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    Hacking Gamification - Bing Gordon Hacking Gamification - Bing Gordon Presentation Transcript

    • Ha c king Ga m ific a tion Bing Gord on, KPCB @b ing fish @kp c b
    • Why Ga m ify?
    • Ga m e p a tterns a re the new norm a l2 -10x im p rovem ent Acquire Enga ge Reta in
    • Dec a d es of Ga m ing
    • Acquire
    • First Five Sec ond s Acquire“ I a m sm a rt—this is w ha t I exp ec ted .” “ First” Ma ttersFirst Session“ This is fun—w ha t I exp ec ted , only b etter.”“ I know w ha t I a m d oing —a nd I like it.”
    • Acquire “ First” Rules• Win first, w in fa st• Give them a rea son to return• Send invites (if you love it)
    • AcquireThe Orig ina l “ Touc h” Pinb a ll Construc tion Set 1983
    • The New “ Shelf” Acquire
    • Acquire10:1
    • AcquireJust a s in SEM…The la nd ing sc reenis everything .
    • AcquireRed uc e b ounc e b y 90%Before insta ll: After first five sec ond s:Sketc h w ha t you Is this w ha t youexp ec t to see… exp ec ted ?
    • AcquireFra m es Are Wine La b els
    • AcquireInterfa c e is the Eng ine NASCAR “ d ra ft m eter” : 2x
    • AcquireInterfa c e Toys Work Wa nts a nd fea rs sp inner of Sim s 2
    • Acquire“ Op t in” Com p lexity Op en style m enus of Sim Golf
    • AcquireFB Profiles = Soc ia l 15M not 1M for Zyng a Poker
    • AcquireFriend Ba r Mec ha nic 70M, not 2M for Fa rm ville
    • AcquireVira lity: The New Ma rketing Inc entives Invites Virtua l g ood s Inc ented invitesGa m es: im b ue va lue in VG -- 4 -10x (w a tc h for TOS!) Inc ented insta lls +25%
    • AcquireVira lity: The New Ma rketing
    • Ta ke Aw a ys Acquire 10x Touc ha b le “ b ox” 90% Bounc e red uc tion » I feel sm a rt » Win first, w in fa st 2x Interfa c e = eng ine 4-10x Vira l d esig n
    • Enga ge
    • Wow !!! 1x first tw o sessions Enga ge Good !! 1 to 3x first sessionDesig n Bea ts Yuc k! 0x first session Oh F*# @! Never
    • Enga geWither Fa c tor First Suc c essful Tim e Pressure
    • Enga geId entityThe Most Prec ious Asset
    • Enga ge Who Are You?Build a Profile: Id entity, c a reer sc ore key.
    • Enga geLike Going Out Ta ke 30 m inutes
    • Enga gePow er of Persona liza tion Tig er Wood s Golf: +50%
    • Enga geLive Life in Levels
    • Enga geShow Num b ers
    • Enga geBa d g es Rule • I ha ve 600+ • 2x hours/ w eek • 75% fem a le, a vera g e a g e 42
    • Enga geTrop hies Ma tter
    • Enga geYea rning for Rec og nition Sim City: 20,000 up loa d ed c ities “ They a ll look the sa m e!”
    • “ Aileen City is suc h a g rea t p la c e to live. The p a rks a re Enga geb ea utiful a nd the hig hw a ys a re never ja m m ed .Com e to Aileen City!” UGC Text # 1 1% upload | 25% download“ Joe City is a tow ering sp ec ta c le of g la ss a nd c onc rete. It is not just ac ity, it is a n ec onom ic d yna m o!”“ You ha ve to w a tc h the c itizens to und ersta nd Jennville. They shop ,they b ustle, their houses a re p erfec t.”
    • Enga geCo-Op CrushesCom p etition 3:1
    • Enga geGifts 30x Bra g s
    • Enga ge Pa rty of 520 - 30% p rod uc tivity g a ins
    • Enga geDesig n Princ ip les• Va lue w ha t you m a ke, va lue w ha t you ea rn• Golf c ourses should look ha rd , p la y ea sy• 90% of p la yers a re 90% of the w a y• Constra ints a re fun• Exp erts fa il fa st; everyone else w ins fa st, w ins first
    • Enga geTa ke Aw a ys2x Grea t sec ond session View a b le p rofiles Ba d g es, a c hievem ents Num b ers, sta ts for 10-25%4x “ Invest” a nd a void “ w ither” UGC for 25% of p la yers Soc ia l ob lig a tion for 25% of p la yers
    • Reta in
    • Reta inMultip le, Pa ra llel Goa ls Prob a b ilistic , too. Lessons from the Skinner Box. 2 c urrenc ies (La s Veg a s)
    • Reta inLook Ahea d Will she c om e b a c k? When? Wha t w ill she d o in the sec ond session? Will she b e p la ying a m onth from now ? Wha t w ill she exp ec t?
    • Reta in “ Pinc h”Resourc e Ma na g em ent in Fa rm ville
    • Reta inConstra ints & Qua ntity
    • Reta inPre-Announc em ents Hug e World of Wa rc ra ft -- 0% c hurn from level 35-40, 55-60 (m ount, eld er g a m e) Pre-reg ister a t reta il -- 10-20% of first w eek sa les
    • Reta inContent Up d a tes SellCorrela ted to q ua lity
    • Reta in Ma d d en Footb a ll • 70% rep ea t if “ g a m e of the yea r” • 30% rep ea t p urc ha se if “ liq uid AI is w ha t’ s running d ow n their leg s”Content Up d a tes Sell The Sim s exp a nsions • 16 exp a nsions, 50M units • 60% ARPU inc rea se
    • Reta inSoc ia l Ob lig a tions Loc k-In• Ma d d en – “ You c a n’ t c onvert the w hole fra ternity.”• Guild s – Ap p ointm ent g a m ing – Peer p ressure a nd p rivileg es – Ma rria g es (a nd d ivorc e)• Async hronous: 4x m ore tha n sim ulta neous
    • Reta in Ma g ic Num b ersTw itter Fa c eb ook• 40% 1 m onth retention • 20 friend s• 90%-ish m onthly retention if 10 • 70% “ long term ” retention follow ers
    • Reta inVirtua l Assets : 3x Fa c tor Ultim a Online House ow ners - 3 yea rs
    • Ma d d en seq uels Reta in• 2x for hig h q ua lity• Use “ NPS” (Net Prom oter Sc ore)• % rec om m end - % w ho w ould n’ t Qua lity Ma tters Meta c ritic .c om • 80 - 85 = Top 50 • +50 -100% for ea c h +5 p oints
    • Desig n Princ ip les Reta in• Show num b ers• Look a hea d• Pinc h• Constra ints a re fun• Pre-Announc em ents• Content up d a tes sell
    • Reta inTa ke Aw a ys Do the Ma th
    • • 4x: Pinc h a nd “ look a hea d ” g a m e m ec ha nic s Reta in• 100%: Pre-a nnounc e (for a m onth)• 50%: New c ontent, if sa m e q ua lity a s orig ina l Ta ke Aw a ys• 20%: Soc ia l struc tures: – 90% less c hurn for p la yers w ho a re “ w ell-g uild ed ”• 15%: Virtua l a ssets – 67% less c hurn for p la yers w ho a re “ w ell-c a stled ”
    • New Med ia , New Rules“ The b est w a y to keep som eone p la ying forever is to ha ve them p la y tod a y.” -- Bing