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Aws simple icons_ppt

  1. 1. AWS Simple Icons v2.1Usage GuidelinesCheck to make sure you have the most recentset of AWS Simple Icons.This version was last updated 4/18/2013 (v2.1) Findthe most recent set use Icon labels – Be sure to alwaysinclude a label below the icon or on the group inArial. The only exception is in complex diagrams,you have the option to create a key.Non-AWS Technology – Any server or other non-AWS technology in an architecture diagram shouldbe represented with they grey server (see Slide 8).Creating diagrams – Try to use direct lines (ratherthan ‘criss-cross’), use adequate whitespace, andremember to label all icons.Product Icons – The first icon in most service sets isa product icon. This should be used to represent theservice on a more general level when you will not begoing into as much depth.TraditionalServerAmazon EC218April
  2. 2. Compute and NetworkingAmazon Elastic Compute CloudAmazon Elastic MapReduce Auto Scaling Elastic Network InstanceAmazon EC2 Instance Instances AMIDB onInstanceInstance withCloudWatchElastic IPAmazon EMR Cluster HDFS Cluster Auto ScalingElastic NetworkInstance
  3. 3. Compute and NetworkingAmazon Route 53 Elastic Load Balancing AWS Direct ConnectAmazon Virtual Private CloudRoute 53 Hosted Zone Route TableElastic LoadBalancingAWS Direct ConnectAmazon VPC RouterInternetGatewayCustomerGatewayVPNGatewayVPNConnection
  4. 4. Storage and Content DeliveryAmazon Simple Storage ServiceAmazon Elastic Block StoreAWS Import/ExportAWS Storage GatewayAmazon S3 BucketBucket withObjectsObject AWS Import/ ExportAWS Storage GatewayVolume SnapshotAmazon EBS
  5. 5. Storage and Content DeliveryAmazon GlacierAmazon CloudFrontAmazon Glacier Glacier Archive Glacier VaultCloudFront DownloadDistributionEdge LocationStreamingDistribution
  6. 6. DatabaseAmazon DynamoDBAmazon Relational Database ServiceTableDynamoDB Item Items Attribute AttributesAmazon RDSRDS DBInstanceRDS DB InstanceStandby(Multi-AZ)RDS DBInstance ReadReplicaMySQL DBInstanceOracle DBInstanceMS SQLInstance
  7. 7. DatabaseAmazon ElastiCacheAmazon RedshiftAmazon SimpleDBElastiCacheElastiCacheCache NodeDomainAmazon SimpleDBAmazon Redshift
  8. 8. Deployment & ManagementAWS Elastic BeanstalkAWS CloudFormationAmazon CloudWatchAWS Identity and Access ManagementElastic Beanstalk Application DeploymentIAM IAM Add-on STSAWSCloudFormationTemplate StackCloudWatch AlarmAWS Data PipelineOpsWorksOpsWorksAWS Data Pipeline
  9. 9. App ServicesAmazon CloudSearchAmazon Simple Notification ServiceAmazon Simple Email ServiceAmazon SES EmailAmazon SNS Email Notification HTTP Notification TopicAmazonCloudSearchSDF metadata
  10. 10. App ServicesAmazon Simple Queue ServiceAmazon Elastic TranscoderAmazon Simple WorkflowAmazon SQS Queue Message Amazon SWF Decider WorkerAmazon ElasticTranscoder
  11. 11. Non-Service SpecificUser UsersInternetClient Mobile Client MultimediaCorporateData CenterTraditional Server Disk Generic Database Tape StorageAWS CloudAWS ManagementConsoleVirtual Private Cloud Forums
  12. 12. On-Demand WorkforceAmazon Mechanical TurkHuman IntelligenceTasks (HIT)Assignment/TaskRequesterWorkersAmazonMechanical TurkMechanical Turk vs. Amazon Mechanical TurkDo not use simple "Mechanical Turk" to refer to Amazon Mechanical Turk. UseAmazon Mechanical Turk to describe the entire system, Amazon MechanicalTurk website for the worker website, and Amazon Mechanical Turk webservice to describe the product.
  13. 13. SDKsJava Python PHP .NET Ruby nodeJSiOS Android AWS Toolkit forVisual StudioAWS Toolkitfor EclipseTools for WindowsPowerShellCLI
  14. 14. GroupsAuto scaling Group Availability Zone Region Security GroupElastic BeanstalkContainer EC2 Instance Contents VPC Subnet Server Contents
  15. 15. GroupsVirtual Private Cloud AWS Cloud Corporate Data center
  16. 16. Example 1: 2-Tier Auto-scalable Web Application Architecture in 1 AZAuto scaling GroupAvailability Zone #1www.example.comSecurity GroupSecurity GroupRoot VolumeData Volumemedia.example.comElastic LoadBalancingAmazonS3 BucketLogsAmazonEBS SnapshotCloudFrontDistributionEC2 InstanceWeb AppServer