Staying Lean and Agile With a Distributed Team


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Staying Lean and Agile With a Distributed Team

  1. 1. Staying Lean and Agile with a Distributed Team
  2. 2. Hi. I’m Ray. Senior UX Consultant at Catalyst Group in NYC What about you? 15 years experience in Finance, Legal, Education, Medical, Consumer
  3. 3. We strive to improve our process Lean Agile Waterfall
  4. 4. Waterfall 1. Requirements specification 2. Design 3. Construction 4. Integration 5. Testing and debugging 6. Installation 7. Maintenance
  5. 5. Agile ● Individuals and interactions over processes and tools ● Working software over comprehensive documentation ● Customer collaboration over contract negotiation ● Responding to change over following a plan
  6. 6. Lean UX Build Learn Measure
  7. 7. Lean UX TEAM Small, dedicated, colocated Cross-functional Problem-focused No rockstars, ninjas, gurus Externalize your work Shared understanding
  8. 8. Lean UX APPROACH Continuous discovery Making over analysis Small batch size GOOB (Get Out Of the Building) Get out of deliverables business
  9. 9. Lean UX PHILOSOPHY Learning over growth Progress = Outcomes not output Remove Waste Permission to fail
  10. 10. But there are realities we have to deal with We can’t all be in the same place We don’t all work at the same time
  11. 11. Which principles does this affect? Small dedicated colocated Externalize your work Get Out Of the Building Shared understanding
  12. 12. Small, Dedicated, Colocated Better... Communication Focus Camaraderie Relationships
  13. 13. Connect ● Frequent, OPEN communication ● Try to meet in person ● Use video (often) ● Simulate “hanging out”
  14. 14. Externalize Your Work Everyone sees Inspires new ideas Allows ALL to participate “Osmosis”
  15. 15. Externalize Virtually ● Project wiki ● Discourage email ● Encourage sharing ● Seek information
  16. 16. Get Out Of the Building Everyone learns from customers if the product is ready
  17. 17. Participate in Research Use technology Participate Make an effort to learn
  18. 18. Shared Understanding Depend less on 2nd hand reports Fewer detailed documents
  19. 19. Shared Understanding ● Expose your thinking ● Confirm understanding ● Visualize ● Be OPEN to looking dumb (it’s okay, we all do)
  20. 20. To Summarize ● Open up ● Take responsibility ● Focus on the reasons
  21. 21. THANK YOU! Keep in touch! Please visit @rayraydel to let me know how I did.