How to Motivate the Hell Out of Your Team


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Presented for's Sales Acceleration Summit. March 13, 2014

The daily rejection and lack of attention Inside Salespeople face would deflate and demotivate the toughest executives. Learn how the best, most productive Salespeople stay fired up!

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How to Motivate the Hell Out of Your Team

  1. 1. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi
  2. 2. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi HOW TO MOTIVATE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR TEAM RALPH BARSI Senior Director, Sales Development ACHIEVERS #salessummit | @rbarsi
  3. 3. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi ACHIEVERS’ GROWING SALES DEVELOPMENT TEAM* *Chock-full of potential, happy, motivated, successful.
  4. 4. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi HOW TO MANAGE THE EBB AND FLOW OF MOTIVATION Raise your standards Think outcome first, process second Know the purpose (yours and the team’s) Take ridiculous action Feed the fire
  5. 5. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi WHAT BUMS PEOPLE OUT AT WORK 70% don’t feel valued by their employer 64% leave due to lack of recognition People leave managers, not companies Sales cycles can last up to 2 years It can take 6 hours of prospecting to get one appointment Sources: US Department of Labor, Gallup, LeapJob, Ovation Sales Group
  6. 6. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi WHAT INSPIRES PEOPLE TO WORK Serving the needs of prospects and customers Making progress (progress = happiness) Contributing value to the team / company goal Building friendships / relationships, feeling part of a team Being recognized / appreciated for their efforts Sources: Adam Grant, Tony Robbins, Dan Ariely
  7. 7. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi TO GIVE ANYTHING LESS THAN YOUR BEST IS TO SACRIFICE THE GIFT Steve Prefontaine RAISE YOUR STANDARDS Lead by example. Serve. Commit to success
  8. 8. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi THINK OUTCOME FIRST, PROCESS SECOND HIT THE GOAL* INBOUND OUTBOUND *Never lower it. Instead, modify and maximize the approach. Fill the funnel with quality leads Comply with an SLA (accept/reject leads) Provide CRM Intelligence & technologies Transparent activity metrics, dashboards Continuous coaching, training, education Introduce, reinforce sales methodologies Distribute sales playbooks Develop airtight weekly cadence Collaborate, sell with AE’s in the field Increase each SDR’s brand and image
  9. 9. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi KNOW THE PURPOSE (YOURS AND THE TEAM’S) The Barsi Family
  10. 10. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi #salessummit | @rbarsi TAKE RIDICULOUS ACTION VISUALIZATION You’ve already hit the goal A film crew is documenting your story Conduct “Blue Angels” meditations ( Treat people like “what they’ll become” There is no finish line DAILY ACTIVITY Brief team meeting every Monday Bi-weekly 1:1’s (outside the office) SDR Power Hours, blitzes Frequent Lunch ‘n’ learns (owned by reps) Occasional SPIFFs
  11. 11. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi FEED THE FIRE Dan Pink Dan Ariely Andy Puddicombe Simon Sinek Tim Ferriss Mel Robbins Matt Cutts Rita F. Pierson Seth Godin Scott Geller “Dream” “Why Do We Fall?” “Live Your Dream & Master Life” “Fight the Enemy Within” “How Bad Do You Want It?” “The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt” “Life and Overcoming Depression” “Billy Mills 10,000 Meter Gold Medal” #motivation #salessummit | @rbarsi
  12. 12. #SalesSummit | @rbarsi NOW GO MOTIVATE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR TEAM #salessummit | @rbarsi Images: Acclaim Images, Fré Sonneveld, Craig Garner, Nike Running, Edward Dullard, Cynthia Smalley RALPH BARSI Senior Director, Sales Development ACHIEVERS