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Mentors Guide(English Version)

  1. 1. Knowledge Sharing Network
  2. 2. Mentor’s Guide to mentorshipnet Hint : navigate easily through the chapters of this guide by clicking the [+] signs above: 1. Introduction – what is MentorshipNET all about? [ + ] 2. The platform – an overview of how it works [ + ] 3. The Mentor’s role in the platform [ + ] 4. Benefits – why be a mentor? [ + ] What’s inside?
  3. 3. What is MentorshipNET about? Thought-out as a professional network, MentorshipNET is a complex online platform which allows interaction between mentors and mentees MentorshipNET is one of the first online knowledge sharing network. When we say “ mentees ” we mean young people interested in a certain topic who engage in a mentorship relation with professionals. By “ mentors ” we mean you – the experienced professional with valuable knowledge to share .
  4. 4. How much Time ? Minimum involvement (detailed below) with the platform will not take more than 30 minutes a week. The classes : interaction space open to all mentees and mentors interested in a certain domain. Our advice : check the discussions here once every 2 days and contribute whenever you feel there’s something to add The courses : conversations started by you, the mentor. You can choose what kind of mentees can join and the frequency of your responses: daily, once very 3 days or once a week. Our advice : Give the mentees assignments and keep them busy!
  5. 5. Knowledge sharing network knowledge-sharing-network Mentees can be either (1) highschool or university students – no experience in the workfield or (2) young professionals - they have at least one year of work-experience. Your colleagues mentors on the site can either be (1) speaking in their own name or (2) individuals representing the company they work for.
  6. 6. Why be a mentor? Why be a Mentor? + Exposure/awreness at a national and international level + Sharing knowledge with valuable and curios young people + Networking opportunity.
  7. 7. The mentor’s role <ul><li>You are a professional in your field of work and you can get involved with MentorshipNET in the following ways: </li></ul><ul><li>Intertact with mentees, answer their questions on general or specific topics </li></ul><ul><li>Share - pass on specific knowledge from your professional experience (with those mentees you feel deserve ) </li></ul><ul><li>Write: generate articles that will become resources for the entire community </li></ul><ul><li>Network with mentees and other mentors </li></ul><ul><li>Feedback - talk to us about how the platform can be improved </li></ul>
  8. 8. Benefits as a mentor 3 Access to a large database of users . At the end of its first year, MentorshipNET is estimated to have about 10.000 users on the online platform. 1 Interacting with other mentors (networking) – MentorshipNET will attract a large number of senior professionals which we encourage to interact and connect 2 The mentor can also play the role of an employer by tracking, identifying and selecting mentees with potential for different jobs/projects.
  9. 9. More benefits as a mentor 4 Controlling the flow of the conversation . Within the platform we have built special tools that will allow you to filter the conversations and the users you will be interacting with. 5 Taking part in the MentorshipNET events . MentorshipNET will regularly hold themed events in Romania's largest cities. More information about the calendar will be provided with at least 3 months in advance so you can plan your presensce.
  10. 10. Types of mentees Beginner – the new users of the website. We define them as curious and willing to learn, the kind of people that want to find out stuff and expect a lot of information from their mentor. They are allowed to take part in 2 themed discussions and 1 special discussion Presence level between: 0p – 2000p Skill level /area between: 0p – 250p Intermediary - users that have been on the platform for a while and have of how things work. They will have more specific questions and interests. Generally they are young professionals or have the same level of experience as one. Presence level between: 2000p – 4000p Skill level /area between: 250p – 1000p Advanced Users - the veteran users of the platform, with a lot of experience and conversations about specific issues behind them. We see them as generally being very talented young professionals in certain areas, with a proven track record and a high level of commitment and involvement Presence level peste 4000p Skill level /domeniu: 1000p
  11. 11. That’s it! We thank you and, should you need more information on MentorshipNET, feel free to write to Irina Negrilă at [email_address] Now we invite you to log on to MentorshipNET and start mentoring  !