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Renee's initial slides

  1. 1. Renee Barouxis Group 1Group 1 Coalition
  2. 2. What: is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis.How: Our educational online campaigns, our strategic grassroots organizing, our efforts to hold our leaders accountable to realities of science and principles of justice, and mass public actions.Why: To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere fromits current level of 392 parts per million to below 350 ppm to ensure climate safety. With the help of millions of people, well create a wave a hard-hitting climate activism all over the world that can lead to real, lasting, large-scale change.Who: Our projects are led from the bottom up by thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries. Example 1: In October of 2009 we coordinated 5200 simultaneous rallies and demonstrations in 181 countries, what CNN called the most widespread day of political action in the planets history. Example 2: On 10/10/10, we organized a day of climate solutions projects from solar panel installations to community garden plantings. Over 7000 events were held in 188 countries. Example 3: At the end of last year, we coordinated a climate art project so large it had to be photographed from a satellite in outer space.Where: is active in over 188 countries. We are an international grassroots movement committed to ensuring a better future for all. Global climate change is a global problem.
  3. 3. What can do for the other roles?• Well-established NGO with an international audience• Simple message which translates easily to other countries ("globally understood")• Reputable founder, American author Bill McKibben• UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon endorsed the 10/10/10 movement and supports• Al Gore commended for its “Great Power Race” project• Has nearly 200 “allies & friends” has plenty of human capital as well as funds to act as a mouthpiece. can act as a PR machine to communicate to leaders and the general public our coalition’s mission in a clear way and to publicize all the progress our coalition will be making. In other words, it’s a smart business decision to team up with to be recognized for “going green.”
  4. 4. Short-term Goal• At the United Nations Climate Meetings or in other forums, 112 countries have called for the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere below 350 parts per million and stabilizing global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees C, but the U.S., as one of the world’s greatest powers (and largest contributors to climate change) needs to endorse the same targets.• While has a strong presence in the U.S., the United States has not formally committed to this goal and it must in order for our coalition to continue.
  5. 5. Current Events is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society