Dr. Amos Wilson Lecture On Economics and Nationhood Quotes


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  • i have learned so much from this man by listening to his tapes for many hours that i can say that the system had me blind.
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Dr. Amos Wilson Lecture On Economics and Nationhood Quotes

  2. 2. DR. AMOS WILSON QUOTESThe Ultimate function of education is to secure the survival of a people.In the schools and the universities the Black child is taught to be “dumb”. This isthe purpose of the schools. The Black child is taught to have a sense ofdependency.The European/Asian/Arab can exist to the extent that we [Afrikans] are not incontrol of our common sense, our identity, of a shared collective activity level, tothe extent that we are not in love with ourselves, or our people. We will not betaught any of these things in their schools. DR. AMOS WILSON LECTURE ON ECONOMICS AND NATIONHOOD QUOTES
  3. 3. No Black person has ever been taught to think like “White Folks”. If you thoughtlike Whites, you would want your own nations, to control your ownneighborhoods, to control your own economy, to have your own military, tocontrol the resources in your own ground. Blacks come out of these schools anduniversities to be highly educated servants, slaves not in control of their owndestiny. You would want to remove them from power.Knowledge must be wielded to a sense of purpose, people-hood and destiny. Thenit becomes protective of your survival as a people. It is measured by how itprotects your survival as a people, nationhood.Change your mind, your consciousness and change your circumstances. See yourconsciousness in terms of its Afrikaness, its life enhancing benefits, itsconsequences for your survival and goals as a people, measured in terms of itscharacteristics, what it must acquire. You must have certain intentions to do this.These intentionalities are the intent to be truly free, truly self-determining, to createprosperity for yourself and people, to be able to protect your interests by anymeans necessary, to stop depending on white folk for your life, job and well-being.Your mind will generate what you need when you give it a goal or purpose.If you want to develop an Afrikan-centered curriculum, start by asking “Whatproblems must we solve as an Afrikan people? Our problems include the problemof being dominated, not controlling our nations, being poor in the midst ofaffluence. What goals do we want to reach? What quality of life do we want toenjoy? What kind of people must we become in order to solve the problems thatwe must solve as a people? What kind of attitudes, relationships toward ourselves,one another, and Europeans/Asians/Arabs? What institutions must we develop sothat we can act in terms of our interests? What kind of social and educationalexperiences must we expose ourselves and young to become the kind of people weneed to become to solve the problems we need to solve? Unless education, politicsand economics are designed to solve our problems as a people they are pointless.What kind of education and knowledge and information and skills and so forthmust we develop so that we can build the institutions, develop the relationships,attitudes to be the people we need to be? Then work from there to look at yourdevelopmental psychology. In what ways do we grow and develop? At what point DR. AMOS WILSON LECTURE ON ECONOMICS AND NATIONHOOD QUOTES
  4. 4. are we most ready to undergo particular kinds of experiences, so that we can matchthose experiences, with the developmental readiness of ourselves so we canmaximize the kind of growth we need?We are only free in this country to do the wrong things. We say freedom is beingable to do what we want to do-but ask yourself- What makes you want to do athing? Your wants and desires have been induced. What we want and desiremaintain the system of domination and destroy us as a people. Our problems,behavior etc. have a political and economic function.We are “alienated” so we can serve aliens. Our alienated psychology shows thatwe are controlled from outside. This state of alienation is functional forEuropean/Asian/Arab power.Equality. Equality with whom? With enslavers and exploiters. Or do we want anew social system different from the current one. This is a moral issue and shouldhave been debated and deliberated by the Black community. The “Civil RightsMovement” [NAACP, CORE, etc] was founded on faulty moral premise of“Equality of opportunity and results.You must know who and what you are as a people. Question all that you haveaccepted as right and true. Your time given to certain tasks in your curriculum isdetermined by your culture and history. If you say you suffer from low self-esteem,etc. then give time to that in the curriculum. Failure to do this causes Blackchildren to be destroyed by the time system in these schools and universities,which are set up to deal with the problems of Whites/Asians/Arabs.Source: http://www.abibitumikasa.com/forums/afrikan-educational-systems/38036-amos-wilson-quotes.htmlThis document is part of:RBG Honorable Dr. Amos N. Wilson Studies Collectionhttp://www.scribd.com/collections/3709007/RBG-Honorable-Dr-Amos-N-Wilson-Studies-Collection DR. AMOS WILSON LECTURE ON ECONOMICS AND NATIONHOOD QUOTES
  5. 5. Dr. Amos N. Wilson (1941 - 1995) Former Social Caseworker, Psychological Counselor, SupervisingProbation Officer, Training Administrator in the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice, AssistantProfessor of Psychology at the City University of New York, Master Teacher, Organizer, and Author Thelate, Honorable Dr. Wilson was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1941. Familiarly referred to as BrotherAmos, he provided the average person with an acute analysis of where we are and the things that affectus. He served as a council to energize our race and those in positions of influence as to how to carry outtheir leadership responsibilities. Dr. Wilsons activities transcended academia into the fields of business,owning and operating various enterprises in the greater New York area."When we get into social amnesia - into forgetting our history - we also forget or misinterpret the historyand motives of others as well as our motives. The way to learn of our own creation, how we came to bewhat we are, is getting to know ourselves. It is through getting to know the self intimately that we get toknow the forces that shaped us as a self. Therefore knowing the self becomes knowledge of the world. Adeep study of Black History is the most profound way to learn about the psychology of Europeans and tounderstand the psychology that flows from their history. If we dont know ourselves, not only are we apuzzle to ourselves; other people are also a puzzle to us as well. We assume the wrong identity andidentify ourselves with our enemies. If we don’t know who we are then we are whomever somebody tellsus we are."The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness," Afrikan World InfoSystems, New York, 1993 p. 38VIDEO PLAYER COMPANIONRBG Communiversity Dr. Amos Wilson Playerhttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0E8B95FA3F4871B2 DR. AMOS WILSON LECTURE ON ECONOMICS AND NATIONHOOD QUOTES