Afrikan History of Togetherness, Dr. Wade Nobles (Nana Kwaku Berko I)


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Afrikan History of Togetherness, Dr. Wade Nobles (Nana Kwaku Berko I)

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Afrikan History of Togetherness, Dr. Wade Nobles (Nana Kwaku Berko I)

  1. 1. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 THE 3 Cs- CONSCIOUS, COMMITMENT AND CONDUCT WITH DR. WADE NOBLES AFRIKAN HISTORY OF TOGETHERNESS OPEN PLAYLIST Wade W. Nobles, Ph.D. (Nana Kwaku Berko I., aka Ifagbemi Sangodare) Executive Director The Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life & Culture, Inc. Psychologist and Professor of Africana Studies San Francisco State University Director Center for Applied Cultural Studies and Educational Achievement Page 1
  2. 2. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 Dr. Wade W. Nobles is an experimental social psychologist, who received his Ph.D. from Stanford University. He has a special interest in the social, ethnic and cultural relativity of social science, research and evaluation models. Dr. Nobles is a prominent theoretical scientist in the fields of African Psychology, cross-cultural and ethno-human functioning. He is one of the leading researchers on social systems and psycho-cultural development. In addition to his research interest in the area of African-American family dynamics, his research interest also covers the psychological aspects of mythology, Black child development, parenting and systems of human transformation and development. Dr. Nobles is the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family, Life and Culture, Inc., and a full-time, tenured professor in the Department of Black Studies, the School of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. He is also the founder and Director of the Center for Applied Cultural Studies and Educational Achievement (CACSEA), a California State University System educational research center dedicated to studying and developing models of culturally consistent educational pedagogy and praxis relative to African-American educational excellence. Since its inception CACSEA has been devoted to applying the ideas and teachings of Dr. Nobles and other African educators and scholars to the improvement of Black education. For the past four years CACSEA has held formal summer teacher training institutes and has trained over eight hundred teachers in its unique "touching the spirit" pedagogy. In recognition of his scholarship and community work, Dr. Nobles was appointed to serve on the California State Commission on the Status of the African American Males. As the Director of the Institute, Dr. Nobles has served as the leader of numerous community based development initiatives. He founded and created the HAWK Manhood Development and Transformation Rites of Passage Training of Trainers Program, which has over fifteen sites throughout the United States and a female prototype, the Aset Society. He has written and conducted over sixty seven funded community based research, training and development projects. In his capacity as a nationally recognized community grounded scholar and researcher, he served as the chief architect and scholar-in-residence for the McClymonds African Centered Science, Culture and Technology High School Transformation Project. Dr. Nobles served as the chief Co-designer for the Congress of National Black Churchs development of a Conceptual Intervention Model for Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes in African American Women and the Association of Black Psychologists African Centered Behavioral Change Model for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs. He currently serves as the chief consultant for the Kansas City Missouri School Districts K-12 African Centered Schools Program. Dr. Nobles has served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Families; was a member of the Presidents Commission on Mental Health and is one of the most sought after scholars, trainers and consultants in the country. He has established an international reputation and for a decade was a participant/convenor of an international group of Black scholars meeting in Trinidad, the Virgin Islands, East Africa and the USA. In 1983 he was invited as 1 of 200 internationally recognized scholars - theologians from around the world to attend a conference on emerging religious theologies in Portugal. Since 1996, he has co-led "The Enyimnyam Project", a unique and special study-development project designed to connect Africans from the Diaspora with Africans from the continent by having Africans from the USA actually experiencing the "lived experiences" (work and play) of the people of Ghana via development projects that intentionally address the question of lifes purpose, path, pain, direction and destiny. Page 2
  3. 3. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 While serving as the National President of the Association of Black Psychologists (1994-95), Dr. Nobles helped to create the Associations international health initiative. This initiative included the drafting and signing of the "African Healers Covenant" between the Association of Black Psychologists and the Ghana National Association of Traditional Healers and the Federation of Traditional Healers. The African Healers Covenant calls for the on-going exchange of practitioners, interns and students as well as collaborative research, cross- training, technical assistance and informational and skills transfer. Dr. Nobles is an expert presenter-trainer in the fields of African Psychology, Black family dynamics, youth development, African centered education and behavioral change, culturally consistent systems theory, substance abuse prevention training, community generated ritual development, and traditional African spiritness and healing. He has lectured, trained, worked and designed community based development projects throughout the United States, England, Japan and Africa. In 1996, Dr. Nobles received the high honor of being enstooled as the Nkwasohene of Akwasiho-Kwahu Region of Ghana West Africa. His stool name is Nana Kwaku Berko I and he is responsible for every aspect of development for the people of Akwasiho and the Kwahu region. Upon being enstooled as an African sub-chief for development, Dr. Nobles has been reintegrated back into the ancient clan system of the royal chieftancy of the Akan civilization. Dr. Wade W. Nobles is an active member of the Association of Black Psychologists, serving as: (1) A founding member of the Association (1969) (2) President, Bay Area Association of Black Psychologist (1973-74) (3) Western Regional Representative to the National Board (1974-75) (4) Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Black Psychology (1976 to present) (5) Recipient of first "Scholarly Research Award" given by the National Association of Black Psychologist (1977) (6) Co-Chair, Association of Black Psychologist 19th Annual National Convention (1986) (7) Member, National Convention Review Board (1987) (8) Recipient of "Scholarship Award" given by the National Association of Black Psychologist (August 4,1990) (9) Selected as the 1990 Distinguished Psychologist of the year (10) President Elect of the Association of Black Psychologist (1993) (11) President, Association of Black Psychologist, 1994 - 1995 Dr. Nobles is the author of the seminal articles: African Philosophy: Foundation for Black Psychology. In R. L. Jones (ed) BLACK PSYCHOLOGY, New York: Harper & Row, 1972, pp.18-32., Voodoo or I.Q.: An Introduction to African Psychology. JOURNAL OF BLACK PSYCHOLOGY, 1975, Vol. l, No. 2, Pp. 1-20. (Co-authored with Cedric X (Clark) aka Syed Khatib, D. Phillip McGee, and Luther X (Weems), aka Naim Akbar Page 3
  4. 4. RBG Blakademics July, 2010 He is the author of the following books: Seeking the Sakhu: Foundational Writings for an African Psychology. Chicago, Illinois: Third World Press, 2006 African Psychology: Toward its Reclamation, Reascension and Revitalization. Oakland, Ca. Black Family Institute Publications Africanity and the Black Family: The Development of a Theoretical Model. Oakland, Ca. Black Family Institute Publications and the co-author of: African Philosophy: Assumptions and Paradigms for Research on Black People. (with Lewis M. King and Vernon Dixon) LA, California: Fanon Center Publications, 1976. Understanding the Black Family: A Guide For Scholarship and Research (with Lawford L. Goddard) Oakland, Ca. Black Family Institute Publications The Km Ebit Husia: Authoritative Utterances of Exceptional Insight for the Black Family ( with Lawford L. Goddard and William E. Cavil, III) Oakland, Ca. Black Family Institute Publications. "African-American Families: Issues, Insights and Directions" (with Lawford L. Godddard, William E. Cavil, III and Pamela Y. George) Oakland, Ca. Black Family Institute Publications. Dr. Nobles serves on the Executive Board of The Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations. He is the recipient of: Award for Excellence, Scholarship, and Dedication in the Study of African Peoples, Black Student Psychological Association, 1977 Certificate of Appreciation National Head Start Association, Ohio 1978 Certificate of Recognition, New York City Head Start, New York City University, 1979 Award for Recognition and Outstanding Scholarly Research on the Black Family, Bay Area National Hampton Alumni Association, 1982. Congressional Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community, The State and the Nation, the 99th Session of United States Congress, 1985 Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Psychology Award, Grand Rapids Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 1989 Page 4 Designed by RBG Street Scholar