Bible Conference Januari 2013


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Apakah Anda sedang bergumul? Bagaimana Anda dapat menang mengatasi masalah hidup? Dalam slide Bible Conference ini, Rev. Bill Crowder hendak menolong Anda menemukan jawaban dari Allah melalui kehidupan 3 tokoh yaitu Ayub yang diterjang derita, Martha yang disalah mengerti, dan Malkhus yang dikejutkan oleh serangan. Ketiganya pernah mengalami tantangan hidup yang tak jauh berbeda dari kita.

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Bible Conference Januari 2013

  1. 1. Click to edit Master subtitle style1/16/13
  2. 2. Sermon(1st Session )
  3. 3. Martha"A Misunderstood Life"
  4. 4. We need to take asecond look at Martha and force ourselves afresh to ask thequestion, “What do we really know about her?”
  5. 5. John 11:5 says that the relationship between Jesus and this family was a special one, “NowJesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.
  6. 6. I. A Distracted Heart
  7. 7. In Luke 10:38-39, Martha carries the responsibility for hospitality, and it is a responsibility that she took very seriously.
  8. 8. Jesus’ response was to remind her of the needfor lasting values (v.42). What Martha is doingsimply does not have theeternal value that Mary’s choice displayed.
  9. 9. Martha needed to embrace the spiritual nourishment that camefrom the teaching of the Savior.
  10. 10. II. A Declared Faith
  11. 11. Lazarus has beenentombed for four days (John 11:17).
  12. 12. Even in the midst of her grief, Martha declaresher confidence in Christ’s ability and in His relationship with the Father (John 11:22).
  13. 13. She declares that Jesus isnothing less than…• The Christ• The Son of God• The One Who should come into the world
  14. 14. Jesus had stretched her faith, and Martha had responded to the challenge with utter confidence in Him.
  15. 15. In the darkest moment of tragedy of her life, she turned to Him by faith and entrusted Him with her heart.
  16. 16. III. ADedicated Life
  17. 17. We see that Marthas correction led to faithwhich leads to dedication.Dedication makes spiritual service an act of worship instead of mere empty activity (John 12:1-3).
  18. 18. If you compare it to theLuke 10 passage, you see some strong similarities and one major difference. The scene is the home of Lazarus in Bethany. It is suppertime. Mary is at Jesus’ feet. Martha (v.2) was serving.
  19. 19. The difference?This time, though Martha was still serving, her service was without complaint.She has learned to serve Jesus from the heart.
  20. 20. Conclusion:There is no greater calling than being faithful to the task God has given you.
  21. 21. Sermon(2nd Session )
  22. 22. Malchus"The Window Of Surprise"
  23. 23. Sometimes surprises are wonderful; other times,surprises can break your heart.Surprises, whether good or bad, can knock us back a little.
  24. 24. Of all the people surprised by the events that would occur as Christ suffered and died, none was more surprised than Malchus.
  25. 25. I. Who TheSurprised Man Was
  26. 26. Malchus’ story appears in all four of the gospel records, but is only named by John. Malchusis the servant of the high priest.
  27. 27. II. What TheSurprised Man Experienced
  28. 28. A. Attacked by Peter (John 18:10) Simon steps out of the fearful band of Christ-followers and swings his sword.
  29. 29. Three descriptions of Peter’s attack on Malchus: Unprofitable; Unnecessary; Unenlightened.
  30. 30. B. Healed by Jesus (Luke 22:51)Luke mentions that it was Malchus’ right ear that had been lopped off.
  31. 31. C. Confused By BothThis series of events must have brought confusion to the heart and mind of this poor slave.
  32. 32. III. What TheSurprised Man HeardMalchus was exposed to 4 profound truths.
  33. 33. Truth #1: The Plan of the Father (Matthew 25:52-54)Jesus makes it clear that it is none other than Godthe Father Himself whose purposes were being accomplished.
  34. 34. Truth #2:The Irony of the Arrest (Mark 14:48-49) The One they sought sufficiently fearful torequire an army in order for the arrest to be successful!
  35. 35. Truth #3: The Hour of Darkness (Luke 22:52-53)Malchus is now told that, in fact, he is a representative of the power and hour of darkness.
  36. 36. Truth #4: The Cup that Awaits (John 18:11)The cup the Father had for Jesus to take was the cup of suffering embodied in the cross.
  37. 37. For the rest of his life, Malchus wore on theright side of his head the proof of an encounter with the God-Man.
  38. 38. In Christ, Malchus found what it was to be cared for, loved. That had to have been a surprise, considering how he met the Savior.
  39. 39. Conclusion:God’s expressions of love and care for us should surprise us as well.
  40. 40. Sermon(3nd Session )
  41. 41. Job“The Path Of Suffering”
  42. 42. We are up against a faceless enemy—the presence of evil.There is no better place to turn than to Job.
  43. 43. I. What JobExperienced in Suffering
  44. 44. When in the grip ofsuffering, what is it that you are experiencing that adds to the burdensome difficulty of it all?
  45. 45. A. Suffering feelsmysterious (1:1-12) Job knew nothing ofthe reason behind the suffering.
  46. 46. B. Suffering feels random (1:13)We are almost always unprepared for it.
  47. 47. C. Suffering feelsoverwhelming (1:13-19) The weight of therelentless nature of grief and loss can be one of life’s most suffocating experiences.
  48. 48. D. Suffering isexperienced alone (2:13) Eventually we see Jobalone in his pain—alonebut for the presence of his God.
  49. 49. II. How JobWrestled With Suffering
  50. 50. A. A question of justice to the God of justice. “If I cry out concerningwrong, I am not heard. If I cry aloud, there is no justice.” (Job 19:7)
  51. 51. B. A question of weakness to the God of strength.“For God made my heartweak, And the Almightyterrifies me…” (Job 23:16)
  52. 52. C. A question of fear to the God of comfort. “I am afraid of all mysufferings; I know that You will not hold me innocent.” (Job 9:28)
  53. 53. Job comes into the presence of the God he has questioned.Though God had not givenJob relief, God had givenJob Himself (Job 42:1-6)
  54. 54. III. What JobLearned In His Suffering
  55. 55. A. Suffering is inevitable (Job 5:6-7)It is the natural byproduct of living in a world that has been broken by sin.
  56. 56. B. God is alive (Job 19:25) Rather than questioning the existence of God,Job’s suffering drives him to confirm it!
  57. 57. C. God is aware (Job 23:10)God is fully aware of thechallenges I face. And He feels the pain with me.
  58. 58. D. God is trustworthy (1:21)It is part of the lesson that is only learned in the crucible of suffering.
  59. 59. Closing PrayerClick to edit Master subtitle style