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Ryan and rayan it powepoint


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Productivity sofware

Productivity sofware

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Productivity Software
    Ryan Nelson
    IT 101
  • 2. What is Productivity Software?
    Productivity Software:
    Any kind of software that is designed to assist us in being more productive
    Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentation Software’s all use Productivity Software
  • 3. Did you know that Productivity Software is the most popular Personal Computer application?
    Productivity software highlights the major capabilities of computers: document production, numerical analysis, information management, and graphics.
  • 4. Software Suite
    - is a collection of application software packages sold together.
  • 5. Software Suite cont.
    Typically include word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software
    The most popular Software Suite is Microsoft Office
  • 6. Microsoft Office 2010
    Includes the following software:
  • 7. Is Microsoft Office the only Productivity Suite?
    Corel WordPerfect Office, IBM Lotus SmartSuite, Apple iWork, and Sun Microsystems StarOffice are also types of productivity suites
  • 8. Online Productivity Suite is a free productivity suite, it is compatible with Microsoft Office and is available for Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • 9. Wait there’s another?
    Zoho Office Suite is another free Web-based suite.
    It has many different applications that include Writer, Sheet, Show, Wiki, Notebook, Projects, CRM, Creator, Planner, and Chat
  • 10. Corel Office Software
    Corel Office is a business person’s best friend
    They blend the latest productivity software with the best of the web
  • 11. Corel Office cont.
    This software makes it easier to get things done online and offline
    It also saves time and money with templates and tips to help increase productivity
  • 12. IBM Lotus SmartSuite
    Since it combines with Lotus Notes and the internet, it makes itself the industries most complete suite for everyone
  • 13. IBM cont.
    You are able to convert files from the older version of Lotus SmartSuite and other applications such as Microsoft Office
  • 14. Oracle Open Office
    Oracle Office is based on the open document format (ODF)
    It delivers personal productivity to Windows, Mac, and Linux
    Oracle also offers web 2.0 collaboration in the browser and on mobile devices
  • 15. iWork
    iWork has smaller branches of programs; Pages, Numbers and Keynote
    Pages assists you with writing and document layouts
  • 16. iWork Cont.
    Numbers helps you create formulas, charts and table categories much easier
    Keynotehelps spice up your presentations with cinematic animations, transitions and effects
  • 17. OpenOffice
    OpenOffice is the leading open source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases
    It is also available in many languages, making it accessible worldwide
  • 18. NeoOffice
    NeoOffice is a full featured set of office applications
    This is only made for Mac OS X
    It also contains many features from the Oracle OpenOffice Suite
  • 19. What did we learn today?
    Productivity Software is any kind of software that is designed to assist us in being more productive
  • References
    Website links:
    Microsoft Office
    Corel Office & Utilities
    IBM Lotus SmartSuite
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