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371 j eligibility_certificate

  1. 1. OF No. DPAR 43 HKC 2OI3 The draft of the Karnat Appointment for Hyderabad- Certificates) Rules, 2OI3 which the Govern to make in exercise of the rs conferred of the Karnataka Public Em ment (Rese rder, 2OI3Hyderabad-Karnataka Region) information of all persons li to be affi hereby given that the said will be 15 days from the date of its pu lication in Any objection or sugges which Government from any person expiry of the period specified respect Government. The objections suggestl Principal Secretary to Bangalore-560 001. In exercise of the powers the Karnataka Public emp Hyderabad-Karnataka Region) bove will ment, Karnataka herebv makes the f ing Rule ment Karna TION. Public E taka t (Rese order, 20 ATAKA co by Govern t Secretariat, Vidhana ,da : 07.0t.2OI4 ployment Reservation in ion) (Iss of Eligibility tof ataka propose by Sub- (1) of Para 7 ation in hereby ppointment for there and notice is ideration aftern lnto con official G e. be recei the said bv the State raft before the by the State may be ssed to the AR, Vid Soudha, Sub-para 1) of Para blished for the 10n ln a iintment 7of for of3, the namely:-
  2. 2. 1. Title and comme the Karnataka Public empl t( Hyderabad-Karnataka Region) 20L3. (2) They shall come i to force Publication in the Official Gaze 2. Definitions.- In requires,- (a) "Certificate of ho fown or the Appointing Au service register as order; required (b) (c) (d) (e) (0 "Competent Au Commissioner of be competent to i "Residence Certific Tahsildar of the iq/ Revenue S te" means aluka indi residence as requi under "Eligibility Certi certificate issued prove the claim of "Order" means * (Reservation in Appointme Karnataka Region) "Study Certificate" Head of the Educa BEO exercising jurisdiction stitution is order; the educational i te" Karnat ional Insti under para 6 of t located a required .I ARY - (1) These rule tion in Issue of Eli ibility Ce rules, less the "isas rity based on the en para the e eligibility b-Division certificate; certificate ting the 6 of the s the the Co petent Au as local pe Public tforH r,2OI3 SA te duly over the individual may be called intnaent for icates), Rules date of their text otherwise ssued ln e) of Assistant ho shall issued by tenure of r; ployment erabad- by the rtified by where by the the
  3. 3. (g) "Validity an eligibility ce Commissioner of "'Warsa Certificate" Tahsildar of the relationship of ei children. 3. Categories of reservation as local person i following certificates issued by (h) means a c ficate, iss District; means a evenue of tes.- direct rec died in Compe (a) Eligibility Certificate (b) Validity Certificate. (2) The following may the basi certificate to prove the claim of individ (a) Birth Certificate; or (b) Residence Certifica (c) Study Certificate; or (d) Marriage Certificate; (e) Certificate of home (or place (f) Warsa Certificate; or (g) A combination of o or more of (3) Applicant shall furni any one mentioned in sub rule (2) a before who after due verification summary Certificate in the format as in of his parents have resided or region, the District in which th have lived Eligibilitythe District mentioned in both the parents have lived or tudied in th shall be mentioned in the eligi ity certifica fatherrs place T th ificate of by ificate is uka indic parent 1) Any itment t Authori to issue as a local above. more of Assistan Where a than studied 1 A alidity of Deputy ued bya the their ting nd n claiming I obtain the namely :- the eligibility he Certificates Commissioner an Eligibility rson or either District in the shall be In case where
  4. 4. Provided that for the town or place shall be Certificate. In case he does n on the Home town or place obtain eligibility certificate in ting emp Eligibility claim the s tioned wi manner s birth certi 4. Issue of other (af Birth certificate.- (1) n respect o of a local person by birth, eligibility. (2) In respect of cases ming the virtue of either of his parents the birth certificates in such s obtain along with a Warsa Certifi te showing applicant with his parent shall furnished (3) The Birth certificate ired to clai person shall be issued as Registration of Births and Dea r the s Act, 7969. (bf Residence certificate (1) In re status of a local person by vi of under para 6 of the order, the namelv :- following (il The Residence cert te issued Revenue Department ing the ju residence covering in date of residence i detail, the furnished; In the event of nce not village/tehsil/town, many num by the Tahsildars ha jurisdicti the vil (ii) residence shall be tl shed; n over place of such in that Certifica tus of Service cified a cases clai tus of a reglon in the the rela of ca nce cer ure iction me /tehsil/ stricted the cer icate of home and Validity I person based ister he shall the status shall proof of his person by re 01.01.2013, er prescribed nship of the ility as a local thetained in claiming the te in region be followed the T ildar in the r the place of and ending shall be a particular of cer icates issued
  5. 5. (iii) If the case falls in residence certificate i issued bv the election by the Food and C jurisdiction over the occupancy certificate Survey record and shall be essential. (2) While issue of the Resi follow the following procedure, (i) The applicant make a requisition residence along wi applicable to the Ju of any document(s) (ii) The Tahsildar on seeking issue of request ano may before issue of a also be cond and statement of at (iii) The format of the Annexure-B coverr residence in the tenure of different (iv) The Tahsildar shall within 30 days fro in his office. (cl Study Certificate. required to give eligibility certi followed by the concerned Au otherwise of a local person, (i) The study certificate Institution dulv certi by the Head of -5- 6(a) of the Order, in by the commission or the ra il Supplie Depa lace of re ce; r khata ce ificatel nce certifi te(s), the ely :- g issual of in writing iot of the esidence iving the the tenu in each isdictional sildar proof of hi residence; requisition sidence ificate sh uct sum sidence ificate. iar dra 03 oromi t persons Residence rtificate the detail of the n area ln trng s of resi nce in t ue or t the Resi the date receipt of (1) In c where st icate, the fo ities to d ued by showi ition to the sildar( , the photo ID n card issued t having the of right or extract/City relationship ahsildar shall rtificate shall details of his lace wherever with copies by any person I process the mqul , if necessoly, t inquiry may up with the the locality; hall be as at ber of years of breakup and reglon; ence certificate the application y certificate ure shall eligibility Educational jurisdiction ta rg about 1S be or
  6. 6. (ii) over the educational prove the eligibility; Where either of his institution in such years the study Educational Instituti jurisdiction over the warsa certificate applicant and his pa eligibility; (iii) For the purpose of i relv on the certifica educational instituti and mav conduct su (2) The following certificates, namely:- (i) The applicant see a requlsluon ln The head of t requlsltlon s attendance and in the ed certificate in the (iiil The studv available in his (iv) The head of (v) The BEO shall veri thereafter. institution ificate i dulv certi educational nts shall be uing Stud of abstr issued bv shall be fl issue of iting to institution where he had st institutio I verify emlc as at tei educational inst BEO exercising institution after certificate within the applicant; ution shall jurisdictio verification lce; institutio 10 days of the Studv icate th in 2O days ts has area for educational 10 academic document to tudied in a period by Head of the EO exercisingby the instituti , al,ong with a the tionshi between the t to prove the certificate the BEO may record of the the institution enq ,if wed whil issue of studv certifi te shall make head of e educational pt of such a e admi ion records, rds to the and tent available institu by head of the by the the d from th e head o ssule a study be duly over of the educational s, if &oy, shall e the study ng requisition by 1t th
  7. 7. (dl Marriage claiming the status of a local person, the marriage certifica as per the relevant provisions (Registration and Miscellaneo relevant law shall be the proof (21 In addition to the eligibility certificate of the hus {el Certificates of employee, claiming the status from the service register abo the Region, duly certified by proof of their domicile. Suc format at Annexure-D. (2) In the event of any am respect of serving employees, to claim the status as a local DPAR. (3) Such employee who register or who is willing to otherwise, shall furnish an eli (fl Warsa Inspector and other relevant shall issue warsa certificate. T report based on local inquiry a 5. Appeal of the public) aggrieved by th issuing or rejecting eligibility Deputy Commissioner within (2) The Deputy Comm dispose of the appeal within 30 ays from date of i (1) In person for issued by ntained i s Provision claim the ments l of local pe the home he appoin certificate ity ari compe rson shall not have claim ility certific - On the idence th Revenue taking o - (1) Any order of ificate days. ioner after ing he Reei the shall be Town.- ( ) In the hall be i any it of te. report y make sum the even of a women to a local Marriages Marriages any otherAct, I97 us ofa I al person. ted in (1) above, the ired. ofa of ka or of the falling shall serving extract within be the in the ,aco or authori ln ISSlle to deci entry Tahsildar nspector s r relevant AS certificates in the eligibility with the Government in in his local service person the Revenue of the Taluka all submit his vidence. (a Assistan t or member Commissioner appeal to the inquiry shall receipt.
  8. 8. 6. The Competent Certificates.- (1) After havin direct recruitment or the pro of the appointment order or authorities shall insist for the Provided that in case town or place as place of domi certificate issued bv the a certificate also for the purpose (2) The Deputy Commissi authority to issue the validity Committee chaired bv him Police and the Chief Executi district as members. The C before recommending for is (3) The Deputy Commi the format as at Annexure-E thereof. (41 Any person Commissioner in issue or an appeal to the Regional days of such order. (5) Regional Commissione date of making an appeal, summary inquiry. 7. Saving Clause.- issue necessary clarifications i the matters relating to the issu Authority followed tion. as the order of iditv certifi ln servlce to claim inting aut this rule. er of the lcate on e reco consisti of the Officer of mittee may of validitv r shail i reject the by th of the mlssloner within the I dis e Govern t may matters of interpre of the By Order LO make a Joint (K. -Karna Special Cell) to issue the Validity of either theprocedu case may . before issue ofl, the appointing idate pting Home personservation of Local be therity shall validity istrict sh 1 be competent ndation of the rintendent of Zilla t of the mmary mqulry ificate. the vali itv certificate in g the reasons order the Deputy idity certi the Div may make within 30sion of3 ths from the of such appeal after a m time to time , appeal and tes. d in the of the rofKa taka, 1["^.il- .Ot.20tt+ ent
  9. 9. t [The Karnataka Publip for Sri/Smt .......................... $/ PerFon of the Village/Eg .....,... of Di State. for Issudl 371(J) nle 3(3)) Rules x3l UI Iocalls{ f I<arof )ner Sub atnff
  10. 10. [The Karnataka Public Em for Issual This is to certify that icle 371(J) 4(bx2xiii)) Certifrcates, 131 rn Rules i/Smt has been residing at ofVillage/Town District during period Tabulate all enclosures addu in evidence Place: s/olw lo 1n $a of Date:
  11. 11. STUDY IUnder CA [The Karnataka Public icle 371(J) (see le a(c)(2)(ii)) nt( Name Block ion in A for Hyderabad- ataka )Rules for Issual Certificates, 131 This is to certify that Sri/Smt slolw lo has studying 1n College/School Taluka District During the peri noted be He has passed/failed fo ing years:- of the I This is to certify that I satisfied lf that given above is true as per a ble record. Place: Date: Date Place Class/Level Reference of DocumentClass/ Exarn/Level ucauon certificate
  12. 12. Taluka of Place: Date: ...... CERTIFICA IUnder ( rule 4(e)) [The Karnataka Public for Hyderabad- for Issual Certificates, Sri/ Smt ....................... declared illagel Home Town/Place in his District Register. I have personally verifi satisfied myself that the above before 01.O1.2013. of HOME icle 371(J) 131 sl olw lo the entry i try was ln the inA )Rules the Se fer and slnce
  13. 13. [The Karnataka Public Em Sri/Smt local person We have verified the ge and validate the same. Place: Date: Name Superintendent of Police District District I [Under icle 371(J) rule 6(3)) for Hyderabad- for Issual Certificates, o13l aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar of the Village/ of District .......... slolw lo own Name .. Chief ZllIa the Eli ion in A )Rules ataka S tive O 1Sa of 'llaluka Certtificate