Dr. Bobby Wright | The Psychopathic Racial Personality, A RBG Multimedia Tutorial

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“In a bullfight, after being brutalized while making innumerable charges at the movement of a cape, there comes a time when the bull finally turns and faces his adversary with the only movement being …

“In a bullfight, after being brutalized while making innumerable charges at the movement of a cape, there comes a time when the bull finally turns and faces his adversary with the only movement being his heaving bloody sides. It is believed that for the first time he really sees the matador. This final confrontation is known as the "moment of truth." For the bull, this moment comes too late.

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  • 1. BLACK PSYCHOLOGY IS A WEAPONDr. Bobby E. Wright THE PSYCHOPATHIC RACIAL PERSONALITY Mp3 Clips Video Player THE PSYCHOPATHIC RACIAL PERSONALITY by Dr. Bobby Wright. Published by Third World Press, 1984. Available HERE
  • 2. Dr. Bobby E. Wright: The PsychopathicRacial Personality“In a bullfight, after being brutalized while making innumerable charges at themovement of a cape, there comes a time when the bull finally turns and faces hisadversary with the only movement being his heaving bloody sides. It is believedthat for the first time he really sees the matador. This final confrontation is knownas the "moment of truth." For the bull, this moment comes too late.”The experience of Black people all over the world presents an analogous situation. For hundredsof years, Blacks have been charging at the banners that are held by the European (White)matadors. Those banners have been represented by concepts such as democracy, capitalism,Marxism, religion, and education. The banners remained constant as long as Blacks were assets.However, with technology and worldwide industrialization on the rampage resulting in a furtherexploitation of Africas resources which in turn produces an increase in Africas (Blacks)national consciousness, Blacks are now a threat and a liability to the White race. Therefore, thebanner held by the matador represents only one concept: genocide. As a consequence, the majorresearch that White scientists are involved in today is genocidal in nature (nuclear warfare,population control, medication control, genetic engineering, psychosurgery, electrical stimulationof the brain, and the highly complex science of behavioral technology).Indeed, it is Blacks moment of truth; it is time for Blacks to look at the matador.This presentation is based upon the following very simple premise: in their relationship with theBlack race, Europeans (Whites) are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlyingbiologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. The psychopathis an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable toexperience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights ofothers. This premise is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence (Delany, 1968; Du Bois,1896; Fanon, 1963; Garvey, 1967; Welsing, 1991; Williams, 1971). 1|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 3. There is a scientific dictum which states, ”everything that exists, exists in some amount and if itexists, it can be measured.” One of the best methods that can be used to measure thepsychopathic traits of the White race is observing and analyzing their universal overt behaviorsand attitudes toward Blacks. However, in so doing, since Blacks have been enslaved andcolonized by Whites, a very subtle psychological problem is posed of which every Black shouldbe aware-intellectual insight about Whites does not insure that there will be a correspondingchange in Blacks’ behavior and attitude toward Whites, particularly when there is a threatinvolved.For example, everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whetherit is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question thisextraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every knowm statistical law of probability. Infact, Blacks denounce those who simply raise this question with admonitions such as "we shouldnot be racists and treat them as they have treated us.” In fact, Whites are not going to allowBlacks to treat them as they have treated Blacks, so that requires no discussion.However, the subject of Black racism should be discussed. A functional definition of racismcould be "the oppression and exploitation of people because of their race.” Using this definition,it is very clear that at this point in time Blacks cannot be racists because of their lack of power tooppress anybody (Whites, Indians, Chinese, etc.). Black intellectual enlightenment does notalways lead to genuine insight and it can be very damaging to the intellect as reflected by thebehavior and attitudes of many eminent Black scientists. For example, Dr. Kenneth B.Clark(1968) has spent his life making a fortune studying the victims of White oppression-hisown people-and now speaks of the irrelevancy of color. Dr. Alvin Poussaint (1972, 1974), whoseems to be Johnson Publishing Company’s psychiatrist-in-residence, ignores the widespreadgenocidal programs directed against Blacks and writes such trivia as "The Difference BetweenSex and Love," "Blacks and Iews-An Appeal for Unity," and "Why Blacks Kill Blacks.”Blacks kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill Whites, therefore it is outsidetheir experience. Historically, the European system has encouraged the killing of Blacks.Because Blacks have been led to believe that they are part of the psychopaths system, theysimply follow the practice. Dr. ]ames Comer (1972) is another Black psychiatrist whom the 2|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 4. psychopaths have so overwhelmed that he has moved, as his book suggests, Beyond Black andWhite. Cobbs and Grier (1968) follow this tradition of Blacks studying themselves rather thantheir oppressors by concluding in Black Rage that Whites make Blacks so mad that they killthemselves.Black scientists generally rationalize their investigations as proof to White scientists that Blackscan be ”scientifically objective." On the subject of objectivity in science, this author agrees withDr. jacob Carruthers (1972), who, in his brilliant essay "Science and Oppression,”statesthat "science is not objective nor is it neutral. " A Black scientist who moves outside thepsychopath’s "approved course of study"takes the chance of being labeled unscientific,emotional, biased,” etc. Additionally funds are only available to Black scientists who support theapproved course of study-themselves. Many very competent Black students who are naive about"White scientific inquiry" are flunked out of schools because of their insistence on studying theetiology of Black problems-the psychopaths-rather than the effect. Black students must be taughtthat White educational institutions are the matadors cape that protects Whites from Blackscientific inquiry which would expose an unthinkable depth of psychopathology.In order to understand the psychopathic personality, one must differentiate between threeclassifications: theneurotic, the psychotic, and the psychopath. The definitions ofpsychopathology have been established and adhered to by the World Health OrganizationsInternational Classification of Diseases. The contributions of Black people in detemiining theseclassifications are lost nonexistent. Generally, the neurotic is a person who suffers a great dealover problems that are handled fairly routinely by a well-adjusted personality. The majorproblem for neurotics is their inordinate amount of anxiety. However, in contrast to thepsychotic, the neurotic has very good reality contact. The psychotic, in addition to being out oftouch with reality, has severe malfunctioning and many times has to be hospitalized for longperiods of time. This leaves the psychopath.Scientists agree that there is no science without classification. For the disciplines of psychologyand medicine, it is not necessary for labels and diagnoses to have concrete reality, i.e., they canbe retained if they are useful in understanding and treating disease. For example, the majority ofpatients who are admitted or committed to mental hospitals in this country are diagnosed as 3|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 5. being schizophrenic, although there is no general agreement among psychiatrists andpsychologists on the definition of schizophrenia. However, even though it is not required, thispresentation does have ”concrete reality,” namely, Europeans’ behavior and attitudes towardBlacks. Behavioral scientists generally agree that the outstanding characteristics of thepsychopathic personality are the almost complete absence of ethical or moral development andan almost total disregard for appropriate patterns of behavior. This characteristic has led to amisunderstanding of the psychopath as someone who does not know the difference between rightand wrong. This belief is not true; psychopaths simply ignore the concept of right and wrong. Byignoring this trait in the White race (the lack of ethical and moral development) Blacks havemade and are still making a tragic mistake in basing the worldwide Black liberation movementon moral suasion. It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on apeople who have no morality where race is the variable.Because of their lack of ethical or moral development there is no conflict between the Whitesreligion and racial oppression. The White race has historically oppressed, exploited, and killedBlack people, all in the name of their God Jesus Christ and with the sanction of their churches. Itis generally overlooked that the Ku Klux Klan is primarily a religious organization. Further,Blacks should never forget the image of the Pope blessing the Italian planes and pilots on theirway to bombing Ethiopian men, women, and children who only had spears to defend themselves.This behavior is not surprising since Whites use the scriptures to justify their treatment ofBlacks. According to the book of Genesis, Noah placed a curse on his son, Ha m, foreverdooming all of his descendants to be the servants of the servants of God. Naturally, Whitesinterpreted Blacks as the descendants of Ham and themselves as the servants of God. If onefollows that interpretation, an interesting issue arises: If Ham was Black and Noah was hisfather, and Noah was Black and only allowed animals on the Ark (since Whites deny that Blacksand Whites sprang from the same source, a position that this writer agrees with), then we knowfrom an impeccable source how Whites got here.Unlike other extreme pathological syndromes, only a very small percentage of psychopaths arecommitted to mental hospitals with another small percentage ending up in penal institutions. Themajority of psychopaths function very well in society. They are generally average or aboveaverage in intelligence and have engaging personalities. In addition, they are usually very 4|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 6. impressive and competent with no feelings of insecurities, anxieties, or any other manifestationsor psychoneurosis. They appear to be very honest and humane, but really have no concern orcommitment except to their own selfish interests. Psychopaths will consistently makecommitments that they have no intentions of keeping and show great indignation and anger whentheir integrity is questioned. Blacks in the United States learned this lesson very well during the"civil rights” confrontations of the 60s. (The White sheriffs and judges showed their greatesthostility when Blacks began to quote the law to them.) This behavior can be seen clearly in theWhites’ attitude toward ”Black liberation.” White "liberals” give lip service to Black liberationwhile arguing that Blacks are going too fast; White conservatives think Blacks have too muchalready.The psychopath is usually sexually inadequate with a very limited capacity to form closeinterpersonal relationships. The Europeans sexual inadequacy psychologically explains theconstant projection of Blacks as supersexual beings and as lacking in sexual inhibitions. Yet,Europeans "streak," "mate swap," participate in orgies, etc. All of their sexual behavior is adesperate attempt to achieve meaningful relationships which constantly, due to theirpsychopathic makeup, elude them.Whites sexual dysfunction has produced tragic consequences in the Black community. Theyhave attempted to achieve sexual gratification by such methods as raping Black women. Theirrationale is that Black women are oversexed and invite their attention. Historically thejustification for castrating Black men was that their "animal passions" had to be contained. In1893, Frank Lydston of Chicago, a White doctor, proposed that castration would conserve theenergy of the Black community. The sustained sexual atrocities committed against the Black raceby the White race has no parallel in history and there is no scientific explanation except underthe rubric of psychopathology.Psychopaths inability to accept blame or learn from previous experience can be easily proven.They never accept blame for Blacks environmental conditions which are clearly the result ofWhite oppression. On the contrary, Blacks are held responsible for the deterioration of theircommunities even though all of the property is White-controlled. In addition, municipal services 5|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 7. are withdrawn from Black communities and most of these communities have been "used-up”before Blacks are allowed to move into them.In the fields of mental health and drug abuse, Whites are at their psychopathic best. The UnitedStates government’s position on drug users is that addicts are cured when they cease antisocialbehavior, regardless of how long they have to be “maintained” on methadone or other drugs. Drs.Jerome Jaffe and Edward Senay the czars of the U.S. Drug Abuse Program, with the assistanceand protection of Black addicts and “ex-addicts,” have created one of the most destructiveprograms in the Black community, the "methadone maintenance” program. The UnitedStates government is the largest supplier of drugs to addicts in the Black community. Senay takesthe position that Blackaddicts should not be given ”placebos" or just plain orange juice. If"sexually frustrated " suburban White housewives can be given "sugar pills" rather than realdrugs, why can’t Black addicts be given orange juice without the methadone since they cannottell the difference? Senay states that giving Black addicts pure orange juice without themethadone is ”unethical." Therefore, it can be deduced that doctors such as Senay believe that itis an “honorable” act to give Blacks drugs.Community mental health centers are in such disarray that space does not permit an adequatediscussion. They are underfunded and therefore understaffed with the usual staffing patternconsisting of all White professionals and all Black low-paid nonprofessionals. Additionally,almost every existing center uses the ”medical model,” i.e., the belief that the major problem isthe Black person without any regard to his circumstances or environment. Furthermore,community centers and govemment agencies are heavily influenced by the American MedicalAssociation which is one of the most overtly racist and probably the most powerful organizationin the United States. A very vicious funding game is played with Black mental health centers inwhich the U.S. Government supplies funds with the stipulation being that the Black commlmitymust find "matching funds.” Needless to say there are usually no matching funds for Blackmental health programs. Therefore, the federal funds revert back to the U.S.Government.Psychopaths also reject constituted authority and discipline. The presence of this trait in theWhite race has grave implications for Blacks who seek legal solutions to their problems. Thisespecially applies to the Blacks in the United States who are the world’s only legally created 6|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 8. group, (created through the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments which can be repealed at anymoment by the Congress or declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court). As long as thiscondition exists, Black people in the United States will always be legally five minutes away fromslavery. For Blacks in the United States to place their destiny in the hands of Supreme CourtJustices is an extreme form of psychological blindness and a pathological rejection of history.The Supreme Court of the United States has always used the prevailing White political climateas the criterion for dealing with questions of race. For example, as a result of the “infamous”1954 school desegregation decision, Blacks have lost an estimated 35,000 teaching andadministrative positions in the South. Former Black principals of Black schools are now janitorsin integrated schools and the same thing is going to happen to Black teachers in the North.Eventually, the Supreme Court is going to find the 1954 decision "unconstitutional," but by thattime Whites will have taken over all Black schools including the Black colleges.The psychopathic behavior of Supreme Court Iustices is consistent with that of other Whiteprofessionals (lawyers, doctors, judges, and politicians). They consistently take advantage ofBlacks without any guilt, anxiety, or threat to their self-esteem. For example, in the Blackcommunity, White doctors are the largest group of ”drug pushers.” They prescribe unneeded anddangerous drugs, and perform unnecessary operations. White scientists use Blacks in verydestructive studies, such as the Tuskegee experiment in which Black men were denied treatmentfor syphilis and, evidence suggests, were deliberately infected. The role that White scientistshave played in Black oppression should not be surprising to Blacks because Whites havehistorically been the planners of Black oppression and, as a rule, they never ask “why” but only"how.” This behavior of White scholars, e.g., Iensen and Schockley, are classic examples ofintelligence in the service of racist institutions, or psychopathic behavior. Jensen and Schockleyare simply following the psychopathic tradition of Hegel, Carlyle, Galton, etc. that has continuedfor hundreds of years. History is replete with examples of White scientists professing the"inferiority” of the Black race. The eminent Dr. Samuel Cartwright of Louisiana diagnosedBlacks who ran away from slave owners as having a disease of the mind (Stamp, 1956). Dr.Robert Bean (1906) of John Hopkins University proposed that Blacks had smaller brains thanWhites and since “brain efficiency” depended on the number and position of nerve cells andfibers in the brain, Blacks had less capacity for development than Whites. Dr. Carl Iung (1928), 7|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 9. one of the White giants of psychology, stated that White Americans’ sexual inadequacy was dueto their having to live together with a barbaric race (Blacks). The Whites’ use of scientificjustification for racial oppression can be found in even the most inadequate library. What makesWhite scientists such as Schockley and Iensen so dangerous to the Black community today isthat not only do they present so-called "scientific proof" of the Black threat, but they also offersolutions. With the present level of technology available to them, this should not be taken lightly.However, it is self-defeating and useless for Black scientists to debate the question of race viamass media with White scientists such as Schockley and Iensen. White scientists simply wantexposure for their ideas. Additionally, it is pathological for a Black to discuss with Whites thequestion of whether or not Blacks should exist. For all other people, simply raising a questionabout their existence is tantamount to a declaration of war.This then is the psychopathic personality of the matador. The one constant in this ever-changingworld is the behavior of the White race in their relationships with Blacks. This is a verychallenging problem and the inevitable question is “what should Blacks do?" One dilemmaposed for Black people is the consistent appeal for liberation through channels created for themby the psychopaths, namely democracy and communism (Marxism). A cursory examination ofboth systems immediately points out the futility of Blacks giving them any more consideration.Blacks must accept the reality that, for the White race, democracy and racial oppression are notconflicting ideals.The fact that Blacks have been enslaved for over 350 years by a democraticform of government should be evidence enough. Furthermore, a democratic governmentpresupposes an inherent equality of races; it does not provide methods of liberation for thosewho are not equal. Commlmism can be dismissed as an alternative with even less discussion. Forcommunism to be viable requires the cooperation of the masses of the White race. With thatas the primary condition, communism needs no further consideration. However, since Blackshave finally rejected democracy as an alternative by attempting to burn down its bastion, theUnited States, there are signs that it is now time for the Marxists (communists) to try to containthem. Throughout Africa, Marxists have enlisted Black heads of state as allies. These Blackleaders go to great lengths to deny that our struggle is racial. Yet, the only truly independentnations on the African continent are those headed by the White invaders. 8|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 10. One of the greatest tragedies is the relationship between Blacks and Arabs. For Blacks to acceptArabs as anything but White invaders is a pathological denial of reality. In the oil crisis, the slavetraders from the North (Arabs) treated Black Africa worse than they treated some Europeannations. This behavior is consistent for White psychopaths. No White nation in the worldencourages Black immigration, but there is a great effort throughout the world to "integrate"Africa.Again, the question of ”what to do?" There is no evidence that the Black and White races canlive in close proximity to each other in peace without Whites attempting to oppress andexterminate the Blacks. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that even White ethnic groupscannot live together, e.g., Irish and English, Greeks and Turks, Arabs and Jews. etc. Behavioralscientists generally agree that there is no known cure for the psychopath. In fact, it is a widelyheld belief that the only successful treatment for the psychopath is incarceration, radical psycho-surgery, or death. Therefore, since Blacks are at war with psychopaths, violence is the only wayBrother Lerone Bennett (1972) proposed in his brilliant essay entitled ”Time, Space andRevolution" that "it is hard to tell time by revolutionary clocks.” Likewise, it is difficult to telldirections by a revolutionary compass. Unfamiliarity with the terrain and the instrument hasdisoriented Blacks and the result is various inadequate and dangerous behavioral patterns. Somehave become catatonic and do not move at all but wait for divine intervention, while others placetheir faith and energies in charismatic guides who are just as lost as their followers. These Blacksseem to ignore Brother Bennetts depressingly truthful warning that "history does not forgivethose who lose their way. ” Still others fantasize that Blacks have reached their destination andattempt to act accordingly- as free men. Some persevere and pursue old beaten paths thatinvariably lead back to the starting point. But there are others whose minds have moved past thepsychopath’s imposed boundaries and they have begun to blaze new paths toward Blacks’rendezvous with destiny. So it was with Chaka in the 1700s, Dessalines in the 1800s, Martin R.Delany in 1852, Henry Turner in 1880, Marcus Garvey in the 1920s, Malcohn X and H. RapBrown in the 1960s, and Chancellor Williams in the 1970s. The answer to Blacks problems canbe found in the works and lives of these Black heroes. They all looked at the matador orpsychopath for what he was and is, and moved against him.A Luta Continuu-Lisima Tush inde Mbilshaka 9|Pag e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 11. (The struggle must continue-and we will conquer without a doubt).Selected BibliographyBean, R. B. (1906). Some Racial Peculiarities of the NegroBrain. American journal of Anatomy, 5, 353-415.Bennett Ir., L. (1972). The Challenge of Blackness. Chicago:Iohnson Publishing Co.Carruthers, I. H. (1972). Science and Oppression. Chicago:Northeastern Ulinois University Center for Inner-CityStudies.Clark, K. B. (1968, Iune). [Interview with Psychology Todayl.Psychology Today, 2, (1).Comer, I. P (1972). Beyond Black and White. New York:Quadrayle Books, Inc.Delany, M. R. (1968). The Condition, Elevation, Emigration,and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States.New York: Amo Press and the New York limesDubois, W. E. Burghardt. (1896). The Suppression of theAfrican Slave Trade to the United States of America. NewYork: Schocken Books.Fanon, F. (1963). The Wretched of the Earth. New York:Grove Press, Inc. 10 | P a g e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality
  • 12. Garvey, A. (1967). Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey.London: Frank Cass and Co., Ltd. 11 | P a g e Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality