Acrostic Poems


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Poem's by the children in Room 2

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Acrostic Poems

  1. 1. Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems Acrostic Poems
  2. 2. A cat is my favourite animal. Nectarines are my favourite fruit. Jelly is my favourite desert. Apples are my favourite. Lollies are my favourite. Ice-blocks are a good treat for me. Anjali Jam is something that I like. At home I do art. Soup is my favourite thing. Lovely is me. Everybody in my family loves me. Every boy is bad in my class. Normally I am good and smart. Jasleen
  3. 3. Rosie and sweet which she is. Egg she loves for breakfast. Becca is one of her nick names. Emily is her friend. Cats are one of her favourite animals. Cute and funny which she is. Angela is my sister. Rebecca D is for donkey which I like. A is for apple that I like in my lunch. N is for a new game that I like to play I is for ice cream which I like to eat E is for elephant which I like to ride L is for lovely which she is. A is for Anjali who is my friend. Daniela
  4. 4. J is for jelly. E is for egg and it is very good for you to eat. A is for apple. N is my last letter of my name. Jean Rainbows are pretty. I love the colours . Sometimes it is not there. How does it happen? I hope it comes out now. Kelly is my teacher’s name. A cool name. Rishika
  5. 5. Eggs are yum to eat. Van is what I want. Easter eggs are my favourite ones. Loud noise I want to make. Yoyos I like to play with. Numbers are good to count. Evelyn Khushi likes kittens Hats are things she likes. Umbrella is used when it is raining. S is for sunny and Khushi goes swimming Houses are big and small. Ice cream is yum to eat in the sun. Khushi
  6. 6. Ice-blocks are her favourite. Michael is her brother’s name. Animals are one of her friends. Ima Rayna’s Acrostic Poem is Coming
  7. 7. Apple is his favourite fruit. Lollipops are my favourite desert. Acrostic poem is his favourite thing. Nintendo wii is his favourite video game Alan Conor is my name. Oscar is where I go. Night time I go to bed. Oscar is fun. Rishabh is my friend. Conor
  8. 8. Kites are my favourite toy At Marshall Laing Primary School Moneys men clubs boss Really can’t remember A man is a man Not very good at drawing Kamran Running is my favourite. Ice-cream is my favourite. Strings are my favourite. Halloween is my favourite. Apple is my favourite. Babies are my favourite. Honey is my favourite. Rishabh
  9. 9. Amaan’s Acrostic is coming Drawing is fun for me. Apples are my favourite fruit ever. Napkins are useful to me. I love doing homework. Eating chocolate is nice. Looking good is fun. Daniel
  10. 10. K is for kids R is for Romeo I is for insect S is for snake H is for home Krish Roham’s acrostic is coming
  11. 11. Apple is my favourite fruit. Rats are my favourite animals. Sank is my favourite. Hens are my pets. Animals are good Airport planes are cool Napes are cool as for me. Arshaan Feao is a good boy Every game is boring Alan is my friend Outside I play with Alan Feao
  12. 12. Moon Apple Ran Time In Nest Martin A monkey is Asif’s favourite. Sun is Asif’s favourite bright thing. I see Amaan everyday at school. Fish are his favourite . Asif
  13. 13. Ham is a good thing for you Ants are my favourite My name is Hamzah Zebra is a good animal Alan is my friend Hamzah is a good boy some times. Hamzah Pranav likes playing. Really can’t remember things. At Marshall Laing primary school. Normally I am smart a bit. At home I draw. Very nice boy. Pranav
  14. 14. The children wrote these acrostic poems themselves. I introduced the children to spell checking for this exercise. I did some editing of some of the poems to correct tense or point of view. Some I elected to leave because they were very close to what the author wished to say and were relatively easy to understand.