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Learning and Overstanding Black Psychology with Dr. Na'Im Akbar


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Learning and Overstanding Black Psychology with Dr. Na'Im Akbar

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Learning and Overstanding Black Psychology with Dr. Na'Im Akbar

  1. 1. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 Learning and Overstanding Black Psychology with Dr. Naim Akbar ICEBREAKER mp3 Download Play Dr. Naim Akbar-On Afrikan Marriage to Europeans Play Video "Black People in America have a much greater inner power than they realize, but they must re-discover themselves in order to use it." Dr. Naim Akbar has been acclaimed by Essence Magazine as "one of the worlds preeminent Psychologists and a pioneer in the development of an African-centered approach in modern psychology." Akbar has served as Associate Professor at Norfolk State University, was Chairman of the Morehouse College Psychology Department and is currently on the faculty in the Department of Psychology at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. . He has served on the Boards of Directors of a variety of important Page 1
  2. 2. RBG Blakademics July, 2010civic and professional organizations, including several terms on the Board of the NationalAssociation of Black Psychologists, which he was elected president in 1987. He has served onthe editorial board of the Journal of Black Studies and for eight years was the associate editor ofthe Journal of Black Psychology.Akbar is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with both undergraduate and graduatedegrees in Psychology and has received many honors for his progressive and landmarkcontributions to his specialized studies of the psychology of the African American. Among theseare the "Annual Member Award" and recognition as a "Distinguished Black Psychologists" bythe National Association of Black Psychologists for his outstanding scholarship and research inAfrican Psychology. Play Video––––––––––The published volumes of Dr. Akbar’s works are excellent illustrations of the unique and specialapproach he has taken to the role of an activist scholar. His volumes are targeted to a massaudience. Though the concepts that he presents are highly sophisticated, they are presented ina concise and simple way that readers with minimal education and possibly no familiarity withmainstream psychology will be able to comprehend the ideas from his books and increase theirunderstanding of themselves. Though his scholarly status is unquestioned this area of his workis targeting a much broader audience than would likely encounter his works prepared foradvanced students, professional colleagues and for the dialogue of the academy. He feels verystrongly that truly relevant ideas should be available to as wide an audience as possible in orderthat they may study these ideas and apply them to their lives and to their communities. Themeasure of success for this aspect of his scholarship becomes the number of people fromvarious walks of life that have been able to study these ideas, change their lives and their world. Page 2
  3. 3. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 Play Video Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery Click to order via Amazon Paperback: 61 pages Publisher: New Mind Productions (April 1, 1984) Language: English ISBN-10: 093382100X ISBN-13: 978-0933821002 Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.2 inches In this book you will learn how to break the chains of your mental slavery by ordering this new book by one of the worlds outstanding experts on the African-American mind. Visions for Black MenClick to order via Amazon ISBN: 0935257012 Pub. Date: December 1992 Format: Textbook Paperback, 90pp Publisher: Mind Productions & Associates How do we restore African manhood to those who American society has robbed of their humanity? What is the difference between a male, a boy and a man? This book, read by thousands of men and women….. Page 3
  4. 4. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slaver Click to order via Amazon ISBN: 0935257055 Pub. Date: June 1996 Format: Textbook Paperback, 79pp Publisher: Mind Productions & Associates Edition Description: REVISED Presents a penetrating and concise analysis of the lingering effects of slavery and racial religious images on the psychological functional of African-Americans. Natural Psychology and Human Transformation Click to order via Amazon ISBN: 0935257047 Pub. Date: February 1995 Format: Paperback, 54pp Publisher: Mind Productions & Associates In this boolk, Akbar asserts that we are nmore than the sum total of our actions and more than the makeup of our physical selves. He also indicates that the essence of us is spiritual and that, as creations of God, we have growth and development potential that reaches far beyond our limited--and--limiting--perception of ourselves. Know Thy Self Click to order via Amazon ISBN: 0935257063 Pub. Date: January 1999 Format: Textbook Paperback, 83pp Publisher: Mind Productions & Associates "This exciting book lays out guidelines for establishing a genuine curriculum in self-knowledge and plainly identifies that the development of consciousness of oneself is a process that emerges from exposure to the fields of knowledge that help people to know their origins, their nature and their destiny. African people around the world remain in a state of semi-captivity because we have accepted a miseducation that teaches us the knowledge of other people’s "self." Such a system empowers thosewho come out knowing themselves and handicaps those who have no knowledge of self. Themiseducated are merely trained and remain under the control of the educated masters." Page 4
  5. 5. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 The Community of Self Click to order via Amazon ISBN: 0935257004 Pub. Date: August 1985 Age Range: Young Adult Format: Textbook Paperback, 80pp Publisher: Mind Productions & Associates Edition Description: REVISED Dr. Akbar presents the structure and functioning of the human self and discusses the process of mental development and self-improvement of the African-American community specifically. Light from Ancient Africa Click to order via Amazon ISBN: 0935257020 Pub. Date: August 1994 Format: Textbook Paperback, 85pp Publisher: Mind Productions & Associates Light from Ancient Africa is a critical contribution to what might be called the ‘Re-Africanization of Psychology Project.’ It was within this project that we came to realize that the notion of human psychology was and remains an African invention… In this book, Na’im Akbar provides the reader with a clear and concise understanding of the African (Khemetic) origins of psychology, provokes us to think deeply about the real meanings that Africa gave to psychology, and provides the insightful guidelines to modern-day implications and applications of the field. Foreword by Wade Nobles Akbar Papers in African Psychology Click to order via Amazon ISBN: 0935257098 Pub. Date: January 2003 Format: Textbook Paperback Publisher: Mind Productions & Associates "African Psychology is not a thing, but a place-a view, a perspective, a way of observing. " It is a perspective that is lodged in the historical primacy of the human view from the land that is known as Africa. It is a place that we have discovered as those who lost their way and have found a map to get back home. The papers in this volume represent Dr. Akbars unique contribution to the conceptualization of this place or perspective that we have identified as "African Psychology."Designed by RBG Street Scholar Page 5