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Baker Street Bakery

  1. 1. The Baker Street Bakery<br />Business Plan<br />
  2. 2. Executive Summary<br />Vision<br />To create a healthy fast food rival to Pret-a-manger which:<br />provides a greater level of choice and service<br />is student friendly and large enough to accommodate groups studying or chilling<br />gives staff the ability to quickly turn their feedback, and that of customers, into products and services<br />The first location will be based in the tourist and student hotspot of Baker Street.<br />Initial concept will be a themed quasi-food court, with more ‘shops’ added over time to increase growth<br />About us<br />Summary business plan<br />The business will be initially focused on a quasi-food court securing the local lunch-time trade and subsequently branching out to an evening offering and morning deliveries to local residents. The store would be named simply Baker Street, with The Baker Street Bakery and The Bakery Street Night Cafe being the initial product brands. <br />We intend on refining the operation at this site and mirroring the concept in other Central London locations.<br />The ability to leverage the delivery distribution network to deliver ancillary products would only come from customer feedback and contact referrals. We want local residents to trust and value us to the extent that they ask us for other products that we could source from local third party suppliers.<br />I would like to expand the business to further stores; the first on Baker Street and the second in Knightsbridge. The reason being is both areas have a tight distribution of high net worth families living in mansion blocks, which would be easy to deliver to; and both are tourist hotspots<br />My name is RayhanRafiq Omar. I have intended on opening this bakery for 8 years, however quickly indentified that there were many skills, such as diplomacy, which I needed to learn before being responsible for people working for me.<br />My wife Sofi has 10 years relevant experience of managing and motivating teams of customer-facing staff . She will manage the day-to-day operations, while I take care of all the back office functions of purchasing, marketing, finance and administration.<br />The cashflow from this business would be used to expand on further business ideas, so we can safely innovate without having to worry about raising finance. We will always look for partners, as having oversight can only be a good thing, and the knowledge and skills that others can bring will always be more useful than our knowledge alone.<br />
  3. 3. Location<br />101-103 Baker Street, London W1<br />A1/A2 premises<br />Former Halifax bank branch<br />Ground floor: 1,895 sq ft<br />Basement: 2,079 sq ft<br />Total: 3,974 sq ft<br />Corner site on York Street and<br />Baker Street<br />Established lunch-time rush<br />20,000 students within a 5<br />minute walk<br />Local residents all live in<br />mansion blocks<br />Rates 2009/10: £46,317.50pa<br />Why this location? - Baker Street has the benefit of an established lunch crowd - all outlets, both express food and restaurant, in the area are bursting with excess demand from students, tourists, local office workers and local residents. <br />The key to this location is the unique density of wealthy families living in mansion blocks. The core business unique selling point is daily, reliable delivery to the residents of all these mansion blocks in Marylebone, Mayfair and the areas surrounding Regent's Park. First thing in the morning, we will deliver bread, pastries, milk, juice and even sandwiches for the kids; and it's all mansion blocks, so it'll be easy to deliver<br />
  4. 4. Current ground floor <br />101-103 Baker Street, London W1<br />xyz<br />xyz<br />
  5. 5. Current basement<br />
  6. 6. The Bakery look and feel<br />Look<br />Upstairs 1800s London Street theme<br /><ul><li>To get the feeling as though you are walking down a 1800s lit up street
  7. 7. Walk way - Round pebbles path – As flat as possible to make it easy for heels; logo in floor in stone, or as a drain cover
  8. 8. Ceiling painted as though its the sky
  9. 9. Lamp posts
  10. 10. Cast iron railing
  11. 11. Counters styled as separate shop units - Grocers, Deli, Bakery etc – on casters to be pushed back behind roll-down drapes with the closed shop painted on
  12. 12. Wall opposite to shops is painted on as a mural – shops on the opposite side of the street/ street going into the distance/ or London square type green
  13. 13. Tables & chairs - wrought iron / heavy wooden table tops
  14. 14. Penny farthings as seats – free meal next time if you can sit and eat your whole meal this time</li></ul> <br />Downstairs<br /><ul><li>Comfortable seating
  15. 15. Wi-Fi and power points for Laptops </li></ul>Initial capital expenditure<br />IT and Equipment: 4 tills x £2000 + 4 computers x £500 + website creation x £10,000 = £20,000<br />Kitchen equipment: £30,000<br />Furniture and customer area furnishings: £150,000 (need to get estimates)<br />Total - £200,000<br />
  16. 16. Proposal 3 - Ground Floor<br />Shops/Service areas<br />Doors <br />Ice cream service window<br />4<br />Mural<br />3<br />Ice cream parlour<br />1<br />2<br />Bakers<br />2<br />Deli<br />3<br />5<br />8<br />Pizzeria / Rolls<br />4<br />Sandwich shop (ready-made)<br />5<br />6<br />Coffee shop<br />6<br />Sweet shop<br />7<br />1<br />7<br />Florist<br />8<br />
  17. 17. Proposed Basement Floor<br />
  18. 18. List of capital works<br /><ul><li>Remove all stud and non-load-bearing walls – ground and basement
  19. 19. Expose M&E – remove suspended ceiling entirely
  20. 20. Lighting - assess how much of existing light fixtures, wiring and control systems to keep or replace
  21. 21. Seating areas – quick eat areas, less quick and quiet eating upstairs; and comfortable seating downstairs
  22. 22. Preparation areas, counters, and baking area/kitchen
  23. 23. Storage area/cold room and fridges – open fridges for grab-and-go products and closed for overnight storage of ingredients
  24. 24. Pay terminals and tills
  25. 25. Painting and finishing – walls, ceilings, wood and metalwork, and mural
  26. 26. Frontage – open up main door to be wider – same width side door to be opened up
  27. 27. Window treatment
  28. 28. Signage and lighting
  29. 29. Staircase – to be moved to free up space
  30. 30. Pillars to be exposed and dressed</li></li></ul><li>Financials – P&L<br />
  31. 31. Financials – Year 1 cashflow<br />
  32. 32. Financials - contingency<br />
  33. 33. Products and services<br />Overview<br />I want to provide a service that people trust, employees love to provide and is a stable and consistent net contributor to the local community.<br /><ul><li>The idea was conceived 8 years ago, whilst at university, as there was no suitable venue to relax and study. I didn't want a business that was the same as many others; that thought process brought up the notion of delivering to the mansion blocks in the surrounding area
  34. 34. The initial idea was to deliver bread, milk, sandwiches and any other convenience item to the local homes and businesses within a mile radius of the bakery.
  35. 35. All the deliveries would be packaged beautifully, without adding excessively to waste. Customers will have the flexibility to amend or cancel their orders right up to the very last minute. We will look to start this service once the lunchtime offering is profitable. Provide simple options for regular delivery –
  36. 36. At lunchtime, there will be a selection of fresh, quick and convenient items for lunch. Preparation will be in full display, to give customers confidence in our cleanliness
  37. 37. In the evening, we will transform the venue through lighting, music and a more relaxed food menu (mint tea et al)
  38. 38. There will be quiet areas for students to spread out their books and study, with free, reliable wifi to complete the service
  39. 39. Hiring out the downstairs in the evening for functions</li></ul>Specifics<br /><ul><li>Morning - bread, pastries, sandwiches;
  40. 40. Mid-morning to lunch - sandwiches and salads;
  41. 41. Lunch - Sandwiches, deli counter, pizza, soups and fresh juices, milkshakes and smoothies [research: and The Grocer];
  42. 42. Late afternoon - cheap sandwich and salad clearout OR cheaper coffee and wifi to attract after university crowd (high profile marketing to local student population); </li></ul>Evening - Change of scenery and lighting to attract young, local crowd offering drinks such as mint tea, milkshakes and smoothies, space to meet and study and possibly live sports events for the alcohol-free crowd (with the downstairs, we have the flexibility to cater to two different crowds. Tap water is free, drink to your heart's content - sign next to a drinking water tap. Large jars of water with cucumbers, lemons and limes, watermelon - tasty and aesthetically pleasing<br /><ul><li>Delivery: bread, milk, pastries, juices, sandwiches, packed lunches, newspapers and other value-added products
  43. 43. Provide a high quality and reliable service that the local residents trust
  44. 44. Flexibility will be key, allowing last minute changes to orders, custom requests and the most polite, helpful staff that anyone could ever encounter.
  45. 45. The goods have to always arrive beautifully wrapped as it they were a present
  46. 46. Once the delivery service reaches critical mass, we can offer higher value products and extend our product range to include :
  47. 47. flowers - rent out space on ground floor to a florist, and deliver their products for a delivery charge
  48. 48. cat and dog treats
  49. 49. 3rd party specialist products - brands like The Grocer and Jamie Oliver (not competing with supermarkets – just providing easy to cook home meals)
  50. 50. hotel-style continental breakfast (with a vase and flower, toast in keep-warm packets), </li></li></ul><li>Products and services<br />Initial shop offerings<br />Ice creams, sweets in jars, cakes<br />Juices, milkshakes, smoothies, fresh homemade lemonade (fizzy and not)<br />Bakery – breads, pastries<br />Pizzeria and doughmaster style wraps<br />Deli – sandwiches, salads<br />Quick stop sandwich (and salad) shop<br />Coffee shop – teas, coffees, hot drinks<br />Florist and edible arrangements<br />Tills at front, so shops can concentrate on serving<br />Ingredients weekly orders<br />Kitchen preparation/clean routine<br />Staff recruitment and training schedule - waiting/customer service<br />Health and safety/ food safety certification<br />Furniture/Decoration - booths bells bulbs<br />Till/CRM/ordering system<br />Menu design and uniforms<br />Sauces – Nando’s style pick up sauces<br />Hand basin<br />Place mats<br />Make your own pizza experience - Pizza and a movie<br />Projection screen<br />Mini etch a sketch<br />Black board for comments<br />Short trees in big plant pots out side.<br />Till system - prompts for customer grouping tag with transaction so we can track what the buying patterns are for tourists, workers and students, and see who spends more with us and where we need to adapt our offering and effortsIce tea and traditional lemonade sold for cheap in the summer to drag sales through the roofMobile units to gain exposure - selling drinks and dessertsCobbled path leading into the shop from outside. Possibly flanked by LEDsUse elements from the California Gurls music<br />
  51. 51. Staffing policy and training<br />Valuing our staff so they in turn value our customers<br />Staff members will work in a tight-knit team, the core value being spreading the wealth: we share the profit with those who help generate it. <br />Bonuses<br />Bonuses will be structured to:<br />Encourage sign up of new delivery customers<br />Based on customer feedback - staff will be encouraged to seek customer feedback - bonuses will be paid on quantity of customer comments and quality of staff service (as commented on by customers)<br />Bonuses will be capped on everything except the new delivery customers metric<br />Baker Street Bakery KPIs for monitoring performance<br />Staff retention strategy<br />The business will be employing approximately 14 people from the outset. There will be a transparent process for progression, so that there is healthy competition for team members to progress to more senior roles and find activities within the business where they excel.<br />The staff incentive structure will be three-fold<br />Financial - bonuses<br />Value input - bottom-up culture<br />Progression - promotion opportunities<br />
  52. 52. How will we market the bakery<br />The site on Baker Street, more than anything, is for prominent marketing advantage. The large corner site at 101 Baker Street provides a healthy expanse of frontage to highlight our delivery service to the local area.<br />Environmental care commitment - packaging, waste reduction initiatives<br />cleaning the local area<br />Community involvement - teaching local kids basic cooking and hygiene <br />feeding the homeless<br />Target audience – <br />Understand them<br />What will appeal to them – <br />Theme – <br />Products – <br />Display of products – <br />Packaging – <br />Price – <br />Routine – who, how, when, where (cleaning, rubbish, )<br />Reward – <br />Promotion – <br />Ongoing research – when, how much, what, what more<br />Idea/feedback submission – <br />Feedback implementation and visibility of results – <br />Special events – 3 a side, radio controlled rally, baby time, <br />Marketing and packaging to be funny and informative<br />To support BSB subscription: For all Facebook and Google's power, neither of them has a direct financial relationship with consumers. Though clearly they will move in that direction.<br />Marketing strategy<br />Launch – performers, stilts, magicians<br />Leaflet distribution<br />Radio stations and newspaper PR<br />Free delivery to local businesses<br />Students' Union advertising<br />Nurseries and schools<br />Mansion block porters - build a rapport<br />Members clubs<br />Local business partnerships and discounts<br />Initially - door-to-door business sandwich and soup sales - purely as a marketing ploy<br />Bloomberg/ picadilly circus type large screen in bakery window, to create a landmark<br />Leaflets - The Baker St Bakery delivers here<br />
  53. 53. Future development<br />Expansion will be through further shops that provide a ‘niche’ offering. The only generic, common offering will be the lunchtime products.<br />The idea is to cater in a unique manner for:<br /><ul><li>Local residents (who live busy family lives in mansion blocks)
  54. 54. Students (who need a space to study and socialise)
  55. 55. Tourists</li></ul>Expansion shops<br />All must be small and ideally portable:<br />Locksmith<br />Florist<br />Edible arrangements<br />The Grocer<br />Jamie Oliver’s Recipease<br />Hot dog stand<br />Mama's hampers - ready-made picnicsEdible arrangements alongside florist.<br />Basement<br />Downstairs Mirror maze theme.<br />·Entrance  - Big heavy black velvet curtains<br />·Mirror maze that lead to separate booths<br />·Booths deco inline with mirrors - comfortable seating<br />·Power points - Laptops / Mobile phone / Wifi<br />·Plain black ceilings and flooring<br />·Staff to tend to customers from the moment the walk down stairs; they will also seat them unless customers identify seating themselves<br />·Buzzer / Light that goes off in kitchen if assistance is needed at booths (include booth numbering)<br />
  56. 56. Future development (2)<br /><ul><li>Basement
  57. 57. Delivery
  58. 58. Evening
  59. 59. Extra shops
  60. 60. Year 2 – second shop
  61. 61. Year 3 – cut hole in ground floor and build balcony and street and more shops at basement level</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />
  62. 62. Current Ground Floor<br />504cm<br />1047cm<br />Front door - 160cm – 285cm<br />Height - 301cm<br />Height to false - 246cm<br />663cm<br />617cm<br />504cm<br />366cm<br />224cm<br />1126cm<br />274cm<br />237cm<br />500cm<br />
  63. 63. Proposal 1 - Ground Floor<br />Shops/Service areas<br />Doors <br />Ice cream service window<br />Mural<br />4<br />3<br />Ice cream parlour<br />2<br />1<br />Bakers<br />2<br />Deli<br />3<br />5<br />Pizzeria / Rolls<br />4<br />Sandwich shop (ready-made)<br />5<br />6<br />Coffee shop<br />6<br />Sweet shop<br />7<br />1<br />7<br />
  64. 64. Proposal 2 - Ground Floor<br />Shops/Service areas<br />Doors <br />Ice cream service window<br />Mural<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />Ice cream parlour<br />1<br />Bakers<br />2<br />Deli<br />3<br />5<br />Pizzeria / Rolls<br />4<br />Sandwich shop (ready-made)<br />5<br />6<br />Coffee shop<br />6<br />Sweet shop<br />7<br />1<br />7<br />
  65. 65. Proposal 4 - Ground Floor<br />Shops/Service areas<br />Doors <br />Ice cream service window<br />Mural<br />Ice cream parlour<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />1<br />Bakers<br />2<br />Deli<br />3<br />5<br />8<br />Pizzeria / Rolls<br />4<br />Sandwich shop (ready-made)<br />5<br />6<br />Coffee shop<br />6<br />Sweet shop<br />7<br />1<br />7<br />Florist<br />8<br />
  66. 66. Current Basement Floor<br />
  67. 67. Current Ground Floor<br />504cm<br />663cm<br />Front door - 160cm<br />Height - 301cm<br />Height to false - 246cm<br />504cm<br />366cm<br />617cm<br />224cm<br />210cm<br />1126cm<br />274cm<br />237cm<br />1069cm<br />1047cm<br />409cm<br />478cm<br />500cm<br />285cm<br />
  68. 68. Breads<br />There are three main kinds of bread in the world:<br /><ul><li>those that rise highest and so have to be baked in pans,
  69. 69. those with a medium volume, like rye and French breads,
  70. 70. those that hardly rise at all and consequently are called flatbreads.</li></ul>Breads<br />Onion seed<br />Olive<br />Cheese<br />Spicy<br />Seeded<br />Sultana – sweet<br />Wholemeal<br />Wholemeal and wheat meal breads are popular. In New Zealand wholemeal breads must have 90% or more wholemeal flour in the recipe used, and wheat meals any level of wholemeal flour mixed with white flour.<br />Multigrain<br />Mixed or multigrain breads are made from a mixture of wholemeal, white or rye flour and may contain wheat germ, honey, gluten, non-fat milk solids, cracked and whole grains of wheat and other cereals such as rye, oats, corn, barley, rice millet and triticale.<br />Rye<br />Rye bread is a wholemeal bread made from rye or a mix of rye and wheat flour. It was originally developed in Europe and is made in a wide variety of styles and shapes.<br />Fruit<br />Fruit breads use a normal bread recipe to which fruit and often sugar are added. Popular fruits used are raisins, currants, dates, orange peel and dried fruits such as apricots. Hot cross buns, eaten at Easter, and many fruit breads, also have spices added. Ingredients used to enhance appearance and flavour of breads include cinnamon, nutmeg, egg wash and sugar/water wash.<br />baguettes/Hearth<br />Some well known hearth breads include French sticks (baguettes) and Vienna bread which were traditionally baked directly on the hearth, that is, the brick floor of the oven.<br />Sourdough bread<br />Until dry yeast was invented in the nineteenth century sourdoughs were the only leavenings (raising agents) used in yeast bread. Bread made by the sourdough method makes a hearty, acid bread with thick crusts that will last up to a week.<br />Flat<br />Flatbreads were the earliest breads made by humans. The most basic are still a mixture of flour, water and salt kneaded into a pliable dough before being shaped by hand and baked. Wheat is the most popular choice of grain although barley, millet, corn, oats, rice and rye are used to make various flatbreads..<br />Bagels<br />Bagels are round, chewy rolls about 10 cm in diameter with a hole in the middle. They are in fact much like a doughnut in appearance, but the resemblance ends there (or it should!). The taste and texture of the bagel is very different to the doughnut although they have been referred to as 'cement doughnuts' or doughnuts with rigor mortis!<br />Naan<br />Bagels are round, chewy rolls about 10 cm in diameter with a hole in the middle. They are in fact much like a doughnut in appearance, but the resemblance ends there (or it should!). The taste and texture of the bagel is very different to the doughnut although they have been referred to as 'cement doughnuts' or doughnuts with rigor mortis!<br />Chapatti<br />Chapatti is an unleavened round flat bread from Northern India. Chapattis are enjoyed with most meals, wrapped around meat or vegetables<br />
  71. 71. Geschäftsübersicht<br />Marktanteil nach Abteilung<br />Organisationsstruktur<br />Geschäftsprozessmodell<br />Zusammenfassung<br />Dies war bzgl. des Wachstums, aber auch der Entwicklung unserer Infrastruktur und Geschäftsprozesse ein entscheidendes Jahr für das Unternehmen. Wir werden uns im nächsten Jahr weiterhin auf unsere internen Systeme konzentrieren. <br />Zu den speziellen Wachstumsbereichen gehören u. a. Elektronische Geräte, bei dem Contoso in den letzten drei Jahren einen Marktzuwachs von 6,7 % erzielen konnte. Ein Bereich, der genau beobachtet werden sollte, ist der Bereich Dienstleistungen , bei dem der Markanteil leicht gesunken ist.<br />