Getting started developing for share point


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Start developing for SharePoint by avoiding common pitfalls.

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  • Show off hands:Whohere has workedwith SharePoint Online?Who calls himself a SharePoint developer?Who has developedfor SharePoint Online
  • Getting started developing for share point

    1. 1. Getting Started Developing For SharePoint Getting Started Developing For SharePoint Online 10 Common Pitfalls – Getting it Right by Doing it Wrong
    2. 2. #SPRUNNERS @rbethleh About me
    3. 3. 1. Assuming SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 are the same thing • Assumptions isthe mother of all screwups • There is no book for this…. • You are only a tenant Model On-Premises SharePoint Online Remark Full trust Yes No Sandbox Solution Yes Yes Deprecated for runtime code Client Side Object Model Yes Yes Provider Hosted apps / Azure Hosted apps Javascript Object Model Yes Yes SharePoint Hosted Apps REST API Yes Yes
    4. 4. Countermeasures • Get a SharePoint Online tenant • Get the SharePoint Development Tools • Limited support in VS Studio 2010 • Get more tools from Apps for Office and SharePoint Dev Center • • Start in Visual Studio with sandbox solution • Read Software Boundaries for SharePoint Online • help/sharepoint-online-software-boundaries-and-limits-HA102694293.aspx
    5. 5. 2. Not having DTAP for SharePoint Online • Why do you not do the same as you would in a normal project? • Okay for first version, do you really want to fiddle in the live environment?
    6. 6. Countermeasures • Start on your own box for development • If you cannot run SharePoint 2013 on your own laptop; use Azure VMs or CloudShare • You have direct access to the logs for troubleshooting on-premises • Create T, A and P in Office 365 • Go to: • Free 30 day trial • Make sure you choose the right subscription! • Create sitecollection per build strategy
    7. 7. 3. No automation of deployment • Microsoft gave us 700+ cmdlets for SharePoint On-Premises, we got 27 for SharePoint Online • So how do we automate deployment in 4 different environment, one being on premises
    8. 8. Countermeasures • Create a build script • You can roll your own cmdlets •
    9. 9. 4. Forgetting about content • What is a SharePoint site without content? • So why not put it in the build • Variant of: not enough automation
    10. 10. Countermeasures • If you want demo content: • Great for demos and practice • If you want your own content: • Automate with Powershell as much as you can, we are in the business of automation
    11. 11. 5. Disregarding Sandbox Solutions • So Sandbox Solutions are deprecated, really? • Caused quite a lot of talk in my team
    12. 12. Countermeasures • See: SharePoint Sandbox isn't Dead...UserCode is • 1/sharepoint-sandbox-isn-t-dead-usercode-is.aspx • Keep using declarative model • Examples: contenttypes, sitecolumns, listtemplates, modules that deploy css, javascript, render templates • Stay away from Sandbox Solution that runs code unless you have a very good reason • Examples: feature receivers, webparts
    13. 13. 6. Everything is an app • Do you drink the Kool Aid?
    14. 14. Countermeasures • Use scriptparts; its a webpart that contains just script • Use SharePoint hosted apps for simple UI orientated webparts if you can • Azure Apps or Provider Hosted apps mean you now have two problems (eh clouds) • Debugging apps can be superhard due to security model and browser restrictions (cross domain policy)
    15. 15. 7. Javascript? What is that? Isn’t that Java? • Your skills on the server side won’t get you anywhere in SharePoint Online
    16. 16. Countermeasures • Read Douglas Crockford: JavaScript the good parts • Practice Practice Practice
    17. 17. 8. Trusting Search behaves the same as On-Premises • Well Search was kind of half finished • Keep looking for Contigious Indexing, Content By Search Webpart and missing refiners (People Search)
    18. 18. Countermeasures • Sorry you are out of luck here – waiting game • Use lists in Appweb to store data as in a cache so you do not need to make roundtrips
    19. 19. 9. Social is expected • So Yammer versus SharePoint Newsfeeds
    20. 20. Countermeasures • If you drink the KoolAid: Get a cup of Yammer • Its in the • If you do not have Yammer or do not want to use it, you can still go for Newsfeeds
    21. 21. 10. My Site customization • No stapling • Personal managed path
    22. 22. Countermeasures • Shared can be branded just like any site • Everything under personal cannot • No feature stapling as this requires access to the filesystem / you are only a tenant
    23. 23. Practice, Test, Practice Assumption is the mother…