RAY GOODMAN             97 Glengrove Ave. W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4R 1N8           416-322-3313                  raym...
CHAPTER 1:           BUILDING DIVERSE FOUNDATIONSAcademic:            University of Western Ontario        MBA, B.Sc. (Com...
CHAPTER 2:             BUILDING EXCITING PRODUCTS (all projects on contract):Contracting:           Role-based mandates wh...
Fresh Item Solutions:     Invatron Systems                                      President and COO(2007- 2009)             ...
(2013)     - Global provider of enterprise analytic platform           - Provided four prospects & one pilot while contrac...
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Ray goodman most recent bio_full

  1. 1. RAY GOODMAN 97 Glengrove Ave. W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4R 1N8 416-322-3313 raymondgoodman2@gmail.comCore Competency: Leading Edge Product Innovation for Retail Analytic ServicesHIGHLIGHTS1960’s - Wrote first computer program. - Received first (of several to come) final marks of 100 in Mathematics.1970’s - Studied applied math, computer science, marketing at leading university - Invited into PhD Math program, but chose Computer Science/Business - Consulted on strategic analysis at McKinsey for Retail/CPG clients1980’s - Created retail-CPG collaboration platform to analyze POS data - Created BI system used for 15 years by Canada’s leading food retailer - Created pricing expert system that recommended prices vs. competition - Created analytical processes that guided category management analysis1990’s - Developed change management audit for category management readiness - Co-founded Canada’s largest & most segmentable consumer database - Created outsourced analytical service serving US retailers –e.g. Wal-Mart - Created 3-D visualization platform to identify merchandising opportunity - Developed analytical frameworks for store benchmarking - Developed analytical frameworks for private label pricing2000’s - Consulted on Product Marketing strategy with publicly traded software co. - Consulted on Product Marketing strategy with a POS collaboration co. - Consulted on strategic options for a business intelligence co. - Consulted on price elasticity for global travel company - President, North America for Indian-based analytical outsource company - Created “universal template” for optimizing price using Laffer curve - Attempted to create “price optimization factory” in India - Consulted with global shopper marketing company on analytical servicesKey Goal2010 + - My ideal role will offer a transformational mandate which intersects: Retail, Technology, Analytics, Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship .
  2. 2. CHAPTER 1: BUILDING DIVERSE FOUNDATIONSAcademic: University of Western Ontario MBA, B.Sc. (Computer Science)(1972-1978) - #2 business school outside of U.S. as ranked by Wall Street Journal - Dean’s Honor List (Top 10%), numerous scholarships, 99% GMAT - Minor in Applied Mathematics. Focus in Marketing, Strategy, AI.Strategy: McKinsey & Co. Marketing Strategy Consultant(1978-1983) - World’s largest strategic consulting firm - Among youngest entrants in history, focus on retail/packaged goods - Led 1 year process improvement study that resulted in $5mil savings - Developed strategy for numerous Tier 1 Retail and CPG clients.Retail: Loblaw Companies VP, Marketing, Merchandising, Technology(1983-1989) - Created pricing expert system that recommended prices in $1bil co. - Created merchandising decision support system used for 15 years - Created business plan for new subsidiary to sell POS info to vendors - Created category management process with +1% GM improvement - Created knowledge-based culture while overseeing 100 person dept. - Created highest audience score at Retail Systems Alert conference.Direct Marketing: Prospects Unlimited Co-Founder and President(1990.1992) - Canada’s largest mailing list sold to Compusearch (RLPolk/Equifax) - Created 9 mil. household consumer database from dept. store records - Created business & technology infrastructure from start-up to $1mil - Created merger integration within larger acquiring company for 1 yr.Category Management: Tandem International Retail Practice Director(1993-1994) - Created Category Management seminar with Brian Harris - Created the Future section on Cat. Mgmt. for FMI publication - Created Retail Change Management service based on ODR training.Analytics: Cott Retail Brands – Watt International CIO(1995-1996) - World’s largest supplier of private label soft drinks with $1B+ sales - Subsidiary providing strategy, packaging and design services - Served Wal-Mart, Safeway, Wegmans, Albertsons - Created visualization solution for retail Category Management - Created outsourced price optimization & store benchmarking service - Integrated analytic services with design services & product delivery.
  3. 3. CHAPTER 2: BUILDING EXCITING PRODUCTS (all projects on contract):Contracting: Role-based mandates which leveraged my six core competencies:(1996-2005) Marketing Strategy Consultant: - Led efforts in CRM, M&A, pricing, product marketing, Corel - Led efforts to focus Sales and Marketing strategy, Mindavenue - Provided local market expertise for Canadian entry, Experian - Provided assistance to RFP response for Canadian entry, Bookscan - Developed product roadmap for POS collaboration, Retail Solutions - Developed pricing strategy for premium travel, Butterfield & Co. Entrepreneur: - Co-founder & CEO for nighttime unattended home delivery, eBox - Co-founder & President, web publisher of annual reports, Print.Net - Acting President, Real Estate information start-up, Info Highway Executive-for-Hire - CIO for CRM outsourcing business for US auto dealers, Newgen - VP, M&A for largest permission marketing portal, freeshop.com Strategic Adviser - IT strategy affecting contract negotiations for Canadian Tire Dealers - Led effort to explore strategic M&A alternatives, Meta5 - Keynote Speaker at Retail Conferences, TCI and Canadian GMA.CHAPTER 3: BUILDING GLOBAL BUSINESSES (all mandates on contract):(2005-Present)Retail Intelligence: Manthan Software Services President, N. America(2005-2006) - 150 person Bangalore-based retail analytics outsourcing company - Responsible for launch of products & services in N. America - Led approach to over 1000 accounts representing over 400K stores - Achieved sales & reference accounts in all 5 product/service areas - Secured 5 new marketing partnerships, including Teradata, Acxiom.Hosted E-Commerce: Novator Systems Chief OperatingOfficer(2007) - 80 person Toronto-based e-tail outsourcing company - Oversaw preparation for and addition of three global Tier 1 clients - Laid foundation for more disciplined culture to scale for growth - Strengthened Professional Services team for revenue diversification - Created Account Management structure to improve delivery of value - Created refined business model to enhance ongoing profitability.
  4. 4. Fresh Item Solutions: Invatron Systems President and COO(2007- 2009) - 40 person Toronto-based software solutions company - Serving 60% of chain retail grocery stores in N. America - Providing scale management and Fresh Item Solutions - Supported attempt to diversify into scale-based couponing - Increased core business sales by 20%+ and profits by 100%+ - Led new marketing, product and organizational improvements. - Led due diligence process resulting in a new European partnership. - Championed addition of Qliktech VAR and created new BI product.Shopper Marketing: MediaCart Holdings Inc. Acting CMO(2009 - 2010) - Start-up company offering targeted couponing on a shopping cart - Contributed product positioning for new retailer presentations - Provided organizational development enabling global growth.Category Management: ToolBox Solutions Inc. Acting CMO(2010) - Outsourced services for planogramming, analytics, data sharing - Responsible for planning and executing US entry strategy - Created new messaging to emphasize “automated category mgmt” - Built partnership network to enable more rapid penetration.Price Optimization: Revenue Management Services Acting MD, Retail(2011) - Price Optimization services for Hospitality industry globally - Evaluated potential for diversifying into Retail vertical - Identified product marketing and marketing channel opportunities.Private Label Strategy: CBX Merchandising Subject Matter Expert(2011) - Retail design firm with global clients based in NYC - Participated in joint sales pitch to secure new retail client - Developed new process to integrate Merchandising analytic insight.Loyalty Analytics: EYC Marketing Strategy Consultant(2011) - Global analytics service provider affiliated with SymphonyIRI - Provided outsourced prospecting and positioning services. - Yielded meetings with retailers: $247B revenues in 152 days(2012) AIMIA (formerly Groupe Aeroplan) Marketing Strategy Consultant - Global analytics service provider affiliated with Aeroplan & Nectar - Provided leadership to Retail diversification initiative.Customer Experience: Empathica Marketing Strategy Consultant(2012) - Global provider of Customer Feedback programs - Yielded meetings with retailers: $241B revenues in 147 daysEnterprise Analytics: Retalon Marketing Strategy Consultant
  5. 5. (2013) - Global provider of enterprise analytic platform - Provided four prospects & one pilot while contract was being finalizedONGOING: BUILDING CHARACTER: Balanced Generalist with Global Perspective - Happily married for 37 years with one 25-year-old son - Son Juno-nominated for Best Contemporary Jazz Album of 2013 - Visited 58 countries with my spouse (33 with my son) - Restored two Victorian homes featured in architectural magazines - Owner operator of 50 acre hobby farm in Collingwood - Writer of several genealogical histories dating back to the 1600’s - 107 years of family history in Retail industry from 1906 - Wife’s store was ‘Canada’s Best Gourmet Food Store’, 1988.