Health Benefits of Kefir
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Health Benefits of Kefir



Learn about the different ways to obtain beneficial bacteria using kefir.

Learn about the different ways to obtain beneficial bacteria using kefir.



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Health Benefits of Kefir Health Benefits of Kefir Document Transcript

  • Health Benefits of KefirHealth Benefits of Kefir Copyright © 2011
  • Published by: Windsor, Ontario, Canada Copyright © 2010-2011 – All rights are reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. This report is the intellectual property of It is acceptable to share, email, transfer and duplicate this report if it is done in its entirety. However, the right to sell this report is retained by Bottom line: you may not sell the contents of this report. Note: This e-book is optimized for viewing on a computer screen, but it is organized so you can also print it out and assemble it as a book. Since the text is optimized for screen viewing, the type is larger than that in usual printed books.Health Benefits of Kefir Copyright © 2011
  • DisclaimerThis report has been written to provide information about the rawfood diet. Every effort has been made to make this report ascomplete and accurate as possible. However, there may bemistakes in typography or content. Also, this report discusseshealthy living and dieting. However, this report should be used as ageneral guide for the raw food diet – not as a replacement for theadvice of a doctor. Nothing in this document, to my knowledge, hasbeen evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.The purpose of this report is to point you in the right direction forthe raw food diet. The author and publisher does not warrant thatthe information contained in this report is fully complete and shallnot be responsible for any errors or omissions. The author andpublisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to anyperson or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused oralleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this report.You are solely responsible for the voluntary use of the informationshared in this report.If you do not wish to be bound by the above, please do not continuereading this report.The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. Itis valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. Thestatements below have not been evaluated by the FDA (or your countrys equivalent). Any productsmentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.Health Benefits of Kefir Copyright © 2011
  • Health Benefits Of KefirThe simple answer to "what is kefir" should be... it is a drink brought aboutafter fermentation of kefir grains within a liquid. From time-to-time additionalingredients are added to help in the fermenting, to nurture the grains, oradjust the flavor. It is a healthy beverage that can be part of a raw food diet.You will find 2 distinct groups of kefir grains that are utilized for thefermenting practice, water kefir grains and milk kefir grains. They look verysimilar but milk kefir grains are a deep white color, whereas water kefir grainsare more colorless. The milk grains would be used in cows, goats and sheepsmilk along with dairy free kinds such as nut milk, soy milks, etc. Water kefirgrains should be used in well water, spring water, mineral water, coconutwater, raw water, etc.After the brew is complete it could be added to fruit smoothies, taken as is,utilized to create kefir cheese, and in some cases can even be fermented evenlonger to create an alcoholic beverage, among other applications.The core reason most people consume kefir is to boost rates of probiotics,which is the good bacteria. Probiotics are destroyed alongside the bad bacteriaonce antibiotics are taken and so it has become increasingly vital tointentionally add more probiotics back into our diet.Kefir grains are a combination of healthy yeasts and bacteria that move intothe beverage in the course of fermentation. Not to be frightened of the yeasts,as they are acknowledged to be beneficial for your body, even in the fight toaddress Candida along with yeast associated problems.Kefir drinks can be acquired commercially, having said that, it is incrediblysimple and cheap to prepare at home. It just requires some grains or even astarter kit, a mason jar and the water or milk. In a lot of cases you may wantto add sugars to nourish the kefir grains, and maybe even some flavorings inthe form of juice or fruit.I hope that this quick piece brought you a glance into the enormous scene ofkefir. Appropriately answering the question "what is kefir?" could besummarized as such... kefir is a nutritious fermented beverage with kefir grains(be it water or milk kefir grains) as the chief vehicle for bearing its manyhealth characteristics.The grains are "alive" and reproduce very rapidly and will need to be cared forand fed. When people in the know are thinking of "kefir" they think of"probiotics"... a incredibly healthy, delicious, simple, back-to-earth strategy ofHealth Benefits of Kefir Copyright © 2011
  • purposefully including probiotics into ones food regimen. Plus the bestcomponent, there are dairy and non-dairy varieties in existence.I will end with a rundown of claims as to a number of of the potential healthadvantages of kefir beyond that of probiotics...Kefir is suggested to assist in cleaning out the intestines and to providevitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is oftentimes referred to as "a balancedand nourishing food" and is claimed to make contributions to a healthy immunesystem. It has been incorporated into treating protocols to make an effort toassist persons affected from HIV, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, andcancer. It provides a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system that canpotentially help those who suffer from depression, sleep disorders and alsoattention deficit hyperactivity disorder.Kefir, when consumed on a consistent basis, can help achieve healthy andregular bowel movement, cut down flatulence and create an overall strongergastrointestinal system.Like with any other dietary change, please check with your doctor before making any drasticchanges to your diet. Advertiser Here Contact me at to inquire about advertising at the bottom of my PDF documents. You can order and instantly download this complete raw recipe series at a discount right now from The Raw Chef - click HERE.Health Benefits of Kefir Copyright © 2011