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AutoDesk Inventor Basics at TechShop
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AutoDesk Inventor Basics at TechShop


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AutoDesk Inventor Basics at TechShop

AutoDesk Inventor Basics at TechShop

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. AutoDesk Inventor at TechShop RDU Ray Harris
  • 2. OutlineWhat is InventorHow to Get InventorThe CNC WorkflowWhat you’ll learn in the Basics Class
  • 3. What is Inventor?3D Computer Aided DesignSolid ModelingParametric DesignVisualization and SimulationDigital Prototyping
  • 4. How to Get InventorDownload from AutoDesk Create a Student Account School: TechShop in San Fransisco, CA Almost All AutoDesk Products Three-year Educational License
  • 5. How to Get InventorDVDs from Front Desk Either Bring PC in to install Take discs home for 2 days with $100 deposit Six-month Commercial License
  • 6. How to Get InventorBuy a commercial license Inventor LT ($995) Inventor ($3495) Content Center, Design Accelerators Inventor Professional ($7295) Tube, Pipe, Cable Routing Mold Design & Stress Analysis
  • 7. The CNC WorkflowCAD - Computer Aided Design Create a digital model of the partCAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing Create tool paths that will make partCUT - Cut with CNC machine Use tool paths to create part
  • 8. CAD at TechShop2D Design 3D Design Corel Draw Inventor InkScape Blender AutoCad2.5D V CarveExport to DXF Export to STLAll have their own internal file format
  • 9. CAM at TechShop2D CAM Epilog Print Driver >> Laser Cutter FlexiStarter >> Vinyl Cutter These t wo Cut directly V Car ve >> Plasma Cutter Generates G-Code files All Import from DXF files
  • 10. CAM at TechShop2D & 2.5D CAM V Car ve >> ShopBot V Car ve >> Tormach Generates G-Code All import from DXF files
  • 11. CAM at TechShop3D CAM Cut3D >> ShopBot Cut3D >> Tormach ReplicatorG >> MakerBotAll import STL filesAll export G-Code files
  • 12. Cutting at TechShop2D Cutting Epilog Print Driver >> Laser Cutter FlexiStarter >> Vinyl Cutter TorchMate >> Plasma Cutter2.5D and 3D Cutting ShopBot Control >> ShopBot Mach 2 >> Tormach ReplicatorG >> MakerBot
  • 13. CNC Classes at TechShop CAD Classes CorelDraw for CNC Inventor AutoDesk Inventor Basics Inventor Skill Builder I - Sketching Introduction to Assemblies Inventor Sheet Metal
  • 14. CNC Classes at TechShop CAM Classes Concepts of CNC Terminology Calculate Speeds and Feeds Climb vs Conventional Cut CNC CAD/CAM Soft ware Level 2 VCar ve Cut3D
  • 15. CNC Classes at TechShop Cut Classes Laser Cutter SBU Vinyl Cutter SBU Plasma Cutter SBU ShopBot SBU Tormach SBU MakerBot SBU
  • 16. What You’ll LearnThe Inventor User Interface Parts of UI and Application Options Manipulating 2D and 3D ViewsCreating a New ProjectTypes of Inventor Files Part and Assembly Files Drawing and Presentation FilesCreate a new Part File
  • 17. What You’ll LearnCreate a 2D Sketch Drawing, Parameters and ConstraintsCreate a 3D Feature Create a 3D Solid from a 2D Sketch Modify a 3D Solid Merge t wo 3D Solids (Join and Cut) Modify Tools (Hole and Fillet)Export a Part to an STL File