Gold fluctuation & impact on indian economy is


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presented by my group comprising of Abhishkek agarwal, hitesh mishra, heena duggal, soumya khurna as a part of leadership development presentation a

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Gold fluctuation & impact on indian economy is

  1. 1. Gold Fluctuation & itsImpact on Indian Economy is Disastrous Presented By: Group 1
  2. 2. Contents • Overview of Gold • Factors Affecting Gold Prices • India & Gold• Impact of Gold on Indian Financial System • Sectorial uses of Gold and its Impact
  3. 3. Jewelry
  4. 4. Financial goal
  5. 5. Electronics
  6. 6. Medical
  7. 7. Awards & status symbol
  8. 8. Reasons For Gold FluctuationInstability Inflation Oil Prices
  9. 9. Contd….Bond Fluctuating Money Hoarding & Disposing
  10. 10. India & Gold India produces approx. only 4 tons & imported 800-900 tons gold. Gold as a symbol of purity, prosperity and good fortune Over 13 per cent of household savings is in physical assets like gold.
  11. 11. Gold % in Forex Reserve Countries Gold as % of Total Reserves USA 77 per cent Germany 74 per cent Italy 73 per cent France 72 per cent Netherlands 62 per cent India 9 per cent
  12. 12. India reported a current account deficit equivalentto 16.40 Billion USD in the second quarter of 2012. Gold imports are estimated at 72 per cent of India’s current account deficit.
  13. 13. Indian Policy Advisors Discourage Buying Gold …….?
  14. 14. IMPACT OF GOLD ON INDIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEMReverse demand – supply widens c/a mechanism deficit DeprivesAn unproductive financial investment markets of funds
  15. 15. Contd…About 18000 tonnes of gold worth$800 billion is sitting idle in familyvaults – an incurable drain onsavings. Gold related investments are outperforming and yielding around 15%. In case of sharp fall the entire economy will suffer.
  16. 16. o
  17. 17. Consumer never ending DesireImmunity of Gold against environmentaleffects.In circuits which are complicated , andthe need of reliability are high ,GOLD isthe perfect answer
  18. 18. The second largeGold-plated contacts application for gold inand connectors electronics is for bonding wire
  19. 19. Getting Same performance fromreduced gold coating thicknessUse of a number of alternativecoatings such as palladium-nickel
  20. 20. Used in Space Suits Used in the circuitryprotect them from radiationReflect and deflect the burning Used as aheat of the sun Dependable conductor and Lubricant connector Reflective qualities
  21. 21. These both the Sectors hold the key tofuture growthWith growing globalization both sectorsplay important role in Increasing India’sStatus as super power
  22. 22. For medical uses• Treatment of cancer• Curing Lagophthalmos
  23. 23. Used In Dentistry • Superior performance and Aesthetic appeal.
  24. 24. Glassmaking• Speciality glass for climate controlled buildings.
  25. 25. THANK YOU