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Key Responsibilities of an Ergonomist

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  2. 2. ERGONOMICS & ERGONOMIST Ergonomics is the science of work. Ergonomics derives from two Greek words: “Ergon” meaning work & “Nomoi” meaning natural laws Ergonomics is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body, its movements, and its cognitive abilities. Ergonomist: Human Engineer Empirical approach to the study of human-machine interactions Intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort
  3. 3. ERGONOMICS BENEFITS Reduction of Work Related Injuries Increase Productivity Increase Work Quality Reduced Absenteeism Increased Morale
  4. 4. Company Profile: Godrej Interio is India’s largest furniture brand. Diverse Product Range:-  Home & Office furniture  Laboratories  Hospitals & Healthcare  Training institute  Shipyards & Navy  Auditoriums & Stadiums 50 exclusive showrooms in 18 cities and through 800 dealer outlets. Godrej Interio is a business unit of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. - part of the Godrej Group
  5. 5.  Job Title: Sr. Ergonomist Job DescriptionA) Responsibilities: Managing the ergonomic programs / workshops across India Supporting multiple customers on a daily basis as per requirementB) Duties: Participating in day to day operations of ergonomic team. Vendor Development Recommend and develop appropriate strategies to address company/ client ergonomic risks Evaluation of risk factors to reduce risks in both office and industrial settings manage ergonomic scheduling, evaluation, report generation, data extraction and equipment ordering.
  6. 6.  Job Specification Qualifications : Undergraduate/ Postgraduate in Ergonomics Experience : 2 - 4 years Key skills / competency : Development of Ergonomics Training program & workshop Extensive knowledge and application of the principals of ergonomics. Troubleshooting proficiency Ability to plan, organize, delegate, and follow-up on work flow Self-driven
  7. 7.  Selection Procedure Step 1: Personal discussion & HR round (Telephone/ Face to face) Step 2: Core Field (Telephone/Face to Face) Step 3: Field Round with functional head (Telephone/video conference) Step 4: Personality Test: Leadership Skill Testing Step 5: Reference check
  8. 8. Company Profile: Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 Head Quarter – Seattle, Washington India Branches Chennai Hydrebad Bangalore Mumbai Fortune 500 company Leader in e-commerce Virtual Online-Trading Most customer-centric company
  9. 9.  Job Title: Sr. Ergonomist Job Description analyzing the interaction between people and machinery/equipment assessing the design of products/systems via practical experiments identifying problems by observing and interviewing individuals in particular environments assessing the effect of work environments on employees assessing health and safety standards offering information, advice and recommendations to clients Liaising with other professionals such as health specialists and designers.
  10. 10.  Job Specification Qualifications : Postgraduate degree in ergonomics/psychology/ physiology/physics/ operational research or mathematics Experience : 5 - 7 years Key skills / competency : Good numerical & analytical problem-solving skills Interpersonal communication and negotiation skills. Ability to grasp technical concepts Systematic approach to work.
  11. 11.  Selection Procedure1) Online Survey / Examination2) Video- Conference / Telephone Interview
  12. 12. Company Profile:1) World largest Tractor Manufacturer
  13. 13.  Job Title: Sr. Engineer - Ergonomics Job Description : investigating the physical capabilities and limitations of the human body undertaking workplace risk assessments producing user manuals to ensure the best use of new systems or products using detailed knowledge of the human body to improve the design of products, such as cars and leisure facilities assess health and safety standards or to investigate workplace accidents presenting to clients, conferences and professional societies
  14. 14.  Job Specification Qualifications : Postgraduate/ Undergraduate in Ergonomics Experience : 6 - 8 years Key skills / competency : Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, psychology, mathematics and statistics, design methods, work organization and industrial sociology. Good communication skills and an analytical approach Keen interest in people and the ability to work as part of a team Creative ability and an imaginative nature.
  15. 15.  Selection Procedure1) Written Test Aptitude Test Logical Reasoning Psychometric Test2) Personal Interview Soft-skills Technical Know-how Final Negotiation – HR
  16. 16. LIMITATIONS IN THE SELECTION PRACTICES Godrej Interio No numerical aptitude test conducted. Presentation skills are not tested. Leadership quality analysis missing Presentation skills are not tested. Written Logical Reasoning + Psychometric test not conducted. Mahindra Tractors Personality test is not covered. Presentation skills are not tested.
  17. 17. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF DIFFERENTSELECTION PROCEDURESr. No Procedures Godrej Interio Mahindra Tractors 1 Aptitude Test Not conducted Through On-line survey Through Witten test 2 Logical Reasoning Through Personal Through Personal Through Witten test Interview Interview 3 Technical Test Conducted Through Personal Through Witten test Interview 4 Personality test Conducted Conducted Not conducted 5 Soft skills Not Conducted Through Personal Through Personal Interview Interview, 6 Personal Interview Face to face VC / Con-call Face to Face
  18. 18. SUGGESTIONS Technocrat type interview must be practiced Leadership skills must be tested through group discussion and Personal interview. Proper psychometric test / testing tools should be utilized to evaluate to how he could handle the internal and external pressure. Selection Instruments should be as follows:I. Communication skill: Interview, GD, PresentationsII. Analytical Skill: Aptitude test, data interpretation test, numerical ability test,III. Written skills: Written testIV. Leadership Skills: GD, in basket interviewV. Core skill testing (experience): Interview, presentation, case studyVI. Business & environment knowledge: Interview, GD
  19. 19. Thank You