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Android spec india_case_study

  1. 1. Android Application Case Studies
  2. 2. Our Service Offerings
  3. 3. Technical Competencies
  4. 4. Our Experience
  5. 5. Case Studies :Android Application Development
  6. 6. Cincominder Description:  Cincominder reminds a user daily at a specific time and suggests which Cinco should be taken today. Cincominder has many recipes to choose from. It also interfaces with facebook / twitter page of Cinco Vodka. Salient Feature Assists user with different recipes Inbuilt alarm with ring and message popup Ability to call the taxi as per current location It will help to track the CINCO down
  7. 7. Guest Life Android Application Salient Feature Category wise business listing Google Map Integration Business Detail view Picture Gallery, Audio & Video about Business Mark business favorite Android and Tablet Support Landscape and Portrait Mode
  8. 8. Smiggle Chat ApplicationDescription: This application is an advance Chat Client that facilitates finding and chatting to other web or Mobile users.Salient Feature Cool Graphics Instance Chat Create and Manage profile Create and Manage Chat List Make friends/Buddies Send Shoutout View Picture Gallery Push Notification JSON Parsing
  9. 9. RemoteMobileAssistantDescription: RemoteMobileAssistant is a very useful application for every mobile User. Many times we forgot our mobile phone some where and we lost our phone or our confidential data is leaked from phone, in such situations RemoteMobileAssistant is your assistant who resides in side your mobile phone and act according to your commands to rescue.Salient Feature Receive your missed calls from lost phone Receive unread messages on any other number Locking the lost phone remotely The application acts as per command from other mobile devices
  10. 10. ABC AirlineDescription: Application caters Airlines and travel industry. User can find flights and can see flight details. App have many useful features like finding hotel, cars, travel insurance information & metro train information. Highly configurable for any travel agencies & airline companies.Salient Feature Cool Graphics Instance Chat Create and Manage profile Create and Manage Chat List Make friends/Buddies Send Shout out View Picture Gallery Push Notification JSON Parsing Many more…
  11. 11. ABC Airline (Cont…)
  12. 12. Android Connection ApplicationSalient Feature Can add new contact, you set personal ring-tone (select from mobile), set image. You can add all user details like address, city country, etc. If your friend have same application on his mobile, then you can get information of your friends current location on application. Developed using JDK 6 and Android 2.0, API 6
  13. 13. LBSDescription: This application is for the Users who have lost themselves in the middle of the route, and thus shows users current locations. Users can view path to reach specific predefined location. This app points user’s point of interest on map which are clickable re-direct to video, images or URL.Salient Feature Cool Graphics Coding based on geo locations User can select the location Clickable maps Can be re-directed to Videos, images and URL
  14. 14. Online Recipe Application (Contd.)Salient Feature User can get easily get different recipes View ingredients & directions User can review different ingredients & add that in shopping list User have facility to set the cooking timer also. User can set & manage their profile, share application on social media & send their feedback to admin. User will have unit converter and they can also do the rating
  15. 15. Online Recipe Application (Screenshots)
  16. 16. Biography ApplicationSalient Feature The Application provides biography and detailed information for different persons The Application is mainly having gallery and autobiography features User can review gallery with different photos they can zoom in-out and download it. It is giving overview, Background & family information, Career records, Award records & their style
  17. 17. Real Estate ApplicationSalient Features User can search properties with different search criteria. View property in detail. Mark property as favorite. Save search criteria for future use. No restriction of saving various search criteria. Push Notification based on saved search criteria to acknowledge number of new matching property every day. Find and contact agent. View properties on Google Map. Find near by properties from the location where user is standing.
  18. 18. Discount Directory ApplicationSalient Features User can search discounts with different search criteria. View discount in detail. Mark discount as used. View nearest store on Google Map. Auto suggestion near by available discounts from the location where user is standing. Web-Portal  Customers can search discounts and get print to use it  Business owner registered new location and discount  Admin section to keep track of all activities.
  19. 19. Flickey Keyboard NotesDescription Flickey is a notepad application featuring a new and superior keyboardSalient Feature Six super large ‘hard to miss’ flick-able keys on the screen at a time. Popup flick-able keys so you can type common words uncommonly fast. More common punctuation characters on the main keyboard screen Only two screens for all the alphanumeric and numeric characters. Email, SMS text, and search the Web directly from Flickey. Standard copy and paste functions. Choose your font and font size.
  20. 20. Flickey Keyboard Notes (Cont…)
  21. 21. Easy K53 ApplicationDescription Easy K53 helps you prepare for the K53 Learner’s License test and pass it, the first time! This app takes a results-based approach to learning, letting you identify where your weaknesses are so you can focus on becoming fully familiar with the material.Salient Feature Main menu with option Practice, Take a Test and Tips Display list of categories (Rules of the Road, Road Signs and all) Test simulation with questions and list of answers which contain image and text both. Score with Graph. Sound integration with animation
  22. 22. Easy K53 Application (Cont…)
  23. 23. Taximeter ApplicationDescription The application is for customers you use taxi for their travel in Brazil. Customer can track his trip details like what distance he travelled and in what time. On completion of each trip he can get summary of his trip charge. Best for visitors.Salient Feature Select city and fare type. Start meter as soon as you start your trip Up-to-date distance, time and charge while you are in Taxi. User can change fare type during trip Display summary of trip with total charge, distance and time taken Best for Brazil.
  24. 24. Taximeter Application (cont…)
  25. 25. iSnapped ApplicationDescription iSnapped is quick and easy way to detect the human face in photo.Salient Feature Choose photo from photo library and camera Detect human face in photo List of attractive frames to set on photo Text comment on photo Save photo Share photo [Facebook, Email] Photo Gallery
  26. 26. John’s PizzaDescription Product of John’s Pizza, restaurant in USA. User can browse menu, create his order and place his order to the restaurant. User gests notification for new offers.Salient Feature Browse menu and sub- menu. Mark item as favourite Prepare your order and send to restaurant via email Get offer notification
  27. 27. John’s Pizza (Cont…)
  28. 28. THANK YOULooking Forward To Have A Mutually Beneficial Association. Assuring You Of Our Best Services Always. SPEC INDIA