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Ramon Ray's draft presentation for Small Biz Tech Tour - - I'd love your input and critique!

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Tech 101

  1. 1. You’ve never heard it like this before!
  2. 2. It’s like a puzzle, that’s confusing at first. But when done correctly all thepieces fit together well and the whole looks great
  3. 3. Use It StrategicallyTo Grow Your Business.
  4. 4.  Hardware Software  Online software  Installed software Mobility  Hardware  Software Security
  5. 5. Core of your office (yep even with phones and tablets)
  6. 6.  Storage Memory Monitor size Processor Ergonomics
  7. 7.  Network speed Network security Wireless vs Wired Broadband Connectivity S P E E D Matters
  8. 8.  Speed Noise level Color vs Black and White Multi Function Printer (MPF) Laser vs Inkjet Mobile compatible Apps What are the overall features you need for your business?
  9. 9.  Network Attached Storage  Directly accessible on the network Direct attached storage  Attached to a computer
  10. 10.  Managed vs On Premise VOIP Desk telephones vs Cell Phones
  11. 11.  On premise server (Linux, Windows Server) Online File Storage (, Dropbox, Egnyte) vs Server File Storage File server vs Application server
  12. 12.  Scanner Mouse Video camera Keyboard
  13. 13. Be as productive out of the office as you are in the office
  14. 14. Mobile PyramidWireless Remote SecurityAccess Access
  15. 15.  Mobile broadband WiFi
  16. 16.  VPN (Virtual Private Network) File Sharing (Dropbox, Carbonite, Mozy, SurgarSync, Egnyte)
  17. 17.  WiFi Access Bluetooth Encrypt devices and files Remote device management (remote wipe) Location awareness
  18. 18.  Tablets Smartphones Notebooks
  19. 19.  Apple iOS Google Android RIM Black Berry Microsoft Windows Mobile Windows or Mac
  20. 20.  Online software (cloud) vs Installed Software Web Browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox) Accounting (Quick Books, Xero, Wave Accounting, Outright, Freshbooks, Sage Peachtree) Office Suites (Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps)
  21. 21.  Collaboration and Communication Task Management (ASANA) Video Conference (Zoom.Us) Web Building (vFlyer, Word Press) CRM (Infusionsoft, Batch Book, Zoho, Campaigner CRM, Nimble, SalesForce, HighRise)
  22. 22.  No software installed on a computer All software is accessed on a remote server
  23. 23.  Easier and faster upgrades  Quickly scale• Fast implementation – only a browser• Data is backed up and secure
  24. 24.  More productivity Save money Less hassle Others manage the tech stuff. You run your business.
  25. 25.  Your phone system (Ring Central, Grasshopper, Verizon) Your office suite (Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Zoho) Your file sharing (Dropbox, SugarSync, Mozy, Egnyte) Your finances (Quickbooks Online, Outright, Freshbooks) Your CRM & Contact Management (Infusionsoft, SalesLogix, ACT!) Your Security (Symantec, Carbonite, others)
  26. 26.  One cloud service can speak to another through API’s Easier to transfer data – less data entry
  27. 27.  Track record of success Years in business Who uses them What are their security systems How fast can you access your data Is your data hostage
  28. 28.  Vigilance Look. Then Click. (Links / Email Attachments) Use Difficult Passwords Be Paranoid, Nervous and Untrusting
  29. 29.  Computer and Mobile Device Security Software  Anti-virus, anti-malware, browser security, upgrade software, download with caution 2 Factor Authentication Network Configuration (router configured?) Backup (files, applications – full system backup and restoration)