Technology 101 for small businesses


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Small Business Technology Tour 2012 - (sponsored by Intel)

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Technology 101 for small businesses

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY ANDYOUR BUSINESS 101You’ve never heard it like this before!
  2. 2. TECHNOLOGY ANDYOUR BUSINESSIt’s like a puzzle, that’s confusing at first. But when donecorrectly all the pieces fit together well and the wholelooks great
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY IS ONLY ATOOL. Use It Strategically To Grow Your Business.
  4. 4. The Tech Framework Hardware Software  Online software  Installed software Mobility  Hardware  Software Security
  5. 5. HardwareCore of your office (yep even with phonesand tablets)
  6. 6. Computer Storage Memory Monitor size Processor Ergonomics
  7. 7. Network Network speed Network security Wireless vs Wired Broadband Connectivity S P E E D Matters
  8. 8. Printers Speed Noise level Color vs Black and White Multi Function Printer (MPF) Laser vs Inkjet Mobile compatible Apps What are the overall features you need for your business?
  9. 9. Storage Network Attached Storage  Directly accessible on the network Direct attached storage  Attached to a computer
  10. 10. Telephone Systems Managed vs On Premise VOIP Desk telephones vs Cell Phones
  11. 11. Server On premise server (Linux, Windows Server) Online File Storage (, Dropbox, Egnyte) vs Server File Storage File server vs Application server
  12. 12. Accessories Scanner Mouse Video camera Keyboard
  13. 13. Computer Software
  14. 14. Online Applications vsSoftware
  15. 15. What Is Online Software? No software installed on a computer All software is accessed on a remote server
  16. 16. What are the benefits of onlinesoftware Easier and faster upgrades Quickly scale Fast implementation – only a browser Data is backed up and secure More productivity Save money Less hassle Others manage the tech stuff. You run your business
  17. 17. Why traditional software Performance Security No Internet
  18. 18. Integration of cloud services One cloud service can speak to another through API’s Easier to transfer data – less data entry
  19. 19. How to choose the right vendor Track record of success Years in business Who uses them What are their security systems How fast can you access your data Is your data hostage
  20. 20. Software Task Management (ASANA) Video Conference (Zoom.Us) Web Building (vFlyer, Word Press) CRM (Infusionsoft, Batch Book, Zoho, Campaigner CRM, Nimble, SalesForce, HighRise)
  21. 21. Software Web Browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox) Accounting (Quick Books, Xero, Wave Accounting, Outright, Freshbooks, Sage Peachtree) Office Suites (Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps)
  22. 22. Software Your phone system (Ring Central, Grasshopper, Verizon) Your office suite (Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Zoho) Your file sharing (Dropbox, SugarSync, Mozy, Egnyte) Your finances (Quickbooks Online, Outright, Freshbooks) Your CRM & Contact Management (Infusionsoft, SalesLogix, ACT!) Your Security (Symantec, Carbonite, others) Bonus: Sound Cloud
  23. 23. MobilityBe as productive out of the office as youare in the office
  24. 24. Hardware Tablets Smartphones Notebooks
  25. 25. Mobile Operating System Apple iOS Google Android RIM Black Berry Microsoft Windows Mobile Windows or Mac
  26. 26. Mobile PyramidWireless Remote SecurityAccess Access
  27. 27. Wireless Access Mobile broadband WiFi
  28. 28. Remote Access VPN (Virtual Private Network) File Sharing (Dropbox, Carbonite, Mozy, SurgarSync, Egnyte)
  29. 29. Mobile Security WiFi Access Bluetooth Encrypt devices and files Remote device management (remote wipe) Location awareness
  31. 31. Your Mindset andSecurity Tools
  32. 32. Mindset Vigilance Look. Then Click. (Links / Email Attachments) Use Difficult Passwords Be Paranoid, Nervous and Untrusting
  33. 33. Security Tools Computer and Mobile Device Security Software  Anti-virus, anti-malware, browser security, upgrade software, download with caution 2 Factor Authentication Network Configuration (router configured?) Backup (files, applications – full system backup and restoration)
  34. 34. TECHNOLOGY ANDYOUR BUSINESS 101You’ve never heard it like this before!