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Building Business Class Web Sites (SCORE Webinar)
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Building Business Class Web Sites (SCORE Webinar)


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Building Business Class Web Sites (SCORE Webinar)

Building Business Class Web Sites (SCORE Webinar)

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • RDM to input their own story.. We all could be therapists – great line Connector, Consultant, Instigator Small Biz Therapist Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner
  • Transcript

    • 1. @ramonray #SCOREWebinarBuilding Business Class Web Sites(or refreshing the one you have)
    • 2. @ramonray #SCOREWebinarWhat Will We Cover Today?1. Focus on the customer2. Have a plan3. Easy to remember domain name4. Good navigation5. Secure6. Informative7. Fresh content8. Contact information9. Be found online10. Be simple – KIS
    • 3. @ramonray #SCOREWebinarAbout Ramon RayRegional Development Director, NY/NJ, InfusionsoftEditor & Technology Evangelist, Smallbiztechnology.comTweet me…@ramonray | producer (Small Business Summit, Small Business TechnologyTour, Small Business Influencer Awards)-Journalist and freelance writer-Publisher, selling author, “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing”(and 2 other books)-Former technology consultant (not an ivory tower geek)-Full bio at
    • 4. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar1. Focus on the customer
    • 5. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar1. Focus on the customer− Easy to focus on your design, your branding, your likes− Web site is NOT about you− Customers only matter− Test various layouts and designs− Build your web site for your audience’s needs to meet your goals
    • 6. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar2. Have a plan
    • 7. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar2. Have a plan− Don’t launch a website without a purpose− Have measures of success, goals you want to reach− Why are you doing this?− What are the elements you need to build a web site to meet yourgoals− What is your budget− What features should the web site have to realize the benefitsyou want it to deliver
    • 8. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar3. Easy to remember domain name
    • 9. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar3. Easy to remember name− Your last name is great – but maybe NOT for a web site− Can a TV host easily say it?− Is it memorable?− Consider having several domain names that point to one web site− Consider having landing pages for various products or services
    • 10. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar4. Easy navigation
    • 11. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar4. Easy navigation− Your web site should not be a confusing maze− Sales and other actions increase when web site visitors can navigatewith ease− Visual cues are critical− Work with a usability and design expert− Your design should fit your goal ( is all about makingsales happen – dozens of elements to do this)− Ensure your web site display on mobile and other devices
    • 12. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar7. Security
    • 13. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar7. Security− Don’t host your own site− Any programming should be done well− You risk losing customers if you’re hacked or attacked− Update plugins− Have a security expert audit your web site− Use secure passwords− Don’t store credit card numbers and personally identifiableinformation
    • 14. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar5. Be informative
    • 15. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar5. Be informative− Information about your product is essentialfor buying− Blogs are great addition for more content− Shows you are an expert− Become a resource not a salesman
    • 16. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar6. Fresh Content
    • 17. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar6. Fresh Content− Customers want to know your site is alive, hence your business− Regularly update your web site with customer stories, news,press releases, imagery− Content increases your rankings on search engines− Timely content
    • 18. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar8. Easy customer contact
    • 19. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar8. Easy customer contact− Don’t hide− Let customers reach you by email or phone or tweet, discussionboard, etc.− Frustration builds if customers can’t contact you− Respond quickly to customers− Be alert to customers reaching you through social media
    • 20. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar9. Be found
    • 21. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar9. Be found− Just building a web site is NOT enough− Strategic plan for marketing and exposure− Word of mouth is great− Have tools for sharing content online− Content is king
    • 22. @ramonray #SCOREWebinarOnline marketing cheat sheet1. Produce frequent, relevant, engaged and analyzed content2. Buy online advertising on search engines, social media, web sites3. Ensure local listings are accurate (search engines and local siteslike Yelp)4. Measure online marketing results (Google analytics and more)5. Referrals from other web sites and online sources6. Offline marketing (events, business cards, etc.)7. Enable social sharing on your web site (Facebook plugins, enableTweeting of web site content)8. Connect your web site forms and other activity to a CRM backendSocial Media 101 and Facebook for Business 101
    • 23. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar10. Be simple - KIS
    • 24. @ramonray #SCOREWebinar10. Be simple - KIS− Only as much as needed− Simple is the rule− Less is more
    • 25. @ramonray #SCOREWebinarGift from Ramon and SCOREFree copy ofTechnology Resourcesfor Growing Businesses
    • 26. @ramonray #SCOREWebinarWeb Site Resources1. (blog/web site creation)2. DIY Web site building tools (, (great source to find programmers/designers)4. (great source for images)5. Facebook Social Plugins - (discussion board service)7. (syndication service for your content to be on other websites)8. (display PPTs on Web site)9. (send audio – interviews – directly to your web site)10. Online form builders (Formstack, Zoho, Infusionsoft, WuFoo)
    • 27. @ramonray #SCOREWebinarAny Questions?Thank you SCORERamon Ray, Marketing & Technology EvangelistInfusionsoft and