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The investment level in the SiC industry has never been so huge: Over $100M has been invested in M&A, R&D programs, private and public funding over 2010 and early 2011.
Very recently the SiC industry has also started to consolidate through M&A, large investments or license agreements.

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SiC Market

  1. 1. SiC MarketPublished: November 2011Price: $ 4900SiC INDUSTRY CONSOLIDATION AND RESHAPING HAS STARTEDSiC device makers now offer the 2 most expected devices in the power electronics industry:the diode and the transistor. 2011 is the year of the first SiC MOSFET introduction withsimultaneous offers from Rohm and CREE.These devices are used in real systems (air conditioners, motor drives, PV inverters…) andsignificant effort is being directed toward the packaging side to capture all the added-valueof the SiC (High T°, high frequency….)Thus, the open SiC device market has exceeded $50M in 2010 (excludingdefense-relatedand R&D contracts) with an unexpectedly high penetration in the PV inverter segmentwhere SiC Schottky diodes are now implemented in numerous systems, taking about 15%of the SiC device sales. PFC systems are still the top SiC device sales.The pending question remains the same: will SiC be implemented in EV/HEV and when?Here several scenarios may be envisioned. In our optimistic scenario, the automotive-related business will start by 2014 with a fast ramp-up and will capture more than 65% ofthe SiC device business in 2020. On the other hand, in our pessimistic scenario SiC could beskipped by auto makers who may prefer GaN or incumbent Silicon technology.The investment level in the SiC industry has never been so huge: Over $100M has beeninvested in M&A, R&D programs, private and public funding over 2010 and early 2011.Very recently the SiC industry has also started to consolidate through M&A, largeinvestments or license agreements. Over the last 18 months, the most significant were:• Rohm – SiCrystal: acquisition• Power Integration – SemiSouth: large investment• Fairchild – TranSiC: acquisition• Cree – Nippon Steel Corp.: license agreement• SKC – Crysband: acquisition• Infineon – SiCed: 100% acquisitionHIGH VOLTAGE: HUGE POTENTIAL BUT FEW PLAYERS…We definitely assume that the safe area for SiC technology will be the high and very high-voltage applications (1.7kV to 10kV+) where GaN cannot easily go and where incumbent
  2. 2. Silicon technologies are slowly reaching their limits. In the 10kV and more, SiC could be thedominant solution. However, and paradoxically, few players are targeting that high-voltageregion, probably because the existing market is small (about $2B TAM), unclear time-to-market and limited number of applications.6” IS READY BUT NOT ACCESSIBLE IN VOLUMEAlthough 6” SiC wafer capacity is now ramping-up for LED production at CREE, the powerindustry is not yet able to access it in volume. We expect 2012 to be the starting point for awide diffusion of this 150mm substrate that should act as an incentive for the remainingreluctant companies, arguing that SiC wafers are not compatible with their existing tool-kit.IS SIC SELF-PROTECTED AGAINST GAN MARKET PENETRATION?In most of our investigations, GaN is always mentioned as THE competing technology thatcan disrupt the expected natural and organic growth of the SiC business. Originally wethough GaN devices could have created turbulence in the SiC area starting from 2010, byproposing 600V devices with a tip-point at 1.2kV. However it seems that the technologyachievements have been delayed compared to the previous roadmap and only 200V GaNdevice are available in volume as of now. Thus, at the moment, the 600V blurry regionwhere SiC and GaN are supposed to fight is safe for SiC as no device can compete yet.LIFE AND DEATH: IS CHINA THE NEW ELDORADO FOR SIC BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT?Of the 7 new entrants listed in the last 12 months, 4 were established in China and 3 amongthem were dedicated to material (raw wafer and/or epi). Epiworld, TianYue and TYSTC haveinvested extensively in top-class equipment to produce both SiC wafers and epiwafers.Kingway Technology will be active in the device area with a double entry: SiC and GaN fromepi to device.2 startups have ambitions of SiC device activity: Anvil Semiconductors in the UK andAscatron, a spin-off from Swedish ACREO.On the exit side, we have noticed the NeoSemiTech decision to cut its SiC activity as well asthe 100% acquisition of SiCed by Infineon (formerly owned jointly with Siemens)WHO SHOULD BUY THIS REPORT ?• Equipment and material manufacturers:• Analysis of the structure of the SiC industry and evolution of the industrial food chain• Calculation of wafer volumes to be produced including diameter evolution forecast for eachmarket segments• Description of the processes and linked equipment and material markets• Benefits of the report for the SiC devices manufacturers:• Analysis of the current applications and detailed analysis of the future businesses
  3. 3. • Analysis of the competition from large companies to small start up• Volumes and prices forecasts• Alternative solutions analysis to the use of SiC devicesTable of ContentsGlossaryMethodology, Limitations and Yole Proprietary ToolsExecutive Summary p5Our Vision of SiC Market for the Next 10 Years Conditions for success…Comparison with 2010 ReportWhat we saw, what we missed, what has moved…SiC device sales in 2010SiC-based Device Revenues and Related 2010 Company Market SharesSiC market penetration : The 2 scenarios for EV/HEV10-year Projection of SiC Power Device Market Size Split by applications. OptimisticscenarioRelative market shares to 2020Market Size Projection for SiC Substrates in Various Applications 2010-2020SiC Wafers for Power Electronics Market volume projection split by diameter 2010-2020Noteworthy News - The New Entrants and the exits since 2009 - Recent Known Fundingfor SiC DevelopmentFrom Silicon to SiC: Total Accessible Market Analysis p23Value-proposition compared to Si and GaNSilicon vs. SiC Device Characteristics“Reality of silicon & expectations of SiC”Why Would SiC Replace Silicon in Power Electronics?Possible applications in silicon power electronics2006-2020 overall PE market size, split by device typeFocus on discrete devicesMarket size, split by typeMarket size, split by voltage rangeMarket segmentation as a function of voltage rangeSiC Device Market Shares in % Split by voltage range to 2020Power range of the targeted applicationsSiC Device Application Roadmap Time to marketEstimated accessible markets, growth rate, and time to market% of SiC device over total silicon power device market to 2020Reasons for SiC added valuesSiC use, expected improvements in power conversion efficiencySiC vs. GaN vs. Si Figure-of-meritConclusionsSiC Industry Outlook p41Main SiC Fabs in EuropeMain SiC Fabs in the USMain SiC Fabs in JapanMain SiC Fabs in Asia (Apart from Japan)Position of Main Companies over SiC Value-chainResearch ProgramsLow-Voltage Applications p58
  4. 4. Power Factor Corrector Market p59Main metricsSiC or GaN Main Added-value in PFC circuitsPFC Efficiency ComparisonInfluence of switching frequency on the size and weight of the PFC module Si vs. SiCMain market requirements for PFC applicationsComparison of Si, SiC and GaN Diode Cost in a PFC Module2010-2020 market forecast in units and revenues for PFC SiC Schottky Diodes2010-2020 wafer consumption for PFC business2010-2020 substrate market value in PFC businessSiC Schottky diode available on the Market As off Q4 2011Conclusions and PerspectivesMedium-Voltage Applications p71EV/HEV Market p72EV/HEV Types and AvailabilityHEV/EV Principles and FunctionalitiesEV/HEV Annual Demand Forecast to 2020 in M unitsToyota HEV Power Module OverviewRoadmap for Operation Voltage in HEVHEV Inverter Module Cost BreakdownExpected Improvements of SiC Introduction in HEV for the 3 main applicationsThe TOP 5 Key Requirements For power transistors inToyota vision of WBG technology use in HEV: GaN vs. SiC & vertical vs. LateralCase-Study: Impact of SiC on a Toyota PriusSilicon vs. SiC vs. GaN PHEV Power Control Unit Cost BreakdownDevices roadmap for Micro/Mild HybridDevices roadmap for Full/Plug-in Hybrid and EVOverall market for Power Modules in EV/HEV applications. All technologiesSiC market penetration in EV/HEV: The 2 scenariosSales Projection of SiC devices in EV/HEV applications in MunitsMarket size of SiC diode and FET in EV/HEV applications.Market size and volume for SiC wafers in EV/HEV applicationsConclusionPV inverters p96Solar Market SegmentationPV Inverter Overview System & Component & Material ArchitectureDC/AC stage component chartMulti-level H-bridges architectureComponents used for PV inverterImplementation of new technologies: SiC vs. GaNSiC vs. GaN battleDanfoss Power Module Reverse EngineeringDanfoss Power Module Cost breakdownNPC architecturePV Inverter MarketWorldwide shipments by market segmentAdditional cost related to added value across the supply chainTOP-5 Main Manufacturers of Solar InvertersSiC Device Market size and volume for PV Inverters. Split by typeSiC Wafer market for PV Inverters
  5. 5. Market volume and size by diameterConclusionsUPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Market p113UPS Product SegmentsProjection of World UPS Market to 2020 Split by power rangeUPS Vendor Market SharesUPS Architecture ExamplesSilicon and SiC Device Market in UPS Applications 2010-2020 forecastSiC device market size & volume in UPS 2010-2020 forecastSiC Substrate Market in UPS Applications 2010-2020 forecastConclusionIndustrial Motor AC Drive Market p122AC Drive ApplicationsMotor Drive HistoryAC Drive MarketAC Drive Market as a Function of Power Range 2010-2020 projectionTotal accessible market volumeMarket sharesSupply-chainElectronic architectureSiC in AC Drives: Results from Rockwell AutomationSiC device market size for AC Drive Applications 2010-2020SiC Substrate Market for Motor AC Drive Applications In units and $ConclusionsAir conditioner p137MarketDefinition and topologyMitsubishi SiC hybrid IPMHigh-Voltage IC market forecastsConclusionHigh-Voltage Applications p143Wind turbines p144Wind turbine elementsThree main topologies for wind turbine invertersArchitecture split forecasts DFIG vs. Full converterInverter characteristics by generator architectureSemiconductor for wind turbinePower vs. frequencyComponents used for wind turbineGlobal wind market forecastsYearly installed capacityGlobal wind turbine market size Split by playerSsupply chainWind Turbine Market TrendsWind turbine converters power modulesDFIG converters / Full convertersSiC chip Market for DFIG Wind converters in units and $SiC chip Market for Full Wind converters in units and $SiC substrate market for Wind Turbine applicationsRail Traction p160
  6. 6. From Grid to IGBTTypical voltage rangeTrain Rolling Stock ManufacturersEstimate of the world market sharePower electronics parts in rail tractionAuxiliary inverters definition and outlookMain Voltage Ranges Implemented by Major Train ManufacturersWorld Market Volume For IGBT modules used in rail transportation split by voltageSiC Introduction in Rail Transportation Tentative roadmapSiC Substrate Market Size for Rail TractionConclusionSmart Power Grid: p170Electric Grid Management TrendsGrowing Need for Electricity will double from 2004 to 2030Transition From Today’s Architecture to Tomorrow’s Distributed Network and Smart GridManagementSmart Power Distribution Sytem ArchitecturesHVDC & FACTSHVDC and FACTS UseHVDC and FACTS Main AdvantageHVDC and FACTS Market DataHVDC Standard and HVDC Light From ABBVoltage Source ConvertersHVDC lightTypical IGBT Setup in an HVDC Light SystemEstimated Worldwide HVDC Installed Capacity in MWFACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) TechnologiesFACTS TechnologiesExample of Supply-Chain in Power GridsSilicon and SiC Devices in HVDC & FACTS Applications Market size estimateSiC Substrate in HVDC & FACTS Applications Market sizeShip and Vessel Propulsion p187Market segmentsShips definitionExample of propulsion setupMarket outlook - annual demand in unitsCurrent silicon IGBT use and hypothesisIGBT module shipments in unitsMarket for Power Devices in ship & vessel propulsionSiC Substrate Market for Ship and Vessel Propulsion in units and $Conclusions for High-Voltage Applications p197SiC Technology Discrete device & Power Module p198SiC Device ProcessingMain manufacturing steps$/mm² for SiC Raw Substrates and Processed Devices 2010 and 2015SiC Power Devices chips size and power densityCurrent Density: SiC material price pushes for high A/mm²Current Density (A/mm²) Roadmap to 2020SiC switches: Who is active? 2010 statusSiC transistors commercially available as off Q4 2011
  7. 7. SiC Device Voltage Range Covered By main companies (Prod. or R&D)2011 MOSFET Cost Breakdown Projection From 4” wafer to 1,200V/20A packaged diesMain Power Module Products Implementing SiC DevicesSiC Substrate and Epi Market p219State-of-the-art in SiC Crystal GrowthSiC growth technologies, main conceptsFrom polytype to devicesFrom Powder to SiC Epi-ready WafersSiC Crystal Growth TechniqueMain SiC Material Manufacturing Site LocationsSiC Substrates estimated monthly productionMaterial Polytypes, Doping & Orientation Commercially AvailableSiC Substrate Vendor Revenues & Related Market Shares 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010Evolution of S.I. SiC wafer market share 2007-2010 for RF applicationsEvolution of relative market shares in the SiC business 2006-2010Key Accounts of Main SiC Material VendorsSiC Epi-house and Epi-service OffersKnown epi-house – device maker relationshipsEpi-service capabilityEpitaxy capacity. 2010 worldwide situationSiC epitaxy. Evolution forecastSiC epitaxy market: opportunity for a epi-service houseSiC epitaxy market estimation: The µm.wafer methodAnnual volume of epitaxy demand in µm.wafer, split by applications to 2020Market projection for SiC epitaxy demand to 2020Focus on outsourced SiC epitaxy business revenues to 2020Overview of SiC Epi-reactor Install-base (non-exhaustive list)Geographical breakdown of epi-reactors installed baseWafer Diameter Evolution in Production for Power Electronics 2005-2020Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for GaN/SiC LED 2005-2020Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for GaN/SiC RF devices. 2005-20202005-2020 SiC Raw Substrate Price Evolution Split by type (S.I. / n-type) and diameter(2”, 3”, 4” and 6”)Volume Dependence of SiC n-type Pricing as a function of the lot sizeMarket Projection for SiC Substrates in Various Applications 2010-2020Market Volume Projection of SiC Wafers for power electronics split by diameter 2010-2020ConclusionsAppendix p254Impact of the Off-cut on the Ingot YieldSumitomo Metal Industries Liquid phase epitaxy processLPE-EPI (Milano, italy)Epigress (Aixtron Group)Ezan (Ru)About Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports and in-depthmarket research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. We provide 24/7 online andoffline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for your needs of market researchreports.
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