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  • i often care about strategy for customer & partner. I use apps of CardFila.com to deal with holding contacts. Great for business-man.
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  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/22/10 18:09) ----- Welcome and thank you for sharing your time with us today. My hope for today is that you leave here with a new way of thinking about how you market your business. I often start discussions with business owners with two simple questions...
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/22/10 18:09) ----- The answer two both questions is most often the same So when I am asked what in the world is Engagement Marketing? I reply simply making that happen. All too often businesses just assume it will happen and that is what leads to businesses being less successful than they could.
  • Intro: “Raise your hands: how many people here already using Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Etc.” (Effect should be: several using Facebook, less using LinkedIn and Twitter.) Let’s talk a little but about some best practices surrounding creating a presence using Social Media Marketing. First, decide where you should be. There are hundreds of social media tools and networks. Popular social media networks make it easy for small businesses and organizations get started in the social media marketing work in cost-efficient (often free!) and resourceful way. Today we will focus on the “big three” – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For the small business or organization just getting started, (click) it makes sense to start on Facebook. After that, the most important thing to do is ask your customers. We’ll speak to ways to do that later in the presentation… Today’s seminar will mention several of these popular tools. To get more comprehensive information about specific tools or social media in general, I encourage you to visit the Social Media page/tab on Constant Contact’s website: http://search.constantcontact.com/social media There, you can find everything from: blogs, guides, Hints & Tips, podcasts, Frequently Asked Questions, and webinars that will answer all your tool-specific questions.
  • If you email total strangers you’re likely to get a high number of spam complaints – much higher than 2 in 1,000 and it will literally block your ability to deliver email to your audience. That’s the challenge, here’s the opportunity. If you can find a way to build a quality permission-based email list, you will have a significant competitive advantage because you will gain a low-cost way to contact your customers. An email list is an asset and it’s worth spending the time to build it right. Building it right means building your email list where you connect. Put a signup link on your website, on your social networking profile pages, on your blog, on your website….any online presence . Add your signup link in your email signature so people can share their email address with you. If you have a physical store, place a guest book on your counter and ask people to sign it. Ask people to join your email list at events and meetings. When you exchange business cards, ask them if the email address on their card is the email where they would like to receive your regular emails. Every time someone calls your business, ask them if they are on the email list related to the reason for their call. It helps to give people an incentive to add their name to your email list. Try a discount or special privileges. An email list is an asset and it’s worth spending the time to build it right. Building it right means building your email list where you connect. This includes using the social media channels you’ve already identified to target your audience of customers, prospects, and people “who know someone who knows you”, a.k.a., like-minded, potential customers. Remember: Collect contacts everywhere you are. Always offer an opportunity to further engage with your business or organization. Put your JMML tag EVERYWHERE, so that whenever someone interacts with you on your website, blog, or other social media channel, they may sign up.
  • The red roses…make ‘em feel special
  • When you’re just getting started monitoring and listening to what is being said about you, there are several easy and free tools at your available to help you monitor activity on your Page: HootSuite: a social media dashboard for teams used to gather intelligence, search, etc. You can also schedule posts in advance from Hootsuite. TweetDeck: a real-time browser, connecting you with your contacts across multiple social platforms such as: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz, etc. Last but note least: NutshellMail: (more in the next slides)
  • Wendi caplan carroll of constant contact - engagement marketing - small biz summit 2012

    1. 1. Tech Tools and Strategyfor Online MarketingBuilding relationships that drivebusiness success
    2. 2. Introduction Wendi Caplan-Carroll Senior Regional Development Director-NY Metro Constant Contact Email:wcaplancarroll@constantcontact.com Web: newyorkmetro.constantcontact.com facebook.com/WccConstantContact @wendicc Linkedin.in.wendicaplancarrollCopyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 2
    3. 3. Why Engage? Q. Where will the majority of next month’s business come from? Q. What is your best source for new business? A. Existing customers You need to engage and build relationships! Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 3
    4. 4. Engagement Marketing: 3 steps to making “it” happen Friends Customers Followers Friends Prospects Followers You Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Great customer Connections that enable Content that engages experience ongoing dialog and spreads Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 4
    5. 5. Be Where Your Customers Are They will be talking about you! Social Content Reviews & Location-Based Social Networks Sharing Ratings Sites Services Bookmarking The sites that your customers and members are using  The sites that your partners & suppliers are using  The sites that your competitors are using Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 5
    6. 6. Great Customer Experience: Monitoring Indirect FeedbackGet regular real-time feedback delivered toyou when you want it.Nutshellmail.com (It’s Free)Makes understanding the chaos of social mediamarketing simple Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 6
    7. 7. Begin Building Permission-based Connections■ Engaging starts with the ability to connect… a contact list■ Collect everywhere you connect ■ Quality over Quantity Email Place of Business Online ■ Do I know you? Events Signature Guest Book Presence and Meetings Incoming or Guests Outgoing Calls 4 3 5 1 Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 7
    8. 8. Make a good first impression ■ Initial impressions last forever ■ Welcome new connections to your community ■ Connections: solidify the connection ■ Friends / Followers: return the favor ■ First communications = the blind date ■ Welcome them ■ Share some insight ■ Make them glad they’re connected ■ Give ‘em the red roses (an incentive for connecting!) Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 8
    9. 9. Look Professional ■ Professional templates ■ Branding consistency ■ Content / image mix ■ Appropriate mix ■ Location matters ■ White space ■ Double check your content & links Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 9
    10. 10. Engaging Customers: Send Valuable Content ■ Be brief, be bright, be gone ■ Do I care? ■ Share your expertise ■ Conversation starters ■ Let your personality shine through ■ Stop selling and provide value! Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 10
    11. 11. Re-Sharing Enabled & Encouraged: Making Content Sharable ■ Light the Fire with Email! Engaging Content ■ Content that starts a discussion ■ Distribute it broadly. .. ■ Newsletter ■ Blog ■ Facebook ■ Twitter ■ Enable sharing at each distribution point ■ Provide a specific destination for Conversation the discussion Destination Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 11
    12. 12. Monitor Engagement Track your Page Insights Read Fan comments Reply from your Inbox
    13. 13. Monitor the Impact Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 13
    14. 14. Case Study: The Swinery The Swinery is a butcher shop in Seattle They sent an email newsletter to 3,765 subscribers Received 816 opens (22%) But it was Viewed an additional 485 times & Liked by 181 readers Represents a 60% increase in reach Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 14