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A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary, by Mnyama Afrika
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A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary, by Mnyama Afrika


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Published in Education , News & Politics
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  • 1. A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary? By Mnyama Afrika 1 | P a g e Source: http://voicewriteafrica.com/wp/?p=252#&panel1-2 Author: Mnyama Afrika, Los Angeles, USA (1 July 2013) This article examines the very thin line between gangster and revolutionary. Revolutionary formations have often, as in the case of the Black Panther been infiltrated by the CIA and drugs and other means have been used to unsettle formations that are about changing the order of society. These infiltrations and tactics have been successful and seen the end of these revolutionary formations. The Crips gang initially followed the ideology of the Black Panther party! But have you ever wondered whether the product of this infiltration – the gangster can be infiltrated by a re-education that reverts it back from Crip to Panther? THE GANGSTER Growing up as a teenager in the 1980′s in South Los Angeles, California presented a challenge for me. I struggled internally with questions that I could not answer and none of my peers could offer a reply to. Who am I? What is my purpose in this ever evolving world? Was I born to make a difference in a world that appears intolerant to change and contrast? What can I do to make this world a better place to live in? These are some of the questions that I posed to myself as I pondered the possibilities of life whilst living in an oppressed environment. A neighborhood economically depressed, educationally stagnated and politically non-existent. A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary?
  • 2. A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary? By Mnyama Afrika 2 | P a g e Glancing at the community, it was easy to identify the prevalence of gang culture. It was blossoming like roses in loam soil. New soldiers were recruited on a daily basis, the youth pledging their individual allegiance to a ideology far more extreme and detrimental than anything witnessed before in the local Black communities. What was it that caused this rapid growth of these gangsters? I believe that there were several components that made the gang lifestyle alluring to most young people. Their ability to stand fearlessly in the communities that were constantly terrorized by outside forces, the structure of a power base that seemed impenetrable by those who did not belong, the control they asserted over their neighborhoods through fear, the respect they received from belonging to this group and their defiance of law enforcement. The first Black gangs in Los Angeles were created for protection against the already existing White gangs, brutalising the now forming Black communities of Los Angeles in the 1950′s. The emergence of more aggressive and violent gangs would see this era come to an end. This was the all-inclusive world. A violent, self-destructive, nocuous environment that constantly brought death to our sights similarly, like television casting the internecine battles of the Vietnam war. Most gang members had been desensitized to violence, crime and the most deplorable conditions that a people could live in by the time they were of teenage years. Gang drive-by’s, assaults, robberies, prostitution, crack cocaine addiction, homelessness and poverty. This is the norm in these neck of the woods. Most people would declare gangs as totally bad elements within the community. They can be vicious, unconcerned, demonstrative, murderous and predatory to the environments in which they live. However, they also exhibit some of the characteristics not only missing but needed in the frightened Black community. They are unified within their sects, they will protect one another with extreme violence if need be, they can channel between anger/compassion at a moment’s notice, they can be fearless when provoked into action, they teach their members to defend themselves and they can be completely
  • 3. A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary? By Mnyama Afrika 3 | P a g e merciless to those that betray them. I offer these thoughts as questions to be pondered by the black communities around the world: If the 20+ million Afrikans in America possessed the aforementioned attributes, would America still be the racist country that it currently is? Would the Afrikan born here in America have already been paid reparations for the greatest crimes committed against humanity? I do not think that anyone could answer these questions with any amount of certainty but it is food for thought! THE REVOLUTIONARY The word revolutionary is not a new word or term by any account. It was not new in the 1960′s when minority communities throughout the United States used it to express their growing sentiments of opposition to the White Colonial oppression being felt worldwide. It was not a new word in 1992 when I began my personal transformation from gang member to revolutionary. My mind was now opened and exposed to the atrocities being committed against my people around the globe. The term revolution can be traced as far back as Cleomenes of Sparta in his quest to overthrow Athens and even further back to that of the formidable Afrikan, Hannibal Barca of Carthage (today Tunisia) in his war against Rome. Revolutions have been waged in the name of changing the geopolitical and social order of the time. It has turned ordinary men into legends. Modern Revolutions are being formed around the globe to fight the face of tyranny wherever it is seen. It is not always a fight for land, like that of its ancient predecessor, or that of Zimbabwe. Some are now fought as a coup d’etat to rid the country of oppressive and corrupt leaders, some are waged simply for equal rights. Whatever the reasoning for their formation certain things have never changed, they are still bloody and still have strategist at the helm. Click to enlarge
  • 4. A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary? By Mnyama Afrika 4 | P a g e Amerikkka is due and ripe for a revolution. It will be incomparable by size to Nat Turner’s revolution but it will have the same effect and may be fought with similar tactics. America has managed to separate its citizens by race, creed, sex, political affiliation and gender while oppressing every group mentioned. I believe that America’s contemporary hidden racism will be the spark that ignites not only the greatest revolution in US history, but the greatest revolution in the world’s history. Only time will tell! GANGSTERS & REVOLUTIONARIES America’s oppression of color people within its own country has not gone unnoticed. This is especially true for the Afrikan born in America. No race or group of people have and continue to suffer like that of the Afrikan in America. Blacks as a whole endure the highest unemployment rates, the highest incarceration rates, the worst health care provisions and the lowest educational values in this country. We are constantly reminded that this is OUR fault. We are told that we are lazy, violent, and criminally inclined. The first Black (I use that word very loosely) President in the history of the United States has even pointed his finger, faulting us as he states “stop whining” as if we complain for no reason at all. Neither the President nor the mainstream media will ever admit that our condition is due to White Supremacy. Why is that? Well rest assured readers, Afrikans in America are starting to awaken, albeit far too slow for my liking, they are nevertheless awakening from their conscious sleep. Blacks are beginning to take their destiny in their own hands. We are becoming re-educated more than ever before, we are breaking the mental shackles that kept us servile and passive to the white supremacist system. We are more conscious of the wolves posing as Black Leaders who want to keep us submissive. Afrikans have yet to completely unify but I can see the turning of the tides. Our unification is around the corner. Blacks are being murdered throughout this entire nation by racists and racist police. We are fed up! As always with history, one single defining incident will spark a revolution, just consider The Los Angeles Riot, The Watts Riot, The creation of the Black Panther Party etc.
  • 5. A Thin Line Between Gangster and Revolutionary? By Mnyama Afrika 5 | P a g e What will be the next spark that will galvanize us into unity and then revolution? Could it be the Travon Martin murder case or any of the countless murders of innocent Blacks never reported by the mainstream media? I do not know the answer to this question. What I do know is this, there lies amongst us a violent, aggressive and unrelenting monster that will not be pacified with words. There will be no brokering of a deal to sway his emotions, no bartering to escape his fury, he is mad as hell and inclined to vengefulness. His existence was created from the semen of oppression. This monster bears the mark of the oppressed races in this country. He is a descendant of revolution who has strayed from home but like the prodigal son, he shall return. Who is this monster you may ask? What is his name? Where does he live? His name is GANGMEMBER and he lives next door to most of us. He will come home to defend his mother, The Revolution. He will join the millions of oppressed minorities living in the confines of American borders. He will be guided, He will be focused, he is well armed and unlike his counterpart, harbors no qualms about killing. It excites him. His aim will no longer be the innocent but those who have systematically killed his father and brother, raped his mother and sister and oppressed his people. According to the FBI and various statistical groups, for the year 2009 there were between 750,000 to 1.5 million (numbers vary dependent on source) gang members in the continental US and this number multiplies every day. There are more gang members in the US than military service members and in fact gangs have infiltrated the US military according to business insider.com and USA Today reported that only 147,000 are in jails and prisons. To my brothers and sisters that are “bangin” here in America, what will it take to flip you? What is your bigger vision? I see every day many of you returning to the root. I was once Crip, I was Madd and now I bear the name REVOLUTIONARY. My bangin brothers and sisters will you be ready for the day that mother revolution calls you home to defend her name and honor, I am! After all “there is a thin line between gangster and revolutionary!” —End— To get in touch with the author, please leave your comments below, or write to him via admin@voicewriteafrica.com