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Lifecycle Marketing: Challenges and Success
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Lifecycle Marketing: Challenges and Success


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Lifecycle Marketing. Turn prospects into customers and turn customers into repeat buyers. Challenges and Success

Lifecycle Marketing. Turn prospects into customers and turn customers into repeat buyers. Challenges and Success

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Lifecycle Marketing: Convert leads and prospects to customers. Convert customers to repeat and loyal buyers
  • 2. Infusionsoft, Regional Development Director (NY/NJ), Editor & Technology Evangelist Ramon Ray - @ramonray Author, “Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing” ( best seller), Event producer, speaker, journ alist, piano player, FBI Citizens Academy graduate and some more
  • 3. Challenges Success
  • 4. Surviving Thriving
  • 5. Our Business Challenges • Not enough leads – “why aren’t more people interested?” • Not enough follow up with leads – “almost customers” • Not enough follow up with customers – “customers are not happy” • Not enough referrals or upsells – “I’m not getting enough referrals” • Multiple system chaos – “I’m using 3 or 4 different systems to manage my business
  • 7. The Children’s Success Foundation • 15 years in business • Revenue growth plateaued • Wanted to go beyond stagnant list of donors
  • 8. Strong Single Mom Network • Strong growth on Facebook and overall • Could not handle growth due to small staff and funding
  • 9. Laura Roeder Studios • Struggle to manage the growth • Burdened with multiple systems (email marketing, contact management, shoppi ng cart)
  • 10. Gleason Financial Group • Multiple systems to manage business (such as Excel and others) • Spending lots of money to get leads, instead of nurturing the ones they had
  • 11. Odyssey Preparatory Academy Two employees doing lots of manual work & managing hundreds of parents and children
  • 12. Presidential Pools and Spas • Down Housing market slashed their sales (from 2,000 pools in 2006 to 500 in 2010) • Manual data entry
  • 13. PrivateCounsel • $4,000 a month on marketing materials and services • $10,000 a month on marketing specialist, seminars and more • Sending marketing info to same people
  • 14. Original Runner Company • First season of Shark Tank • Kept customers on index cards; overwhelmed by success
  • 15. Ptex Group • Customer experience slacked; influx of lead follow up suffered; four company divisions were not communicating properly about customers
  • 16. Infusionsoft Laboratory – Two Results
  • 17. 15,672 customers 57,210 users
  • 18. Infusionsoft (system) Lifecycle Marketing (process)
  • 19. What Is Infusionsoft? • The all in one online sales and marketing software for small businesses • Marketing automation campaigns to automate your business processes • Modules: CRM, e-commerce, social media, email marketing, customer database, marketing campaigns and more • Convert leads into customers. Customers into repeat customers
  • 20. Your Benefits from Infusionsoft? • • • • Save time. Gives you back time. Increase productivity Turn your business into a “” Enable money making activities sales and marketing functions “in your sleep” with marketing automation • Go beyond just email marketing and a customer database • Focus on the future growth of your business
  • 22. Are you in the weeds or in the clouds? – Brian Moran
  • 23. Second part of Infusionsoft lab results Lifecycle Marketing
  • 24. Lifecycle Marketing Concepts 1. Treat every customer as if they were the only special customer 2. Multiple touch-points, in different ways, at different times 3. Customers buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell
  • 26. Define and target your customer
  • 27. 1. Attract traffic with the right lead magnet(s)
  • 28. Eric’s Top 10 Lead Magnet Ideas ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ Host an Event Connect them with Someone Special Free Samples Write an E-Book Bestseller Free Consultation or Session Educational Series (email, video) Activate a Free Trial or Test Drive Exclusive Invitation to a Live Webinar Early Access to Your New Next Big Thing Deliver an Informative E-Paper (7 things …)
  • 29. 2. Capture leads
  • 30. 3. Nurture leads Multiple touching, nurturing, is critical. Nurturing leads is all about “know, like and trust” (John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing)
  • 31. 4. Convert to sales
  • 32. 5. Deliver and Delight
  • 33. 5. Deliver and Delight
  • 34. Wowing Your Customers + Great Customer Service = Low Cost Marketing & Customer Retention Tools
  • 35. The $5.00 Challenge What could you do with $5 or less to “WOW” every new client?
  • 36. 6. Upsell
  • 37. 7. Referrals
  • 38. Jermaine Griggs – Hear and Play • Created personal relationships • Sent targeted messaging (LCV > $200) • Doubled Net Profit!
  • 39. Lifecycle Marketing Infusionsoft You now have a complete business growth plan
  • 40. Lifecycle Marketing Define and target your customer 1. Attract traffic with lead magnets 2. Capture leads 3. Nurture leads 4. Convert to sales 5. Deliver and delight 6. Upsell 7. Get referrals
  • 41. You are not alone in the CHALLENGES you face in your business. You are not alone in the opportunities of SUCCESS you can have in your business.
  • 42. The Children’s Success Foundation • Now automate their marketing to better communicate, tra ck interest, respond to interest and more. • Tripled their mailing list
  • 43. Strong Single Mom Network • Now segments her member moms, follows up based on their needs and more. • Developed paid VIP membership; over 4,000 Facebook fans, over 500 members
  • 44. Laura Roeder Studios • With a streamlined process and system Laura went from $100k to $800k in revenue • Increased leads from 2,000 to 56,400
  • 45. Gleason Financial Group • Now spend more time with family • Increase in tax clients from 438 to 1,069 • List size increase from 3,215 to 7,728
  • 46. Odyssey Preparatory Academy • Now automate their back office processes • Reduced work load
  • 47. Presidential Pools and Spas 2x – 3x higher closing rate and increase in revenue
  • 48. PrivateCounsel • Now automated fulfillment to close more sales and deliver better services • Spend more time with daughter who has genetic heart disease
  • 49. Original Runner Company Increased lead conversions by 60%, follow-up by 500%; referrals by 80%
  • 50. Ptex Group - Opportunity • Now personal touch to clients; freed up time for business growth • 15% increase in customers; 25,000 new leads; reduction in advertising budget Awesome insight on marketing & biz growth -
  • 51. You now have two powerful small business growth solutions. Lifecycle Marketing Infusionsoft
  • 52. Your investment? • Lifecycle Marketing is FREE • Costs you TIME and a DECISION to change how your business works • Take your current system and tweak them into the Lifecycle Marketing process
  • 53. Please ask yourself 3 important questions
  • 54. Would your business be better with Lifecycle Marketing Could you generate more profit/revenue with Lifecycle Marketing Could you spend more time with _____________ with Lifecycle Marketing
  • 55. Thank you. The decision is yours!
  • 56. Lifecycle Marketing: Convert leads and prospects to customers. Convert customers to repeat and loyal buyers