardliberation of my mind, body, and soul;The Story of The Kemetic Tree of Life is essential and applicable to my life and surroundingsbased off the symbolism itself.The Symbolism of the tree has a deep meaning of growth, strength, wisdom and purification. InThe Black Riders Liberation Party’s Black Commune Program (The modernized enhanced andexpanded version of The Black Panther Party 10 Point Platform) Article L It states, "WE RIDEFOR AN END TO ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM AND TO STOP THE DISRUPTION OFTHE EARTHS ECOLOGICAL BALANCE!" In communities across the world where there is alarge concentration of poor Africans and other poor people of color; the environmentalconditions are terrible. From the pollution of air and water in The Niger Delta in West AfricaDue to Oil spills by these Corporate cocksuckers sucking mother earths recourses dry to massproduce for profit and monopolize and capitalize of it; to the bad air qualities in the ghettocolonies of Amerikkka, Newark NJ, Detroit MI, North Richmond Ca, Hunters Point District inSan Francisco CA, Every hood in America is by a factory, railroad or freeway. This is how Neo-Colonialism Globalization, Industrialization, and capitalism are all connected. By spreadingawareness of these issues and putting theory into practice by providing resources ofsustainability to the community, I’m doing god’s work. I’ve worked with organizations,internships and programs like Trees 4 Life, Urban Releaf where we did Urban Forestry plantingtrees in areas where there is bad air quality to filter the oxygen and carbon refreshing it andreleasing it back into the atmosphere.Planting Trees and producing urban community gardens provides food and shelter, it even playsas an air conditioner by purifying and filtering these toxic chemicals in the air. We must takecare of mother earth and provide clean and green energy alternatives Wind water and solar. Theearth (womb/soil) is where we came from and that’s where we go back to when wereincarnate (burial, cremation) or reproduce (sex planting seeds decompose etc)Spirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref5|Page
  6. 6. The tree is a physical example of the ancient Kemetic proverb, "As on Heaven as it is on Earth"or "Soul to heaven body to earth. You Have the Trunk Branches and leaves performingphotosynthesis getting energy from the symbol of creation i.e. the sun (Ra, the Sun God),transmitting the energy and moisture from the sky (Nut, Kemetic Sky Goddess) reacting andcorresponding with the radiation and convection from the sun on earth’s surface and soakingmoisture from the primeval ocean underground (Nun, Kemetic Creation Water Goddess Fromwhich Ra Rose from according to the Anunian Mystical Creation Story). It’s the balance ofopposites. The Yin and Yang, Good and bad. Love and hate. They are different but the same. Forexample, if you hate something it’s usually due to the love and passion you have for theopposition and vice versa. It’s all about balance. In common revolutionary political theory this islike dialectical materialism, the comparisons of differences and similarities and pros and cons ofour surroundings. Things are constantly changing. Nothing is set in stone. Kemetic spirituality,like revolutionary socialist philosophy refrains from dogmatism because it’s non progressive.The Kemetic Goddess Maat is this concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice.The spiritual purification process to lead you to find the god in your inner self is to practice the42 principles of Maat. The 42 principles of Maat is a set of ethics, morals, and standards toguide one through a civilized humane path of righteousness. It’s like the 10commandments from Books of Moses (Torah/Old testament Bible). In fact many theologyscholars say that the 10 commandments actually came from the 42 principles of Maat. Theseprinciples are not written nor read in the commanding style like the 10 commandments are. Theyare written and spoken to manifest your divinity. These principles or proverbs are spoken out infuture current and past tense command divinity to yourself like, "I do not kill”, "I have notkilled”, or "I will not kill" not just in the finger pointing, condemning manner of the 10commandments, "Thou Shalt not Kill".Spirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref6|Page
  7. 7. When you speak positive you bring positive vibes around you. When you think negative andlimit your expectations like I’m only human then that’s exactly how you will remain. In aRevolution you must be optimistic and have faith in the power of the people and the elementsaround you. We need self-determination not self-doubt or defeatism! Number 1 on the BlackPanther 10 point program states, "We want Freedom! We want the power to determine our owndestiny." Well manifesting our inner divine personality traits into action is a step in the rightdirection. Manifestation is thinking of an Idea, Speaking out and proclaiming your idea inconfidence, and putting that idea into action. Before you do it, you speak it; and before you speakit, you think it. Simple as that.Another important aspect in Kemetic Spirituality that should be applied to the revolution is theheavy emphasis on Family structure. In the Mystical scripts like Pyramid Texts, The Book of theDead and Asarian Resurrection; There are clear cut details teaching the true divinity trinitywhich is Man, Woman, and Child (Father, Sun, Holy Ghost) Asar-Aset-Heru. The lustfulEuropeanized Omnisexual, (homosexual, pedophilia, necrophilia, Bestiality etc) patriarchal,tainted, and recycled doctrines of spirituality misinterpreted by the Romans and Greeks. Don’tinclude nor accept woman as equal to a man. The man and woman are codependent without oneor the other their cannot be eternal Life which is called Ankh. (The Ankh is the original crucifix,3000 yrs before Christ symbolizing the phallus, womb, and birth canal, the cross with the looparound the top for those who don’t know.) The Kemetic Divinity trinity Asar-Aset and Herusymbolizes the godly characteristics within the Black man woman and child; Wisdom,Knowledge and Understanding. Asar symbolizes knowledge and eternal life/soul-spirit. Asetsymbolizes wisdom, intuition passion and nourishment. (The common image depicts the deityAset breastfeeding her sun Heru resembling the mother being the first teacher and provider offood for thought and strength) Heru symbolizes Aspiration and the urge to learn as a child, this isthe essential beginning stages of life. Revolution is powered by the community. The communityis one big family of families. An African Proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child"and living in this communal fashion has helped us survive slavery with the separation andSpirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref7|Page
  8. 8. destruction of the black family. The Black family is the biggest threat to this racist powerstructure!A major misconception of Kemetic spirituality is that it is a polytheistic (Multiple gods) religion.Kemetic Theology operates in a Monistic spiritual structure, which is a belief that there is oneSupreme Being that has many manifestations and forms. God is all and everything surroundingus including ourselves because we are made in our creator’s image. It’s not just polytheism ormonotheism (only one god) it’s actually both and beyond these failed, limited, andmisinterpreted terms. This belief gives us deeper respect for ourselves and surroundings, insteadof having the self-destructive perception that we are all born sinners and everything is evil, orsomeone died for or sins so it’s okay to sin because we can’t help it. With the positive godlydivine traits you also have the negative, dastardly, deviant, traits as well. This is what is calledthe lower self which is symbolized by the deities Set and Nebthet. Set symbolizes Envy, Ego,Anger, Individualism, Greed, Lust, and things of the lower nature. Nebthet symbolizes Mortalityand the fear of death and self. These deities just represent negative traits and characteristics thatare centered around materialistic desires and attachment to pleasure which keeps us in an illusionof happiness only to continue to suffer because without control of these traits of lower nature weprevent ourselves from achieving true spiritual enlightenment. This is where the revolutionarydiscipline and self-sacrifice comes in.As a revolutionary you no longer belong to yourself, you are the people and the elements aroundyou. Get over the fear of death for there is no such thing. Like it said on that movie Avatar, "allenergy is only barrowed". It’s the cycle of life. Let go of your material possessions and desiresfor they do not belong to you. Realize the fight you are fighting is a righteous one. This is god’swar we are fighting. We are fighting to take back our rightful divine inheritance to our thrones askings and queens to restore the natural balance and order to the universe.Spirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref8|Page
  9. 9. The war against white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism; Is the war againstthe inhumane genocide of our people, the pollution of the land, air, and water, and thedestruction of the earth’s ecosystem due to corporate greed. Even the liberation of wildanimals is depending on us! Its way bigger than us! We are talkin about the natural order andbalance of the universe right here! We aren’t Black because we cursed; were black because wefirst! That’s why we gotta go through it the worst! What color is outer space? What color is thesoil? See we have been taught by our enemies to hate our true divine selves. The Maroons,Quilombos, Haitian Liberation fighters and etc. all had spiritual foundation. Even the elements ofnature worked in our favor for liberation because we are spiritually connected. To be arevolutionary you must be a warrior. There is no warrior like a spiritual warrior fighting for arighteous divine cause. Spiritual warriorship balances out physical, emotional and mentalaggression. Spirituality and culture promotes self-determination, education, discipline, respect,humbleness, responsibility, courage and so much more. In this righteous path of CulturalReconstruction and de-colonization of our nation we must realize our spiritual power, Define thatphenomenon and make it act in a desired manner.ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! HOTEPSpirituality In Revolution By E Da Ref9|Page