Real world Scala hAkking NLJUG JFall 2011
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  • ActorRef is an immutable reference which exclusively gives access to the Actor.Actors run on Dispatchers. A Dispatcher runs a mailbox to process messages.Amount of messages per mailbox run is configurable. (actor.throughput, default 5)
  • One way messaging between two ActorsActors can process messages in parallel
  • One way messaging between two ActorsActors can process messages in parallel
  • !!! Is preferred over !!Futuresalso run onDispatchers.FutureTimeoutException happens onfuture.get. IfonlyonComplete and failure are registered, yougetnoFutureTimeoutException


  • 1. Real World Scala hAkking Raymond Roestenburg
  • 2. About me• Java since 1997• Scala since 2010• Mostly backend systems• Lead architect Traffic Management at CSC• Akka committercode: http://roestenburg.agilesquad.comtwtr: @RayRoestenburg
  • 3. Company I work for Traffic Management • Section Control • Weigh in Motion • Traffic Information • Traffic Enforcement
  • 4. Agenda• @MIGO-BORAS sensordomain• Sensor networks• Typesafe stack• Akka Actors• Apache Camel Integration• Remote Actors• Monitoring• Testing• Deployment
  • 5. @MIGO-BORAS• Koninklijke Marechaussee• MTV (Mobiel Toezicht Vreemdelingen)• Prevent illegal border crossing• Sensor domain• Fixed locations• Mobile vehicles• Cameras, Radars• Vehicle properties• January 2012
  • 6. Sensor networks• Usable for many applications in our field • Distributed along highways and provincial roads • Traffic Enforcement • Traffic Information • Other applications • Roadside systems • Range of sensor types – Camera’s, Infrared, Laser, Piezoelectric, Loops, Mobile units, … • Remotely Configure & Control
  • 7. Why Scala & Akka• Less code, less bugs• Less code, same VM power• Experienced team (Java, C#, C) • 3 experienced Java devs • 1 experienced C# dev with no Java experience• Need to interoperate with existing Java and C (JNA)• Simplify development (C->Java->Scala)• Ubuntu
  • 8. Scala 2.9.x• Learning curve (Start with simple features)• Traits, Tupels, Stackable Traits• First Class Functions• Scala Collections • map, flatMap, partition, foreach, filter, groupBy..• Option type • map.. orElse, foreach,..• Case classes• REPL, DSLs, Extension methods
  • 9. Typesafe Stack• Current Stack • Open Source • SBT 0.7.7 • Scala 2.9.0-1 • Akka 1.1.3 • Camel & Camel Components 2.7.0 (FTP,Mina,Jetty,…) • Jboss Netty 3.2.4• When we started early 2010 • Akka 0.7, Scala 2.8.0Beta1
  • 10. Akka UsageCore Actors, Remote, TestKit, Serialization, STM, Agents, Dataflow, Async HTTP (Mist), FSM, TransactorsModules MicroKernel, Camel, AMQP, Scalaz, Spring, OSGi, DataFlow, Persistence,
  • 11. Akka Actors ActorRef Mailbox ActorMessage to send Dispatcher Threads
  • 12. Akka Actors ActorRef Mailbox ActorDispatcher Threads
  • 13. Akka Actors ActorRef Mailbox ActorDispatcher Threads
  • 14. Akka Actors ActorRef Mailbox ActorDispatcher Threads
  • 15. Akka Actors ActorRef Mailbox ActorDispatcher Threads
  • 16. Akka Actors ActorRef Mailbox ActorDispatcher Threads
  • 17. One-way messaging Shared Dispatcher
  • 18. Two-way
  • 19. Two-way with Futures
  • 20. Camel Actors• Camel Component integration• Consumers and Producers
  • 21. Camel Consumers
  • 22. Camel Producers
  • 23. Camel Producers• Use CamelContext
  • 24. DispatchersThreadBasedDispatcherExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcherExecutorBasedWorkStealingDispatcherPriorityExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcherRollYourOwn
  • 25. DispatchersCamel Producers Local Processing Camel Consumers Heartbeat, Remote Actors Cleanup, Schedule, Long Running, Redelivery, Remote Error Handling
  • 26. Messages• Case classes • Simple data containers • toProtobuf and fromProtobuf on case class and companion object for remoting• Every msg has a • correlation Id to the event • Timestamp• Logging, Tracing, Performance
  • 27. Event Process ChainsLoad Balancer EndPoint (Consumer/Producer)Forwarding Actor
  • 28. Remote Actors• Client • Actor.remote.actorFor(name, host,port)• Server • Actor.remote.register(name, actorRef)• remoteActorFor: (String, String, Int) => ActorRef = remote.actorFor
  • 29. Remote Actors Internals • RemoteActorRef • RemoteServer • RemoteClient • Netty Server • Netty Channels • Lifecycle Event • Serialization (Scala, listeners Java, (S)JSON, ProtoBuf • RemoteProtocolRemoteActorRef RemoteProtocol ActorRef Mailbox Actor RemoteClient RemoteServer
  • 30. Remote Actors (Akka 1.1.3)• JBoss Netty (Channels)• Not as transparent as you would like• Remote Lifecycle Listeners• Closing sockets, reconnect• Own Guaranteed Delivery implementation – Specific requirements – Bases on Idempotent Receiver and Repeating messages after reconnect – Non-Trivial – Heartbeats – Exp Backoff
  • 31. Remote configuration• #compression-scheme = "zlib“ #leave out• zlib-compression-level = 0• client: reconnection-time-window = 2000000• client: read-timeout (we use 60)• backlog = 4096 # Netty backlog for connections, should suffice, increase if failures happen
  • 32. Monitoring• Application level monitoring• Listener Actors contain Custom JMX MBeans• Direct passthrough of msg or translation
  • 33. Testing with TestKit
  • 34. Testing one-way Actor Output
  • 35. Microkernel deployment• sbt dist (akka-sbt-plugin)• Creates dist directory• init.d scripts
  • 36. Questions?