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Jok jal

  1. 1. Jal JokCharacter Development
  2. 2. Jal Jal is an extremely courageous young boy who has experienced and seen things Westerners could not begin to fathom Through all the terror he has kept his amazing personality Jal is  Brave  Talkative  Obedient to his family  Charming
  3. 3. Brave Jal has done so many things which require an enormous amount of bravery, such as  Escaping/running from war alone from village to village “I run as if the devil was chasing me. Soon I became good at war. I knew the different sounds of explosions…” (War Child-A Child Soldier‟s Story, Emmanuel Jal, pg. 28)  Not crying when he was told his mother had died “But I didnt‟t cry. Boys don‟t cry” (pg. 35)  Jumping into the river of hippopotamus and crocodiles with Fathna’s child to seek refuge “How could I jump? Crocodiles and hippos were in the water-things that could eat us in one bite.” (pg. 47)
  4. 4. Brave con‟t Taking the long trip to Ethiopia without food or water, and the fear of the Nyakuthunjs“…all I thought of as those hazy hours became days and I put oneheavy foot in front of the other” (pg. 53)“The elders tried to shoot at whatever was taking the boys, but weknew their guns where not match for the Nyakuthunjs” (pg. 55) Continuing the struggle even though Pinyudu was horrible at the start“My breath died inside of within me as I looked around. Stretching inthe distance where people so thin and sickly I wondered that if theywould ever be able to get up from where they sat in the ground.” (pg.56)
  5. 5. Brave con‟t Volunteering to be a “jesh a mer”“I lifted my head to look at the jenajesh standing in front of me. Holdingtheir guns, they stared ahead. I was going to be like them. I was going tobe a solider.” (pg. 75)
  6. 6. Talkative One of the most prominent personal attributes of Jal is his ability to talk Though this is useful, for it gets him noticed by the “White people,” it does get him in trouble quite often “I always wanted to practice my nyanking language with them” (pg.69) “Once again I will punish you. When will you ever learn to be quiet?” (pg. 69) “‟Will you ever be happy with silence?‟ asked Mama” (pg. 30) “I asked Bol many questions about Ethiopia” (pg. 52)
  7. 7. Obedient to his family Jal never ceases in his endeavors to make his parents proud He wants to please and obey his mother, and be brave for his father so he will see him as a strong solider “First I wanted to find food and water, then I would wait for the journey to begin again and Babba would know I was a brave son.” (pg. 49) “I knew I must not shame my father by showing him my tears” (pg. 44) “I looked at her. Mamma would not like us to help this man” (pg. 33)
  8. 8. Charming Jal is a very charming and friendly kid This side of him especially starts to be shown in chapter 8 when he makes friends with the Khawajas and Dr. Kong Tut “Can I marry you?” I asked. “Why don‟t we see the next time I come?” She laughed (pg. 71) Even when he is about to get into trouble he uses his charm to try to get out of it “The doctor stared at me. „This is my cousin. He‟s been very ill but I hope that soon he will come home to us. I am sure my visits make him stronger as I tell him about the things we are learning in school.‟” (pg. 72)